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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Research in Next Generation Graph Database and Data Governance

As the next Big data computing platform, the graph database are widely used to model complex data relationship such as social networking, device failure analysis and predication, knowledge mapping, network security, etc. In this topic, we would explore the design of graph database, algorithm strategy as well as how to use it in data governance filed.

Liu Jie Cyber Security, Principal R&D Architect, Big Data Platform Baidu

Introduction to Big Data Analytics Modelling of Football

Edward Griffiths, Ph.D., studied at Imperial College and Cambridge. He spent the early part of his career helping FMCG and Pharmaceutical multinationals to successfully deploy Big Data, both in-house and as a consultant. In 2007, his passion for sports drove him to join Ladbrokes plc, one of the UK's largest bookmakers. There, he set up and managed the Trading Solutions Team, developing a comprehensive platform of in-play betting products across 25 different sports, with revenue and profit creation as key drivers. In 2013, he moved to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, where he heads up a team of mathematicians tasked with leveraging Big Data to develop state-of-the art sports trading algorithms and risk management tools.

Edward Griffiths Executive Manager, Big Data Analytics The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Driving Corporate Decision-Making with Data Analytics

Data is the information records of acquisition, storage, transmission and processing that generated in the process of business operation and management. With the advent of the era of digitization, data plays a vital role in business management and decision-making. During the speech, we are going to share the latest PwC research results in terms of data analysis and application, and present some classic industry cases to illustrate that how data can help with business management and decision-making.

Wang Meng Business Director, Beijing PwC China

Coffee Break

AI+HR:People Analytics for Matching Talent and Opportunities

People are increasingly using online services in a linked world to make their lives better. Their digit footprints have been widely used to better understand their intention and needs to provide personalized services, such as improved matching between people and opportunities in career development. While behavioral analytics can help individuals and organizations to be more productive, there are problems concerning security and privacy. For example, highly private information can be more easily leaked and spread in social media. In this talk, I present some of our work along the two dimensions. First, I discuss how we applied people analytics to find experts and help match them with opportunities in enterprise settings. Next, I present our people-analytics-based approaches to better protect people in the increasingly linked world.

Zhen Wen Chief Scientist Zhaopin

Data Governance to Enhance the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises

This is session, Allen will deliver a talk on: - Enterprise Data Maturity Model - Data Modelling, Data Catalog, Data Preparation and Data Quality- Case Studies

Allen Wang Founder & CEO Datablau

Approximate Data Processing Practice

Approximate data processing :As the volumn of data is growing faster and faster ,the velocity of data processing is becoming the bottleneck under limited costs,especially for interactive data exploration , stream computing and so on. This topic will show some common solutions  to solve the problem as well as our pratice and experience.

Hongyu Bi Director, Big Data Platform Ele Me

Networking Buffet Lunch

Roundtable Discussion: Big Data Changing Traditional Industries

Data Technology is playing an essential role for companies across industries. Especially for traditional companies. data can bring in significant improvement from various aspects including better product designs, more efficient production and others to achieve the increase of profitability. We welcoming all attendees join this roundtable discussion. This session will focus on the changes brought to traditional industries with Big Data especially with in the era of “Internet+“. Share your best practice and challenges with your peers.

Big Data Expert Industry Leader Innovation Enterprise

Applying Machine Learning to Optimize Forecasting and Maximize Sales

Jacques Penhirin is the headin the Greater China office of Oliver Wyman, with over 20 years experience in strategy consulting. During his consulting career, he has worked for leading international and local players in the Consumer Goods and retail industries in Europe and in China/Asia where he has been a resident for the past 15 years.In consumer goods, his domain of expertise includes corporate strategy, marketing and sales strategy, and organizational design. He has served multiple sectors including dairy, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, biscuits, infant formulas and confectionery both for multinationals and local leading payers. His recent work includes a wide range of project on e‐consumer management.In retail, his domain of expertise includes corporate strategy, concept development, portfolio marketing strategy, store operations and strategic sourcing. He has served multiple formats including food retailing, department stores and specialty chains including accessories, apparel, travel retail and luxury goods. More recently he has conducted several projects in the e-commerce space.

Jacques Penhirin Partner, Head of Greater China Oliver Wyman

Blockchain Standardisation: From Roadmap to Implementations

This talk will introduce the standardization development of blockchain domestically and internationally. In the context of blockchain technology and industrial development, and share the latest trends, key achievements and development trends of the standardization of blockchain. Combined with the domestic standardization of the practice process, how to proceed from the industrial demand, through the standardization of industry to promote the orderly development, and to explore the key of next generation standardization of blockchain.

Dr. Xiaodan Tang Chief Engineer, Blockchain Research CESI, MIIT

Coffee Break

Data Technology for Financial Service 3.0

If we call highly-digitalised financial service as 2.0, the key characteristics of financial service 3.0 is highly user-oriented.  Through concrete cases, we will discuss how CreditEase Big Data Innovation Center is using data technology to achieve user-oriented intelligence operations and to empower and enable financial services for different target market.

Weihang Jiang Deputy General Manager, Big Data Innovation Center CreditEase

Practice of Insurance Technology Innovation

In this talk, Fengzhan will including key topics from financial technology to insurance technology. Share practices of innovation insurance technologies, future rends and prospects. 

