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Day 1

Light Breakfast and Registration

Chairperson Overview

A Data Engineering approach to data problems

A Data Engineering approach to data problems

Tarush Aggarwal Director, Engineering WeWork

Enabling AI experiences with Data and Platform

Commerce is at an inflection point where customers expect better and easier experiences across multiple channels and devices. At eBay, we have approximately 167 Million (M) active buyers, 1.1 Billion live listings, 81% new items with 59% touched by mobile. Every search, view, click, fixed price, and auction transactions on eBay creates terabytes of data every hour.

How do we use this data to create intelligent commerce experiences that are personalized, trusted, at scale? Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning, combined with eBay’s platform infrastructure helps us achieve this.

eBay is embarking on a journey to modernize its data science and machine learning infrastructure. Built ground-up using the best of breed ‘open source’ technologies, this modern platform will make our data scientists more productive, giving them a choice of machine learning software/hardware (compute) options, as well as provide end-to-end lifecycle management of models.

Ishita Majumdar President, eBay Women in Technology (eWIT) eBay

Tired of Being in the Dark? AI-based Anomaly Detection Turns the Lights On

Traditional data monitoring and business intelligence are failing organizations because of false positives, manual work overload, and the lack of correlated discovery of business incidents. Delayed insights cost time and money. Even worse, when problems arise that are completely off your radar, customer loyalty drops and your brand suffers. Most organizations discover issues long after the damage is done, and rush to a reactive resolution. Join this presentation to discover how companies are leveraging artificial intelligence to know what they should know when they need to know it.

Matt Goodwin Ph.D Senior Research Fellow Anodot

Morning Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

The elephant not in the room. Where did Hadoop go? The Data Strategy behind NBCUniversal’s Advanced Advertising initiatives

See how NBCUniversal is approaching big data & cloud strategies to revolutionize its advanced advertising efforts across all activation platforms. Find out why Hadoop is yesterday’s technology and learn why NBCUniversal’s progressive approach to big data meets the demands of an ever evolving industry. Learn how NBCUniversal’s approach enables a cost effective and innovated big data cloud strategy that supports an enterprise deployment that unlocks data efficiently for all users from applications to data scientists to data analysts.

Jeff Pinard VP, Data Technology & Engineering, Advanced Advertising NBC Universal

Playing for the Future

Kent's presentation will talk us through how data can provide exciting insights and demonstrate unusual relationships in boasting tennis involvement with the populous.

Kent Schacht Senior Director, Data Strategy and Customer Engagement (USTA) United States Tennis Association

Deploying an Automated Data Platform for rapid Data Science and Analytics – A Real World Large Enterprise Example

Enterprises increasingly rely on data scientists and analysts to provide new insights and valuable capabilities to further their businesses. However, data scientists and analysts are spending up to 80% of their time in the complex task of preparing data for analysis, and not directly on the creation of business value. 
Automation is imperative to manage the growing complexity of data preparation and data warehousing, and focus data scientists and analysts on building value for the business.
In this session, we describe a large enterprise’s journey in automating data preparation and data warehousing using Infoworks. The Infoworks platform provides the industry’s first and only automated data platform for Big Data Warehousing. Infoworks provides complete functionality from data ingestion, data synchronization and building data models and cubes and incrementally organizes data sets for data science use cases — eliminating coding and reducing the time to production from months to days.

Ramesh Menon VP Product Infoworks


An Evolution and Future of Data Science in Wellbeing Programs and Software

An Evolution and Future of Data Science in Wellbeing Programs and Software

Andrew Jacobus Vice President, Insights and Data Science Virgin Pulse

The Future of Television in the Digital Age

With the advent of media
streaming services currently available, content consumers have a plethora of
choices with which to access their favorite content. At Viacom we capitalize on
this changing landscape by leveraging the combined influence traditional
television viewing has, with the enhanced insights around out that comes with
broadcasting our content on contemporary digital platforms. Here, I discuss how
Viacom takes advantage of the changing face of television by wholly
understanding our fans and their relationship to our networks through what we
call fan theory.

Matthew Moocarme Director, Senior Data Scientist Viacom

Driving Data in Government

Over the past few years, government has embraced the value of its data to drive insights and transform operations and service delivery. Open Data initiatives, data-centric innovation models, and a renewed focus on performance metrics are just a few examples of this welcome trend. 

