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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Brian Kalish FP&A Consultant Kalish Consultancy

Intro: Own Your Close

Chase Woodson Account Executive FloQast

Smart IT Savings & Customer Service Efficiencies

Technology illustrates rapid pace advancement with corresponding costs and security vulnerabilities.Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats because of unnecessarily complex and unstandardized infrastructures that have grown over time. The decentralized and fragmented nature of organically growing internal IT organizations can lead to poor performance and extra work/delays and cost.Practically every technology choice we make affects the security of all of us.Fewer standards = more secure; proliferation of technology = less secureImmature practices limiting information sharing and complex network architecture allows vulnerability. Limited project monitoring and no standardized risk assessment makes it difficult to prioritize investment and can lead to large failed projects.

Jeanette Wade Chief Financial Officer Executive Office of Technology Services & Security

The Changing Landscape of Finance

Ian Charles, CFO of Host Analytics, will walk through the priorities that CFO and CIOs are facing today and how to enable a connected and collaborative organization through the use of technology to achieve those priorities.

Ian Charles CFO Host Analytics

It's All About Derivatives

This session will explore the use of derivatives by corporate treasury functions.  It will include discussions on when derivatives may be required to manage financial risks as well as case studies on when utilizing derivatives may be optional, however, may provide various economic benefits and may enhance a corporate treasury’s ability to be a strategic finance partner within the business.

Charlie Herche Director, Treasury Capital Markets Expedia

Networking Coffee Break

How CPM 2.0 Applications Enable True Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation has been the mantra for CFOs and financial executives for many years.  But are we really achieving making progress in moving from backwards to forward-looking?  Improvements to ERP, CRM and HCM systems have helped many organizations improve their transactional processes.  However, many are hindered in gaining efficiencies in their financial reporting, planning and analytic  processes due to reliance on legacy corporate performance management (CPM) applications. CPM 2.0 applications are designed to address the same business problems as CPM 1.0, but with an architectural approach that addresses many of the pitfalls of CPM 1.0 solutions – enabling true Finance Transformation.  Learn how CPM 2.0 applications enable Finance teams to shift more time to value-added analysis, partnering with lines of business, and improving alignment and decision-making across the enterprise. 

John O'Rourke VP Product Marketing OneStream Software

Digital Transformation and the Role of the CFO

Digital transformation is the most profound dynamic affecting businesses and organizations today. It is the catalyst that creates new products, enhances current products, introduces new services, and often creates new ways to do business. The role of the CFO, as a partner in this journey, is critical in order to succeed during this transformation.

Erik Reichman Senior Vice President, Dell Financial Services DELL EMC

Transforming Our Business to Navigate Fast-Changing Consumer & Technological Trends

Well-established consumer product companies are challenged by small firms, which are entering the industry with innovative products and services that are in tune with new emerging trends. What is different now from just 5 years ago? Why are small companies driving growth in the consumer products industry? How have technological advances changed the game in the industry? How a new vibrant Health & Wellness culture is leaving mainstream offers behind? What should companies do differently to operate in this new business environment and achieve higher growth rates?  These are some of the questions that Hershey and other industry leaders have assessed in recent years.  This presentation analyzes the current business environment and provides an example of Hershey’s approach to transforming the business to navigate fast-changing consumer and technological trends. 

Ted Delgado Director, North America Controller The Hershey Company

Lunch Workshop: 5 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask the Controller

Click here for detailed workshop agenda.Click here to learn more about Rich Reimer.

Rich Reimer VP Strategic Marketing Sage Intacct


From Today to Tomorrow: Planning for the New ASC606 Revenue Recognition Standards

Workshop Panelists:Ruth Bowman - Director of Revenue, Zone & Company
Matt Svetich - Director, Effectus GroupOwen Karlsson - VP Professional Services, Zone & CompanyMichael Manix - Revenue Controller/Assistant Treasuruer, SmartBear Software

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion on the upcoming new ASC606 Revenue Recognition mandates and how they will impact you.  Zone & Company, a NetSuite Solution Provider, will host a discussion of diverse panelists on their experience of bringing public and private companies through an ASC606 implementation. Topics to include deciding between a full or modified approach, securing internal buy-in as well as understanding resource requirements, and how these changes will impact the way you sell; from contracts and commissions to billing and rev rec.  Q&A to follow

Panelists Brand Executives Zone & Company Software Consulting

Cloud EMP

Join us for an interactive demo that will highlight the key capabilities of Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform.

Pamela Theriault Senior Solution Consultant Host Analytics

The Importance of HR & Finance

Joined by: Paige Esser, MD of HR & Talent AcquisitionMuch has been written about the importance of the relationship between Finance and IT, and the dynamics of the relationship between the CFO and CIO. However, much less column space seems to be given over to the important relationship between Finance and HR. So much of a CFO’s time and effort can be taken up addressing critical issues regarding talent management strategies, team performance, morale and motivation. Doing this without a true business partner from HR, who understands the business, the roles that Finance plays and the people who fill them, would be even more overwhelming. Come learn more about how HR can make a critical difference to your success as a CFO.

