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Day 1

Arrival & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Analytical Support to Better Understand Fans

Matt Kobe, Bulls & Jason Sondag, Cubs Strategy & Analytics Leaders Chicago Bulls & Chicago Cubs

The Importance of Data Literacy

With the volume and velocity of data available in the world today, data is becoming the foundation for the new analytics economy.  Unfortunately, as data has grown at incredible speeds, there has followed a real and growing data literacy skills gap.  The inability to read, work with, analyze and argue with data can lead to major issues within organizations.  This session will focus on what exactly data literacy is and why it is a critical skill for organizations to be successful.

Michael Distler Director of Product Marketing Qlik

Networking Coffee Break

Driving Healthy Behavior through Loyalty

Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices® program launched in 2014 as means to reward our customers for the healthy choices they make every day.    Four years later, 2.1M  health devices have been connected and have nearly 700,000 customers actively earning Balance Rewards points for walking, logging their blood glucose, weight, blood pressure or other healthy activities.   More importantly, through data analysis Walgreens has demonstrated that these customers actually improved their health through increased adherence to medications, weight loss and higher rates of vaccination.

Todd Schmeling Manager, Health Innovation Walgreens

Context Behind the Numbers

Randy Jenovai Director, Business Analytics Sears Holdings


How Analytics Are Changing Media & Broadcasting Industry

In a world of digital and on-demand content, media and broadcasting companies are facing major hurdles due to the changing business models.  In this presentation, Jun Zou will look into the way Tribune Media works to gain near real-time visibility into ad inventory, revenue pacing, and market share analysis, through leveraging data from multiple sources for both operational intelligence with deeper insights into sales and profits trends as well as increasing data transparency for better self-service BI. He will also illustrate how to gain visibility and support from C-suite and critical business stakeholders for BI & Data Analytics initiatives and building a strong data analytics culture inside the organization.

Jun Zou Vice President - IT Application Engineering & Business Intelligence Tribune

Managing Analytics for Customer Value Creation

Benjamin Maxwell Global Head of Retail Business Banking Analytics & CRM HSBC

Networking Coffee Break

Prevent Fraudsters from Scaling up their Attacks

In e-commerce, the lag time between the first fraudulent application of a new modus operandi (MO) and the first confirmed negative outcome can extend into weeks or even months.  This allows professional fraud rings to aggressively target the e-commerce provider when they are most blind to this attack.  I am going to discuss how Enova, a leader in the field of using analytics to drive our online lending businesses, is utilizing advanced analytical models to identify new fraud trends earlier in the transaction lifecycle and prevent fraudsters from scaling up their attacks.

Michael Failor Head of Advanced Analytics Enova International

Repurposing and Reshaping Organizations for Data Driven Decision Making

Inevitably every business function and every level in traditional organizations needs an overhaul when it comes to promoting data driven decision making. This transformation often is over simplified and is limited to introducing new data scientists/ machine learning expert roles in an isolated function. However, the underlying life blood of the organization including its value proposition, people, processes, data and technology will have to be reshaped to support new insights driven business strategies in enhancing customer satisfaction, marketing effectiveness and bottom line growth. From cultivating right performance metrics to maintaining agile operations, the journey towards successful transformation is beyond simply running a business analytics function. 

Shilpa Yelamaneni Director, Business Insights and Analytics Eby-Brown

The Future of Business Strategy, Analytics and Employee Empowerment

David Dalka Founder and Managing Director Fearless Revival

Networking Cocktail Reception

Day 2

Arrival & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Utilizing Analytics to Effectively Attract, Retain, & Manage Talent in Today's Modern Workplace

Andy Styx Senior Manager, Analytics & Operations Verizon

Rocket Fuel for your Analytic Apps

Tom Edwards SVP Technology Lead Markets Nielsen

Networking Coffee Break

Leveraging Communications Data to Improve Business Results

Communications data provides an opportunity to assess how a company presents itself external and internal directly affects business results.  There is an overwhelming amount tools and metrics to measure an organizations communications which can make knowing where to start confusing. This presentation will go through the basics of communications data and demonstrate its value through real life examples.   The case studies will examine how a company can leverage its communications output to increase patients to a hospital, drive leads for its newest car model, and impact its stock price.

Orin Puniello Research Director - Predictive Analytics Ketchum

Connecting Marketing Analytics with Marketing Audiences

Benny Tjahjono Director, Balance Sheet Quantitative Analysis Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

Analytic Blueprint: The Keys to Succeeding with BI and Analytics

Satya Yenugula Senior Director of Business Intelligence & Data Management Enlivant

Media Mix Drivers Connecting to Consumer Sentiments: A Consumer Centricity Mindset

Preeti Jha Director of Marketing Analytics Vein Clinics of America