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Day 1

Registration and Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Session featuring Data Monsters

Data Monsters Industry Executive Data Monsters

Govern and Manage Your Data Lake

Data lake becomes a beautiful concept through the past several years, big data technology today enables IT to process and store huge amount of data in the cloud for people to utilize, building data lake to just quickly ingest all the data and let others to self-serve sounds a beautiful idea. But is it that easy and beautiful in reality? Here we will browse eBay's experience from the past several years on how to manage and purify the data lake enable the disciplined innovation through: Understand what you have in the lake How is the quality, what is wrong When to expect the data be available Where the data is coming from How the data is generated Who is using the data What business value the data is generating Production management policy etc.!

Alex Liang Director of Data Programs and Strategy eBay

Session featuring Qlik

Qlik Industry Expert Qlik

Leveraging Advanced Analytics in Media & Entertainment

Jeff Pinard VP, Data Technology & Engineering, Advanced Advertising NBC Universal

Networking Coffee Break

Deriving Insights from IoT & Mobile Data

Bill Corrigan VP, Global IoT & Big Data Strategy SharkNinja

Data Science Methods in Health Care

Prashant Mittal Professor of Data Analytics and Data Science University of New Hampshire

Session featuring Anodot

Anodot Industry Executive Anodot


Big Data: Today's Prescription for a Healthier Future

Ramin Daron VP, Data Architecture and Technology Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Building an Effective Data Strategy

Steve Sevigny Director, Global Strategy Experian

Demystifying ML & AI

Gabriele Fariello Chief Information Officer (Interim) University of Rhode Island

Networking Coffee Break

HR in the age of Data Science

Many companies are now using Machine Learning and other AI tools to mordenize Human Resource (HR) Analytics. Join Cesar's presentation to hear his perspectives on how Data Science is revolutionizing HR. His presentation will cover Data Science use-cases in several HR functions including Talent Acquisition and Employee Career Management.

Cesar Koirala Director, Data Science Liberty Mutual Insurance

The Secret Sauce for a Successful Analytics Project

What do organizations do to enable successful analytics projects? How can leaders make sure that analytics-related projects are successful? Discover what people, processes, and technology can be brought together in a simple and straightforward way when creating a scalable and sustainable solution for your internal or external customers. In this presentation, you will learn what Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is able to do with their customers to help them gain value from their data. Gaining value from data quickly is of utmost importance – especially in projects where a lot is at stake.

Rich Huebner, Ph.D. Principal Data Architect & Data Scientist Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Driving Personal Insurance Growth & Profitability through Machine Learning & Analytics

Delin Shen Head of Predictive Modeling AIG

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Day 2

Registration and Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Deep Learning: Stock market Prediction

Bryan Healey Director, AI Lola

Data Quality vs Quantity - Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Data based business decisions often come with implicit assumptions about the data points behind them - namely that the data are accurate, comprehensive and actually answer the right questions. This is not always the case and organizations are often faced with the choice between investing in good quality data points for their key business metrics or capturing a wide swath of data with questionable business value. At XO we don’t believe we should have to make that choice and have evolved both our philosophy and execution to get the best of both worlds.

Marci Augustine Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics XO Group Inc.

Fireside Chat featuring MassMutual Financial Group

Sears Merritt VP & Chief Data Scientist, Head of Data Science, Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics Mass Mutual

Networking Coffee Break

Leveraging Data Science in Cancer Treatment

Elia Stupka Senior Director, Data Science and Bioinformatics Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Best Practices Establishing a Data Management, Business Intelligence and Big Data Vision

Ayad Shammout Director of Data Platform & Business Intelligence Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization


Panel Discussion

More sessions to come!