Jon Kanter Chief Financial Officer Goodwin Procter LLP
Paige Esser Managing Director, HR & Talent Acquisition Goodwin Procter LLP

Driverless Cars, AI, and FP&A

You are in a board meeting and the CEO wants to see the impact of a budget increase on the annual forecast.  How quickly can you make the calculation and produce the new result?We are a society that loves and embraces new technology in our personal lives, and yet in the business world, we accept a less than stellar experience as the status quo.  It’s completely normal to verbally ask your phone to tell you the weather but at work, we are still chained to a chair over a keyboard and mouse, why?Alok believes a revolt is coming in the world of business technology.  It’s not about what we are doing now and making it a little better; it’s about making transformational leaps forward to change the fundamental way that we work.Join Alok as he details how he sees the future changes in the finance world and offer advice how the Office of Finance can prepare for the next evolution in FP&A.

Alok Ajmera COO Prophix

Networking Coffee Break

Panel: Lease Accounting Standards

Moderator:Dillon Blake, Sr. Product Manager, PowerplanPanelists:Jeff Chronister, Controller, TECO EnergyAndy Miller, ConsultantDanielle Valkner, Partner, PwCWhat unexpected challenges have you overlooked?Organizations everywhere are in the midst of preparing for the new lease accounting standards. There has been a lot of training on the basics of the standards and many organizations have teams in place to manage the transition. But with so many moving parts, what are they missing?Attendees will:·Hear from industry experts about unexpected challenges with lease compliance·Gain insight on how the lease standards will impact the tax group·Learn how other organizations addressed lease complexities in their adoption plan

Panelists Brand Executive PowerPlan

Bridging the 3 C’s – Cash Management, Compliance & Cost Control with Technology

CFOs and finance executives have evolved from being tactical
leaders, focused on accounting and risk management to proactive drivers of
business strategies. However, most C-level executives fail to leverage accounts
receivable to drive working capital and positively impact the balance sheet.

John Pustell, VP Controller, Aquent, shares insights on how
technology could help finance leaders improve cash management and compliance of
transactions and reduce bad-debt losses with better focus on strategic,
bottom-line impacting A/R processes. Learn how Aquent, in the absence of bank
support, transformed its cash processing operations with Artificial
Intelligence to achieve the following

Faster cash processing and reduced exposure to
the risk of human error or malicious intent by doing away with spreadsheets and
automating payments processing

2X business growth without a proportional
increase in operating expenses

Navigate the rough waters of stakeholder
alignment and functional team buy-in for technology upgradation projects to maximize
process efficiency while minimizing the process cost

Standardization and simplification of cash
application in the complex landscape of Self Billers and Managed Service
Providers (MSPs)

John Pustell VP & Controller Aquent LLC

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Brian Kalish FP&A Consultant Kalish Consultancy

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Brian Kalish FP&A Consultant Kalish Consultancy

Intro: Forecasting in the Age of AI

Concentric is transforming the way companies forecast and make decisions.  Our software, Concentric Market® makes it possible to accurately forecast the outcome of strategic decision before you commit capital to them. Concentric Market® integrates your existing data in order to simulate your market.  By using our planning software, you can scenario-plan the impact of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s results.  Leading companies like Microsoft, Whirlpool, Toyota and Scripps are using Concentric Market® to drive business growth, reduce risk, lower costs and optimize investments.

Greg Silverman CEO & Founder Concentric

Evolving Role of the CFO

Participate in this
thought provoking session for a dialog on:

Role.  A traditional CFO, and how is it different from the modern day CFO?

Why has the CFO’s role changed over time?

Key Skills: What
are the three key skills every modern-day CFO should possess, and why?

What particular challenges do you face as a finance leader?

Culture. Views on
company culture? How do you bring the accounting & finance team together?

Lessons. What are
the most important learnings about being a finance leader?

Tips. Tips for the
next generation of CFO’s / aspiring finance leaders.

… and walk away
with a practical self-assessment checklist to guide your journey towards being
a higher performing and evolved finance leader!

Sas Mukherjee CFO, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer York Risk Services Group

Embedding Predictive Analytics Into Business Processes to Drive Operational Value

While Predictive Analytics adoption has grown steadily for several years, the overall CAGR has fallen short of lofty estimates. Most organizations acknowledge the need to leverage Predictive Analytics for improved decision-making, and businesses have made significant investments; so why has the industry not exploded? Join us to learn how QueBIT has delivered massive ROI for our clients through a unique approach to implementing Advanced Analytics solutions in areas such as Demand Planning and Price Optimization. This approach ensures organizational goals are achieved and adoption is strong.

Gary Quirke CEO & Principal QueBIT

Leading Positive Change

Jim Waddell will discuss key frameworks, tools
& techniques as well as a number of examples bringing to life the effect of
leading positive change at Bose. 