Fengzhan Tian Chief Data Scientist, Big Data Centre Sunshine Insurance Group

Big Data and AI in Fintech

In this session Sync will discuss on how they build a credit system by using AI and big data. He will also talk on architectural case study and key components in Dianrong practices. Sync Shan has vast experience in the field of search engine, search advertising, and e-commerce vertical search. He has in-depth expertise in ranking, recommendation, artificial intelligent systems architecture design and modelling.

Sync Shan Head of Big Data

Big Data and Fintech Experts Wrap-up Q&A Session

In this session, we welcome back experts from CreditEase, Sunshine Insurance and back to the stage. Please note down the questions you have for all speakers. 

Fintech Experts Fintech Experts Innovation Enterprise

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Self-motivated, leader and innovator professional focused on customer satisfaction with a strong business background. Results-driven person committed to achieve corporate goals with experience in leading and working with teams. Interested in the areas of marketing, strategy, sales and business development.

Marcos Ramírez Product Manager, Business Analytics IE Business School

Designing Scalable Data and Analytics Solutions to Enable Better Business Decisions

Working with various complex business challenges often creates no room to scale. By using innovative approach of Data Products and Apps Schneider Electric business teams are able to use analytics solutions created globally at the same time adapted to their local aspects. Design and development in agile and iterative methodology is allowing business to fully participate in the creation and adjustment of the tools. As a result the landscape of Data Products is aiming to provide fast and easy access to useful data insights for sales operations globally.

Gosia Majewska Senior Manager, Data Analytics Schneider Electric

Applying Big Data in Securities Investment

Bonan graduated from University of Delaware computer, financial double master degrees. He used to work for United States JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, (as Strategy Analytics Director). Bonan mainly focusing on data mining, machine learning and programming large data quantification in analysing stock.

Bonan Huang Senior Director, Big Data

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: The Journey from Data to Insights

In the healthcare industry, we are usually behind in adopting new technology and so it is the case with Big Data. Having said that, the healthcare industry is an industry where Big Data will enable added-value from the data. In the healthcare industry, data can come from many different systems and sources, such as HIS (Hospital Information System), LIS (Laboratory Information System), EHR (Electronic Health Record), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), RIS (Radiology Information System), genetics information and population data. This data can be in an unstructured, semi-structured or structured format. In this talk, I will share with the community our Journey from Data to Insights in Healthcare industry.

Choo-Chiap Chiau Principal Scientist & Team Leader Philips Research

Coffee Break

Mobike Big Data Application in Daily Operation

Dafei is Head of Data Science at Mobike, leads the Data Group of Mobike Tech Team to make the company data driven and fast evolve.

Dafei Yin Head of Data Science Mobike

From Big Data to Smart Analytics Solution

In the recent years, "Big Data" is a common topic across different perspectives. However, how can we fully utilize the storage and collection of big data to facilitate business decision? This session will share the smart analytics solution by the formation of data modeling and strategy, and will also demonstrate real business cases on how to apply actionable insight to hack the eBusiness growth.

Prolog Leung Head of BI & Digital Analytics Sa Sa International Holdings Limited

Workshop: An Introduction of Alibaba Internal Data Platform - the Efficient Product Development with Exabyte Data

Big Data Product Development Platform, by practicing and abstracting years of complicated business scenarios in Alibaba under the architecture of Open Closed Principle,  provides non-developers an open and easy-to-use platform through which they can implement most of their big data product requirements on their own, enabling our end users capabilities of dashboard and data product configuration, data visualize and analyze on multiple-size screens of devices like mobile handset, PC and large size LED.

Linzi Wang & Jianqing Fu Senior Scientist, Technology Alibaba Group

Networking Buffet Lunch

Artificial Intelligence Platform and Applications at Suning

Suning group is one of the retailer giant across the world, covering online e-commerce platform, offline physical stores, video consumption, finance, real estate and investment etc., so AI-focused research and applications are quite essential to promote the user engagement and monetization. In the presentation, search, recommendation and personalization for retail will be briefly summarized and mainly introducing the artificial intelligence platform and its utilization to intelligent customer service, automatic video bullet screen and context-sensitive financial product recommendation during the conversation with bot.

Li Wei Director, Technology, AI Lab Suning

Exploring BlockChain Solutions for Data Collaboration

Dawei is the General Manager of Monetisation at Xiaomin Technology, he leads a team responsible for monetisation of 200+ million Xiaomi mobile devices, OTT and etc. He has 10+ year industrial R&D and management experience on cloud scale distributed services and tools, in the fields of search, online advertising, instance messaging, social networking service and also mobile clients. Track record of leading technology innovation, delivering high quality software products on schedule, and abilities of recruiting, training and retaining talents. Proven ability to drive changes and promote engineering excellence in a dynamic organization.

Dawei Gu Head of Monetisation Xiaomi

Panel Discussion: Journey with New Technologies

New topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain have been hot topics for a while. Big Data has been foundations to accelerate the implementations. This panel discussion will focus on the processes of how a new technology can be better implemented and some lessons we need to focus on along the journey. Currently recruiting for panellists, please contact Ivy Chen if you are interested. Confirmed panelists including:  - Director, Big Data Management, Sino-Ocean Group - Director, Big Data Platform, Haier - Associate Director, scientific informatics and engineering, Novartis  

Panel Session Industry Experts Big Data Panel Session