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Registration and breakfast

AI in Marketing

Registration and breakfast

Main Stage: Chair's Opening Remarks

Alex Weber Award-winning host, motivational comedian speaker .

Main Stage Opening Keynote: Virtual Beings Not Virtual Assistants

Edward Saatchi CEO Fable Studio

Main Stage Panel: Spotlight on social media

- Best practice when dealing with large data sets
- How to upscale large ML models
- Understanding data ethics and privacy and how it might affect you in the future

Jeffrey Tang Data Scientist - Team Investigations Tech Lead Twitter
Peipei Wang User Experience Designer LinkedIn
Evren Eryurek PhD Director, Product Management Google

Main Stage: Modern Day Technology

Dan Devone TV Personality NBC Sports

Morning coffee break & networking

Chairs opening remarks

Vasudha Badri-Paul CEO Avatara Digital

Marketing in 2020: Demystifying Smart Assistants & AI

• How voice-driven AI technologies are changing customer behaviour
• Preparing for the future of marketing with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa & Google
• Reimagining customer experiences like search, shopping, and CRM

Amy Bishop Strategy Director Epsilon

Propensity Scoring in CRM Audience Segmentation

A number of heuristic audience segmentation strategies exist in CRM marketing today. One of the most common of these is RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value), which works to identify segments that should be mailed more frequently based on the recency/frequency of engagements as well as total spend. Levi’s created an in-house audience scoring model building off derived rather than assumed relationships, which ultimately not only outperformed the incumbent RFM model in terms of audience activation, but established a flexible tool able to accommodate changing business priorities and established to incorporate new data sources as they become available. This talk will provide an overview of the ideation process, modeling approach taken, iteration/testing, and ultimate realization of the model and its business application.

Ben Saunders Senior Marketing Analyst, Ecommerce Levi Strauss & Co

Natural Language Use Cases at Uber

Franziska Bell, PhD Director of Data Science Uber


With innovative launchpad presentations from:
Nico Rode, TIBCO
Wade Tibke, Sigma Computing
Michael McNair, & 55B Labs

Translating complex data into insights

Given that end-consumers work across leadership (VP+, GMs, C-suite and occasionally the Board), a big part of Paypal's job is to ensure that complex market data is synthesized into clear insights for varying audiences. Discover how to disseminate information through decks, readouts, dashboards and periodic “charts”.

Gaurab Bose Business Analyst PayPal

Getting personal with customers: Optimizing your omnichannel strategy using AI

• How AI impacts customer loyalty: Building consistency across touch points
• Effectively creating real-time customer experiences driven by data
• Using AI to nurture customer relationships both online and offline

Jason Mills Director of Product & Customer Experience Expensify

Deep learning 101: A lightning introduction - The Impact of AI on Visual Intelligence

Hive uses AI to solve the hardest questions for media companies: what content is most desirable and how do media companies prove the value of advertising spend? Hive's unique perspective as both a technology provider and data integration platform gives the company a lens into the most important ways that artificial intelligence will change the way we think about media content. In this talk, you will learn how deep learning has made its way into the media world, what it means for both content owners and advertisers, and how you can join the AI revolution.

Kevin Guo Co-founder & CEO Hive

Afternoon coffee & networking

Data driven product management: How to build a winning customer experience

• Utilizing AI to surprise and delight customers
• Gleaning insights to better understand customer journeys to develop products
• Building seamless experiences backed by AI

Cathy Tanimura Sr. Director of Analytics and Data Science Strava

Overcoming the data silo challenges: Solving the right problems through AI

• Not a one-size-fits-all approach: Finding answers in data sets big and small
• Using ML effectively to pick up patterns in user behavior
• Developing data literacy across the business to enhance capability and agility

Anna E Shen Marketing Manager, Paid Social Instacart

Panel discussion: Let's talk numbers - How AI can make a real impact on your ROI

• Innovating with data to improve customer acquisition and increase sales
• Boosting your marketing performance and lifting other departments
• Pinpoint accuracy and enhancing analytical capability to drive growth

Vineet Kumar Director, Product Analytics
Cathy Tanimura Sr. Director of Analytics and Data Science Strava
Amy Bishop Strategy Director Epsilon
Maria Grineva CEO Orb Intelligence

Chair’s closing remarks

Networking drinks

Networking drinks ends at 6.30pm.