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How We Stop Underutilizing Data In Healthcare

Big Data

In anticipation of our Big Data & Analytics in Healthcare Summit, this May 22-23, I have been talking to a lot of the speakers in order to understand their varying perspectives on the future of data and analytics in healthcare. It seems like there isn't an area in the field which isn't being worked on by some team of visionaries looking to completely revolutionize the way we care for each other.

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Coca-Cola's Asia-Pacific CSR Strategy

Chief Strategy Officer

In 1886, pharmacist John Pemberton developed the first iteration of the classic soft drink, Coca-Cola. 130 years later it still reigns as the most popular soft drink on the globe. So popular, in fact, that, according to Coca-Cola's website, nearly 10,450 cans of their drinks are consumed every second. And Coca-Cola is the second most widely understood term in the world, just trailing behind 'OK'. In 1985 they even took their brand off-planet, becoming the first soft drink to ever enter space.

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How BMS Uses Data To Provide Better Pharmaceutical Care

Big Data

The American healthcare system is a complex industry. While it has some of the most advanced innovations in the world, it also has a lot of flaws. And few are as devastating and inexplicable as the ever-rising cost of healthcare. In this respect, the US stands head and shoulders above the rest of the developed world. The most recent Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker Health stat regarding health care spending per person in the U.S. was $10,348 – 31% higher than Switzerland, the next highest per capita spender.


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Survival Kit for Corporate Tax Time


Tax season can strike fear into the heart of any business owner. The effort necessary to get ready for taxes can seem daunting — particularly if your accountant and tax preparer have not been working together to get ready.

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Innovation Quarterly, Issue 1

Big Data

Steve Jobs once famously said, "You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new." The need for innovation today is greater than ever. We live in a culture obsessed with data, one in which all organizations can access real-time insights of what their customers want. But understanding what they want right now isn't enough. You have to understand what they are going to want before they know it themselves, and work out how to provide it for them before someone else does.