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Registration & Breakfast


Registration & Breakfast

Chair's opening remarks

Nancy Sobota Former Director of Marketing Integration, Digital Transformation at Zoetis Industry Expert

Insights Infused Content Creation at Condé Nast

Stephanie will share how she and her team drive content strategy through 360 insights- exploring white space opportunities/gaps, assessing trends and staying power, ensuring fit with brand and editorial vision, building a successful multi-platform approach and monetizing effectively. From start to finish insights are woven into the content development process, yielding multiple successful brand and category extensions that have continued to fuel growth for Conde Nast.

Stephanie Fried Executive Vice President, Research, Analytics and Audience Development Condé Nast

Getting results: the moneyball approach to marketing

There is no shortage of data in marketing, or baseball, but the real question is how to use them to drive efficiency. This means challenging received wisdom and applying an unwavering objective mindset. In this session we’ll discuss the metrics that matter, the right ways to analyse, and how to implement findings.

Dominic Williamson Director of Marketing Science & Analytics Compass

The 6 Analytics Success Factors: How to Improve Analytics ROI by 10x

Only 18% of business leaders across industries said their organizations are getting a sufficient return on their investment, according to research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. The team at Concentric has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, such as Scripps, Toyota and Whirlpool to advance their analytics through accelerated forecasting and simulation. In this session, Dejan Duzevik, Chief Product Officer at Concentric, will share the 6 analytics success factors every company needs in order to achieve ROI, collaboration and scalable analytics.

Dejan Duzevik Chief Product Officer Concentric
Michael O’Brien Vice President of Distribution The E.W. Scripps Company

Networking coffee break

Curated Content Marketing: Data-driven impact efficiently

Flipboard is the world’s largest curation platform. David will share how curated content marketing – driven by data and insights - creates engaging environments for users - and efficient impact for advertisers – all with third-party content.

David Wigder Head of Insights, Performance and Data Strategy Flipboard

Data-Driven Product Management: How to Build a Winning Customer Experience in the Amazon Era

In today’s retail environment, two-day shipping, single-click ordering, and easy returns have become table stakes. To stay competitive in the Amazon-era, a company must adapt to meet and exceed expectations for an immediate, seamless, and end-to-end customer experience. In this discussion, learn from Rebecca Greene, Handy’s Chief Product Officer on how your company can meet growing customer expectations through data-driven product management. Rebecca will share some of the design decisions and customer considerations that go into building a successful product in today’s business environment.

Key takeaways include:
• Insight into evolving consumer habits to guide implementation of competitive service provider and retail models.
• How small data approaches like A/B testing and user research can have an outsized impact on the user experience even though companies often choose to focus on ML and Big Data.
• How to design the most informative user testing and user research to make product and design choices for a seamless customer experience.
• How the use of customer support and service delivery in the post-purchase experience can drive massive improvements to customer experience and business outcomes.

Rebecca Greene Chief Product Officer Handy
Ben Watts Editor-in-Chief Innovation Enterprise

Inside. Outside. Tops-Down. Bottoms-Up. Crafting marketing analytics for the ever- changing world of television

TV is no longer TV. As how consumers view TV content continues to proliferate, the ABC television network has had to dramatically adjust its marketing analytics to keep up with these changes. This includes developing multiple analytic systems to answer a wide-ranging set of business questions, such as: How are we leveraging the multiple analytical techniques to make actionable business decisions? Can these different approaches work together? When should you use one source of insight vs. the other? How can we leverage productive conflict to drive a better overall approach? As we dig deep into how ABC is tackling the ever-evolving landscape, the session will address these questions while highlighting the revolution happening right now in broadcast TV.

Gary Shanas Vice President, Media Strategy & Planning Disney ABC Television Group

Networking Lunch


Fireside Chat: People-based marketing - the fan journey from digital to physical

The live experience is not just a singular moment in time. Fans are discovering, planning, reliving and sharing…and throughout this journey there are opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. Live Nation is uniquely positioned to lead in this space with access to actionable data insights to help brands understand their consumers better, communicate the right message and elevate the experience.

Mike Finnegan Head of Data Product Innovation Live Nation
Nancy Sobota Former Director of Marketing Integration, Digital Transformation at Zoetis Industry Expert

Lightning Introduction to Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the fastest growing area in Machine Learning. In the presentation we will cover the following questions: What is Deep Learning? Why is it important? How does it work in comparison to other ML techniques? We will conclude by building a simple Deep Learning model in marketing.

Alfred Essa Vice President, Analytics and R&D McGraw-Hill Education

Applying advanced analytics & data visualization to personalize the consumer experience

In this presentation we will go through the steps an organization needs to take to obtain insights on customer for better decision making.
The primary goal for building a Data strategy is to have the ability to make better decisions. There are some key ingredients that are required to build a sustainable customer insight strategy. There needs to be buy in from senior management, the right technology and focus from business teams. In this era of cheap data storage, there is a huge amount of data that is being captured and stored. The key for the businesses is to prioritize the key domains and then to use the right models/ algorithms to get the results. It is in the data mining and ultimately the visualization that these results turn into insights.

PJ Abhishek SVP Global Data, Analytics & Revenue Management Wyndham Destinations

Networking Coffee Break

Personalized recommendations for food, recipes, and groceries

Plated face a unique problem of assigning weekly recommendations of novel food recipes to both new and old customers. In this talk, Andrew Marchese will discuss how they derive features from extremely content-rich recipes, and how these features are used to drive personalized recommendations that learn customer affinity towards certain feature sets. Additionally, learn how this process is scaled in order to recommend the recipes to a (much) larger set of grocery store customers, and how it can be extended to recommend any grocery product.

