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Should We Be Trusting Robo-Advisors With Our Investment Portfolios?

Chief Innovation Officer

The fintech revolution is changing financial markets all over the globe in ways both large and small. One of the most visible ways has been in the asset management space, where algorithm-powered robo-advisors are rapidly gaining traction. They've proven so popular that estimates indicate that by 2020, they will be managing $2.2 trillion in assets in the U.S. alone. For investors, this begs the question: what's under the hood of these robo-advisors and are we right to be trusting them with our money instead of hiring a traditional financial advisor?

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mastering non profits

How Mastering Big Data Can Transform Your Nonprofit

Chief Data Officer

Big data is no small matter, regardless of what sort of company you run. Nonprofit organizations especially can gain an edge on their competition by embracing the ins and outs of big data. This is currently a $42 billion industry that companies of all types are taking advantage of.


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Survival Kit for Corporate Tax Time


Tax season can strike fear into the heart of any business owner. The effort necessary to get ready for taxes can seem daunting — particularly if your accountant and tax preparer have not been working together to get ready.

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Innovation Quarterly, Issue 1

Big Data

Steve Jobs once famously said, "You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new." The need for innovation today is greater than ever. We live in a culture obsessed with data, one in which all organizations can access real-time insights of what their customers want. But understanding what they want right now isn't enough. You have to understand what they are going to want before they know it themselves, and work out how to provide it for them before someone else does.