Eric Foster-Moore Data Scientist The Lab @ DC

Value Centricity - How Can AI Create a Win-Win for All

Data is the new oil and Analytics is the new combustion engine. Analytics functions are catalysts that helps extracts value from Business. In the last decade, firms that have embraced and adopted Analytics successfully have shown a CAGR of 7-15%. Analytics can be treated as either a value center or a cost center. In this talk you will learn how John Hancock has integrated 50+ Analytic projects and turning Analytics into a driver and shaper of strategy. You will get a glimpse into the use and limitations of a construct returning value to the shareholder.

Vishwa Kolla AVP, Head, Advanced Analytics John Hancock

Measuring Marketing Performance: Moving Beyond Mathematics

While there has been a lot of chatter around the philosophy of Data Science, we have inherently been led to believe that Mathematics and Statistics are probably the ONLY available tools for Analytics.This session would discuss a decision science framework, that companies have (in different forms) used to measure the performance of their marketing programs.Leveraging the core concepts from Physics and Chemistry, this new age Marketing Measurement framework marries the Art of Insight Generation with the Science of ROI tracking. 

Shivanku Misra Director of Data Science & Analytics Heineken

Evolving Customer Relationships with Data and Personalization

Using machine learning or advanced predictive analytics techniques to provide data-driven recommendations to your customers is the easy part; collaborating across function to tie those recommendations into a meaningful cross-channel customer strategy, in a scalable and flexible way, is where things get interesting.  Learn about one company’s journey toward creating a more meaningful experience for customers, some of the challenges faced, and things we’ve learned along the way.

Gregg Bierman Director, Customer Analytics & Data Science VistaPrint

Afternoon Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Afternoon Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Sharing the Intelligent Way

ShareThis, the Sharing Intelligence Company, has been collecting and synthesizing social share data since 2007. We are the trusted pioneer and authority of sharing data that spans the social platform walled gardens, transforming authentic human sharing behavior into actionable outputs at scale for marketers and publishers.

Rob Finora SVP, Data at ShareThis ShareThis

Thinking Differently to Connect What Matters

Tamara will talk about how to connect different and sometimes unusual streams of data, to overcome 'data dogma' existing in the media domain. As a passionate visionary leader in the data space, driving insight and innovation and having built teams from the ground up and with a proven capability in strategy and execution. 

Tamara Gruzbarg Senior Vice President, Data, Analytics and Business Information Time Inc.

Customer Segmentation in fashion industry

This presentation will discuss various types of segmentation (behavioral, loyalty, lifestyle, attitudinal) used in fashion retail industry and how to operationalize segmentation to make better strategic decisions. Segmentation not only helps marketing better target existing customers through personalized offers but also improves customer acquisition efficiency using look-alike modeling. This talk will show case how to combine different types of segmentation to deliver a 360-degree view of customers and reduce churn in a digital transformation journey.

Lucy Yang Senior Data Scientist J. Crew

GB-CENT: Gradient Boosted Categorical Embedding and Numerical Trees

Liangjie heads up the technical pricing and big data analytics departments at Etsy. He has experience in leading diverse projects in the fintech and insurance industry and in his current role, cutting edge analytics is used with the goal of improving customer wellness and creating shared value.

Liangjie Hong Head of Data Science Etsy

Networking Reception - Exhibition Area

Networking Reception - Exhibition Area

Day 2

Light Breakfast and Registration

Chairperson Overview

Data Science in Cosmetics industry

Tales from the workers in manufacturing factories. Tales from the engineers designing big equipments. Tales from the field service engineers. Tales from the suppliers. Tales from the customers. Tales on how big data is transforming large industries globally and driving the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hemant Joshi Director, Global Big Data Science L'Oreal

Doing Good with Big Data – Analytics and the United Nations

The United Nations in serving a world which has changed tremendously over the past seven decades. Open access to and interpretation of complex data sets are critical to fulfilling the unique global mandate of the organisation. This presentation will describe the information needs and challenges in the dynamic political landscape of maintaining peace and security, strengthening human rights and international development. It will provide examples of use cases and emphasise the need and value for open data sharing and exchange. The value of partnerships will be highlighted as well as examples of successful collaborative initiatives leading to tangible outcomes.

