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Day 1

Onsite Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Michelle Cui Managing Director, Technology & Data Science WPP

How Big Data is Pushing the Frontier of New Retail Supply Chain

The rapid growth of new retail business bring many new challenges to merchants, including visibility, efficiency, service quality etc. The speaker will talk about how Cainiao Network (a logistics and supply chain subsidiary of Alibaba Group) is leveraging big data related technologies to help its merchants and logistics part to deal with supply chain visibility, omni-channel inventory management, personalized last-mile delivery etc.

Hongwei Ding Chief Data Scientist Cainiao

Optimization of Media Performance in the Era of Big Data

Measuring and optimizing the effectiveness of media platforms in multi-channel campaign has always been a challenge to advertisers. Merkle’s cross-channel attribution team has been dedicated to the measurement of media performance for more than twelve years, with a focus on media mix modeling and digital attribution. This session will introduce our best practice in applying advanced modeling techniques on big data to optimize media effectiveness. And how it helps advertisers to increase their marketing ROI and hit business target. With involving ad tracking and data integration techniques, the landscape is changing fast and calls for continuous innovation.

Wendy Li Director, Analytics Merkle

The Power of Sound

In 2009, he co-founded and introduced the latest international technology design and creative products to China to build a B2B platform. In 2014, the second venture founded, dedicated to the design and concept of the acoustic master Linkowitz. The first product, the pluto audio, became the annual case of the innovative marketing of the mobile Internet, and received angel investment within one year. And Pre-A round Jingdong Investment, the valuation increased by 200 times. Currently merged with Himalayan FM, dedicated to the audio and software ecosystem in the audio field.

Haibo Li Deputy General Manager Ximalaya FM

Networking Coffee Break

Data Intelligence Drives Financial Service Innovation

In this talk, Zufeng will present strategic technology trends: Future Development of Data Intelligence Technology. He will introduce Ant Financial technology including data intelligence products and technology stack and how it drives financial business innovation. He will use real case studies on application of intelligent marketing in retail banking and wealth management business.

Zufeng Chen Senior Expert, Data Intelligence Ant Financial

Self-Reliant, Secure, End-to-End data, Activity, and Revenue Analytics - Roadmap for the Airline Industry

The presentation outlines how we implemented a tracking environment that allows for self-reliant, secure, end-to-end data, activity, and revenue analytics without depending on the client to know how much revenue our products generate.

In the past, we leveraged the client’s analytics tools to implement tracking on the modules we provide to the airline and analyze the user behavior.

In the presentation, we will review the different sections of the tracking requirements document including Background and strategic fit, Assumptions, Requirements, Scalability, Questions, Not Doing.

To end the presentation, we will conclude with measurable results of implementing end-to-end tracking including how having a client-independant tracking environment allows for us to save resources, earn more money, save time, provide clients with standardized reporting, and allows for easier comparison across clients to improve our products.

Katharina Warzel Head of Data Analytics Everymundo

Application and Challenges of AI in Apollo Autopilot Open Platform

Jie has more than 15 years software development and architect design experience, especially in distributed system, cloud computing, Linux kernel, open source community. Jeff is the Principal R&D Architect in Baidu Network R&D department, and in charge of the Data platform team, this team development and analyze more than 500TB data per day. Explore the cutting-edge technical in Big data as well as data intelligence field.

Jie Liu Principal R&D Architect, Autonomous Driving Technology Baidu

Networking Lunch Buffet

When VC meets AI, and AI meets Medicine

Xiaolu graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with Ph.D. and Tsinghua University with MBA, and now is the technical director in Sinovation Ventures AI Institute. He focuses on the technology transfer of AI, especially in medicine. In the talk, he will show a geographic information system (GIS) of a human being, and present how the AI tech helps doctors improve the efficiency and effectiveness in cosmetic surgery, cerebral tumor surgery, digital liver, and histopathology.

Sinovation Ventures is an established Chinese technology-savvy investment firm, started in 2009 by a team led by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, with presence in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seattle and Silicon Valley. Sinovation Ventures is pioneering a brand-new mode of “VC+AI”.

Xiaolu Zhang Director, AI Institute Sinovation Ventures

Development of Full-stack and Intelligent Data Products

The big data products of Alibaba have varies application scenarios and solves many business requirements that can’t be resolved by traditional method. We are making our big data as a business itself during the approaching of digitalizing our business. How to make the development of data product become intelligent and solve more challenging business requirements, and how to make the full chain of development, test, implementation and AI applications more intelligent and let the data becomes more effective in enabling business? All of these practices will be illustrated herewith.

Binhui Yao Senior Staff Engineer Alibaba Group

Networking Coffee Break

How to Build an AI-Driven Enterprise — From Theory to Practice

Derek Lei will share Emotibot’s practical experience in implementing AI for enterprises in different stages of AI adption:early explorers, AI practitioners and disruptors.

Derek Lei General Manager Emotibot

Five Tips to Take Advantage of Advertising Big Data

In the age of advertising digitalization, the problem marketers face today is how to sift through noise and take advantage of the data for actionable insights. The speech introduces five steps to approach and leverage data any marketer may have today.

1. Data structuring: What’s useful data and what is noise?
2. Data in customer life cycle: Build an ecosystem around your customer
3. Data strategy: Fail fast and start small with POVs and pilots
4. Data growth: grow your data around the ecosystem you built
5. Data environment: Your data strategy works in China, but you need

Michelle Cui Managing Director, Technology & Data Science WPP

How AI is Changing the Translation Space

Most of the AI work done in the translation industry is related to machine translation, machine learning and deep learning, because of its benefits: lower price, higher efficiency, and increased speed of translation.