Jim Waddell Corporate Controller Bose Corporation

Integrated Revenue Planning

Accurate and dynamic revenue planning is a real challenge for many companies, particularly in industries with recurring revenue models and complex recognition rules.  Chris Pinto will share best practices around collaboration, finance processes and integrated systems that can lead to improved revenue planning.

Chris Pinto VP Consulting Carlson Management Consulting

Networking Coffee Break

Mission: Possible

Joined by: Sandra Miller, Sr. Travel Consultant, Travel Leaders

Louise Lascik President Travel Leaders
Sandra Miller Senior Travel & Expense Consultant Travel Leaders

An Uncommon Conversion

While the 1990s and early 2000s saw a wave of mutual insurance
company conversions, the trend was primarily towards demutualization.  Converting from a stock company to a mutual
company is rare.  In fact, only two such
conversions had occurred in the first 16 years of this century.  SBLI of Massachusetts completed the third
such conversion on July 26, 2017.  In
this presentation, John will discuss the background, requirements and results
of the conversion.  He will discuss the
primary reasons for the conversion (preservation of future capital,
clarification of corporate structure) as well as unforeseen pitfalls (tax
impacts, last minute lawsuits).

John Brabazon SVP, CFO & Treasurer SBLI of Massachusetts

The Risk & Opportunity of Spreadsheets

Do the risks facing your organization keep you up at night? They should, especially if you are heavily relying on spreadsheets to get the job of accounting done. It is important to recognize that your organization is consistently exposed to the risk of human error, or worse, malicious intent. Change is constant, and the stakes are high, and if you are still using spreadsheets to complete the bulk of your accounting work you are at risk of embarrassment, fraud, and misstatement. For a better night’s sleep, attend this session to see how technology can improve control and reduce risks for your company.

Susan Parcells Director, Finance Transformation BlackLine

The Modern CFO: Information to Insights

The role of CFOs and finance departments has evolved from focusing
primarily on bookkeeping and compliance to proactively delivering valuable
insights that drive successful business strategies. Delivering value requires real-time
access to information and more efficient use of resources. It requires a modernized
office of the CFO that takes advantage of technology to automate and optimize compliance
workflows, so there is more time for in-depth analysis. Employs AI and
predictive analytics to quickly make accurate sense of more data across more systems.
And, efficiently maintains compliance with changing legislative and regulatory
requirements, financial & privacy standards, and industry mandates.   

Eric Bartholomae EVP & CFO Wolters Kluwer


The CFO - A Creative Disrupter

The business world is changing at a fast pace. Every single day, you have two or three competing priorities. The CFO has to be able to find "calm" in a volatile environment by balancing an extraordinary number of inputs, including people, policies, business plans and define a clear path to executable business plans and resource allocation. The CFO should be able to "see" around the corners, monitor industry inflection points; be alert for any "Black Swan" (Unexpected events). Joe Falcao will share lessons and anecdotes of his failures and success. He will focus on the broader role of the CFO and the person of the CFO. 

Joseph Falcao Chief Financial Officer JSI Store Fixtures

The Evolution of A Community Bank CFO

The topic will address how the role of a community bank CFO has evolved from a care taker role in a regulated industry to a role that will encompass all aspects of the business. As the industry deregulated in the 80s and a series of bank failures followed, the CFO became a much more important member of management with increasing responsibilities and duties.
This will also touch on how the community bank industry has changed, not only in products and services but also the technological impact.

Michael Tallo Chief Financial Officer First Commons Bank

Networking Coffee Break

Panel: Digital Creativity & Innovation

Moderator: Brian KalishPanelists:
Jonathan Medeiros, Director of Finance & Operations, Ovia Health
Eileen Li, Controller, La Perla
Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store FixturesAs finance/"bookkeeping" folks, what can be done to integrate creativity & innovation in your role. This panel will explore the following questions:
​What software has improved efficiencies in the finance department?
​How do you balance the most “cool” technology gadgets within budget constraints? 
​What are some interesting or creative technology solutions out in the market that can solve pain points for early stage companies?
​Finance is the custodian of the data integrity. How to you ensure the “single source of truth? 
​How can manual processes and lack of the right technology hold back your finance function as the company grows in revenue, headcount, and transactions? 
​When is innovation detrimental? 
​For early stage, rapidly growing companies, what types of systems or tools should heads of finance consider to allow their company to scale effectively? 
​How do you monitor the technology apps with user adaption and data integrity? 
​What effect has social media had on the finance team?
​Policy on cyber-security risks?

Industry Leaders Panelists Innovation Enterprise


Reengineering is an on-going continual process. The
business environment is constantly changing, and organizations must continually
change to adapt to this environment. Therefore, reengineering does not stop,
and organizations must monitor their processes on an on-going basis to meet the
challenges of the competitive landscape.

Reengineering must identify the process, what are the
available resources available, the impact upon the current process and the
benefits to be derived both tangible and intangible. This presentation will
examine the process involved in reengineering and offer a capsule view of
implementing an on-going reengineering process.

Joe Fillo Controller Mahoney's Garden Centers

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Brian Kalish FP&A Consultant Kalish Consultancy

End of Summit