Andrew Marchese Data Scientist Plated

Roundtable Discussions: AI & Big Data Strategies

Chair's closing remarks

Nancy Sobota Former Director of Marketing Integration, Digital Transformation at Zoetis Industry Expert

Networking drinks reception

Networking drinks reception ends at 6.30pm.

Registration & Breakfast


Registration & Breakfast

Chair's Opening Remarks

Sid Raisoni Head of Analytics Nestle Waters

Transformation – With the promise of AI, Analytics and Automation, what do companies need to do to embrace the future? Strategies and tactics that drive success.

What are some things that makes us deeply human? Our need to search for meaning (explore) and spread what we learn along the way. This ‘explore and spread’ is unfolding
at an uprooting pace… new business models are being created and many destroyed. Companies with older models need to transform, companies with newer ones need to understand how to help their customers while embedding disruption within their operations. Leading companies are not only improving their technical infrastructure, they are changing their core operations and launching entirely new services. However, investing millions in digital is of little value in and of itself. What separates winners from losers is the ability to transform technical capabilities into insights and to turn those insights into execution. This race to AI, Analytics and Automation poses big questions:

Key Takeaways
1. Why your company is talking and investing in “transformation” (showing up in initiatives like ‘AI’, ‘Advanced Analytics’, ‘Digital acquisition’, CX, etc.)?
2. Why is transformation so difficult?
3. What can you as a leader do about it?

Sid Raisoni Head of Analytics Nestle Waters

Small Data – Big Gains: Innovating in an Increasingly Complex Data Landscape

Applying big data, analytics and AI in marketing is the direction most enterprises are moving towards. However, the integration of data across systems is increasingly challenging with long development horizons. Meanwhile companies are fighting to stay relevant and innovate today. Learn how Northwestern Mutual leveraged both big and small data at scale to deliver game changing results in record time.

Roman Geyzer Senior Director of Product Northwestern Mutual

Using Data to Personalize Customer Acquisition

To optimize spend and create the customer journey, D2C companies like Boxed are leveraging customer analytics and data to drive actionable insights, acquisition strategy, and segmentation. Join this session to learn more how Boxed uses data science and predictive modeling to drive personalization and customer acquisition efforts.

Seiya Vogt VP of Marketing/Growth Boxed

Networking coffee break

Beyond To Whom It May Concern – Personalization of promotions and welcome journeys to increase overall revenue

Personalization can mean many things to many companies—from the basics of communicating with your customer by name to content messaging based on customers buying behavior. By using analytics around our customer data, we have expanded personalization to work within our existing customer’s personal ‘comfort zone’ and expand their cross brand purchases with their overall order value. For new customers, we have used limited acquisition data to determine what is the best path each customer should follow to best increase their purchase rate and overall value.

Abe Adler Director of eCommerce & Digital Analytics The Nature's Bounty Co.

Panel discussion: data-driven, customer centricity

- Customer centricity as a priority
- Aligning brand-driven and customer-driven marketing
- Utilizing data to reach your customer at the right time, in the right way
- Customer segmentation as the key to customer centricity
- Personalizing your marketing efforts while avoiding the “creepy factor”

Allison Gorbaty Senior Director of Marketing Crunch
Kristin Fassler Vice President, Director of Integrated Marketing Simon and Schuster
Nidhi Gupta Vice President, Digital Channels Senior Product Manager, Mobile Channel US Bank
Michael Villaseñor Head of UX, Product and Marketing Design Hearst Newspapers
Michael Vorel Head of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Olympus Corporation of the Americas


Data Science in the Age of Digital Marketing

When talk about Marketing, the first thing popping into peoples’ minds may be Mad Men, instead of a bunch of nerds hunching over their computers. However, today’s marketing landscape has long been shifting towards digital marketing, and with its rise, Data Science has also been playing an increasingly important role. In this session, I’ll share my experience of building a data science team which help scaling up our digital marketing budget by 10x, our successes and failures, and the learning from it all.

Hao Tong Sr. Data Scientist Tilting Point

Fireside Chat: Using Chat Technology to Personalize your Product Marketing Strategy

This fireside chat will dive into the benefits of introducing conversational marketing inside of chat technology, based on user site behavior. From Abandoned Cart reminders to recommended products, the session will discuss how Facebook Messenger can be leveraged to engage shoppers who use chat apps as their primary communication channel (instead of the more traditional email), and drive 9X more conversions from chat than from other existing channels. In this session, we will discuss how to use chatbots for marketing and sales, and how to measure the impact on sales, LTV and AOV. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to use Facebook Messenger to unlock new revenue.

Divya Gugnani CEO & Co-Founder Wander Beauty
Caroline Klatt Co-founder and CEO Headliner Labs

Change the Conversation: How Voice-Activated VR Can Aid Training

VR has already shown amazing results when it comes to training and retention -- adding voice only improves the level of immersion. In this talk, we will examine the ways businesses are using voice in VR and training and share best practices for how to create voice-activated VR training opportunities for your organization.

Cortney Harding Co-Founder Friends With Holograms

Chair's closing remarks

Sid Raisoni Head of Analytics Nestle Waters