Both for statistical machine translation (SMT) and neural machine translation (NMT) systems are train using similar basic principles and the overall quality of the machine output need to be assessed in relation to the particular translation project for which you would like to use it.

However, poor data quality is enemy number one to the profitable use of machine learning. Building a culture of quality data into your machine learning projects is essential and this can be done via editing, cleaning, testing and auditing.

Julie Giguere Managing Director Asian Absolute

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Onsite Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Philippe Gerwill Industry Advisor and IT Supplier Manager, Novartis IOTSG

Traceability in the Food Industry for Chinese Consumers

The raising attention among Chinese Consumers to the product premiumness and consumption experience, and to the high standard of food safety requirement, there are more and more food companies and manufacturies has started their Food Traceability implementation. For these players who are able to provide end to end traceability service, the understanding of how to manage manufacturing, supply chain and IT systems has to be cutting-edge, or even step ahead of the era. It is so important now to provide consumers the unbeatable consumption experience and trust.

Yaxin Wu Manager, Supply Chain Development Fonterra

AI in the Gaming Industry

As a leading provider of interactive entertainment, Yoozoo is an early adopter of AI. AI for games is not new and it plays an equally important role behind the scenes. In this talk, I will share Yoozoo’s experience in applying AI across the different business functions of customer service, marketing, and operations. In addition, I’ll share our key ingredients for successful roll-out.

Chi Keong Goh Director, AI Technical Yoozoo Games

Precision Deep Learning Accelerates Consumer Service Quality

Dr.Hengliang Luo is leading a data mining group in Meituan-Dianping. This group is intending to apply data mining related technologies to Meituan travel-related businesses. The fields they're working on include risk control, supply prediction, revenue management etc. Prior to Meituan-Dianping, Dr Luo leads a big data analytic group at Samsung Beijing R&D Centre. This group is intending to apply the technologies including machine learning, data mining, and natural language processing, etc. to Samsung Marketing Intelligence. The fields they're working on include buzz analytic, sentiment analysis, risk discovery, network propagation, and competitor analysis, etc.

Hengliang Luo Director, Technology Meituan & Dianping

Networking Coffee Break

How Location Intelligence Impacts Offline Retail

Offline retail stores provide location based services (LBS) to nearby customers. The mission of Dingdongyi (Seismometer) product is to help stores providing better services to nearby customers. It is built on top of cutting edge location intelligence technologies, and Alibaba online and offline big data. Currently Dingdongyi’s solutions including store site recommendation, location based targeted marketing, item recommendation and market insights, have been successfully applied in New Retail businesses, e.g., Hema, Lingshoutong, TMall New Retail.

Jingmin Chen Senior Algorithm Engineer Alibaba Group

Applying Machine Learning to Optimize Forecasting and Maximize Sales

Pedro Yip is a Principal in Oliver Wyman’s Hong Kong office. He has over 10 years of experience in retail, of which 4 years in industry and over 6 years in consulting. He has worked extensively with both online and offline retailers, especially grocers. His expertise includes market entry, marketing, merchandising, supply chain and process improvements. Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, he worked at BCG and was the Head of Supply Chain at UK online grocer Ocado (FTSE 250). He started his career at McKinsey.

Pedro Yip Partner Oliver Wyman

The Use of Big Data in the Asset Management Industry

Bonan graduated from University of Delaware computer, financial double master degrees. He used to work for United States JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, (as Strategy Analytics Director). Bonan mainly focusing on data mining, machine learning and programming large data quantification in analysing stock.

Bonan Huang Head of Equity Investment JD Finance

Networking Lunch Buffet

Blockchain Standardisation and Application Practice

Ming Li China Electronics Standardization Institute Director of Blockchain research department Expert of ISO/TC 307 Expert of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC40 Expert of IEEE/ISACA/ITSS/CCF Editor of ISO/IEC TR 38505-2 Chair of IEEE2418.2 Data format Blockchina system Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Ming Li Director, BlockChain Reserach CESI, MIIT

Panel Discussion: BlockChain Beyond Bitcoin

In this panel we will talk about:
1. Blockchain Technology, what can we learn at this stage?
2. How do we do Blockchain under China's regulation?
3. Blockchain & Innovation
4. Data Protection VS Blockchain

David Wang SVP Xinmoney (新元)
Ember Husan CEO Finbit Capital
Philippe Gerwill Industry Advisor and IT Supplier Manager, Novartis IOTSG

Networking Coffee Break

Workshop - Believing is Seeing:Data Technology Behind 2018 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

You may only know the figure of 213.5 billion for the 2018 Tmall double 11 festival. Behind the huge transaction data, how does Alibaba use big data to deal with it. We started with a big screen of data that shocked domestic and foreign media, and fully understood the process of Ali Big Data in the double 11.

In this Workshop, Yi will share the experience of designing the 11.11 media large screen. Using space as the medium and time as the trail, this project recreates the magnificent story of Alibaba. Through time-spatial data visualizations, it reveals the strategies Alibaba has taken and progress it has achieved in its global and new retail market. Besides, it portraits the transformation and evolution of China’s economy in past decade, through the lens of consumers and merchants.

Keben will talk about applying multi-threading technology to visualization in rendering and calculation, so that the single screen has the ability to freely combine and output different visual content, and the separation of rendering and calculation can ensure the smooth visualization experience.

Xiaofeng will talk about the flow computing system carries the Double Eleven real-time data flood peaks, has the capacity of processing data at a rate of 100 million per second
to ensure the real-time data out-put stable and efficient.

Keben Hu Front-end Engineer Alibaba Group
Yi Liu Interactive Design Advisor Alibaba Group
Xiaofeng Huang Head of Real-time Data Alibaba Group

End of Summit