Michael Ibach Chief Analytics Officer United Nations

Forecast the Future

In this presentation, you will learn how the Weather Company is leveraging precision weather forecasting, big data, and analytics to predict operational impacts and sharpen aviation decision making.   The speaker will share specific examples and cases to illustrate how these capabilities improve safety, efficiency, and performance, ranging from flight plan optimization to productivity gains.

Mark Miller Global Industry Leader, Aviation The Weather Company, an IBM Business

Morning Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Harnessing the Power of Data for Medicines

The emergence of big data, as well as advancements in data science approaches and technology, is providing pharmaceutical companies with an opportunity to gain novel insights that can enhance and accelerate drug development. More than the impacts of big data on R&D, big data is also changing other function departments to improve the business efficiency. 

Lisa Plimpton Director, Digital Strategy and Data Innovation Pfizer

Keeping the “d” out of IIoT

John shares with us an enlightening talking about keeping the "d" out of IoT, drawing on his wealth of experience as Head of System Dynamics at the MIT Sloan School of Management

John Carrier Senior Lecturer Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Unifying Big Bang: Data Governance Transformed for Digital Operations

The Digital Experience Front-End: The Analog Experience Back-End

Operational Risk Defined: Solve for New Business & Service Alignment

Different Maturities of Data Consumers: Business, Technology, Operations

Unique Challenge in the Banking and Capital Markets

Data Governance 360 degree

Art Nazzaro Senior Manager, Digital Enterprise Transformation EY


Big Data in Pharma – Streams to Lakes

Change can be difficult for any organization.  Strategy and execution of implementing change in technological adoption of big data platforms and their potential impact to pharmaceutical industry will be explored in this presentation.  Challenges for big thinking realization and practical actions for value creation to be reviewed include alignment of values, objectives and priorities, change management, multi functional collaboration, and innovative thinking.

Ramin Daron VP, Data Architecture and Technology Takeda Pharmaceuticals

How Data Science Rocks in Silicon Valley

Mohammad's presentation will focus on •how his team is shaping billions of daily data events into high-quality sources for analytic consumption, achieved by enabling self-serve analysis through custom dashboards and data sets. 

Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta Senior Data Scientist and Adjunct Faculty Apple

Increasing velocity, accuracy and learning at scale

Sarah manages the Analytics Engineering team at Etsy. Her team’s analytics pipeline, datasets and tooling make it feasible to rapidly A/B test and monitor product feature changes on live traffic across all platforms, and continually quantify the impact of any change within a scientific methodology. How do we use the wealth of data at our disposal to support Etsy’s innovative data-driven learning culture? How do we automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks both for stakeholders and ourselves? How do we improve data quality and quickly identify and respond to data issues? In this session Sarah will describe how her team is solving these problems and what an analytics roadmap can include for 2018.

Sarah Manning Head of Analytics Engineering Etsy

Competitive Strategy in Data-Centric Markets

Competitive Strategy in Data-Centric Markets

Steve Sevigny Director, Global Strategy Experian

Verdict: interactive-speed, resource-efficient query processor

Data analytics is expensive. A simple query on a shared cluster can easily take minutes or hours, because many small queries use up all resources or because the query touches large data. Verdict is a data analytics system that can cut down the resource usage or speed up query processing by 200x. Verdict achieves this by returning an immediate answer that is 99% identical to the answers from traditional databases. With Verdict, data analysts can quickly examine answers, expedite data exploration with more queries, and find more insights. In this talk, I will explain Verdict's mechanism with its live demo.

Yongjoo Park Senior Research Fellow University of Michigan

Deep Learning and Real-Time Flight Prediction

Which of the over 30 million commercial flights in the US will get actually delayed or cancelled? Freebird has built a business based on using data science to answer that question. Learn how co-founder and CTO Sam Zimmerman and his team have approached this problem by building a real-time predictive analytics engine based on dynamic data sets and deep-learning algorithms. This talk focuses on experiments the Freebird team has done to model the both pointwise and aggregative flight delay risk using various deep learning approaches and feature representation techniques.

Sam Zimmerman Co-Founder and CTO Freebird, Inc.

More Presentations to be Announced

More Presentations to be Announced