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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

CFO: Poacher or Gamekeeper

To quote the Oxford English Dictionary "someone whose occupation or behaviour is the opposite of what it previously was, such as a burglar who now advises on home security"Neil explores how the role of the CFO is evolving, and where they now fit within the organisation.

Neil Morling Chief Financial Officer Olswang

The Digital CFO: Does Technology Play a Role?

Alice Allegrini leads the PREVERO UK operation. She has over 20 years’ experience with software solutions for the Office of Finance working in for both advisory and software companies. Prior to PREVERO, Alice was Head of Sales and Marketing for Tagetik UK, Account Manager at SAP Italy and Project Leader at BGP Management Consulting with specialisation in designing management account models and cash flow planning models deployed onto CPM and ERP solutions. In 1996 Alice graduated with honours in Business Administration at Luigi Bocconi University in Milan.

Morning Break

Driving the Right KPIs

At Thames Water, Richard has created a new suite of operational reporting, to analyse company performance more thoroughly, and determine key factors for success. In his presentation, Richard walks us through some of the performance dashboard he created, and how these can be implemented at your company to improve reporting.

Richard Hoult Chief Financial Officer Thames Water

Strategically Supporting Your Global Growth

Vistra will moderate a panel of expert practioners discussing their experiences in taking companies global. 

Whether you are taking your first steps internationally or managing many entities across the world, come and hear the latest thinking on formation structure, international HR approaches, outsourcing accounting and operational services and more. 

Attend and get your questions answered

Benjamin Fielding Deputy MD - International Expansion Vistra
Chris Price Commercial Director Vistra
Kenneth Morgan Director CEE Vistra
David McHenry Head of Global Treasury and Payments Advisory Silicon Valley Bank
James Candon EMEA Legal Counsel Fleetcor


The Modern CFO

In her presentation, Carolyn will discuss how the role of the CFO is evolving, and how to prepare for the new challenges you face.

Carolyn Rawlings Chief Financial Officer BP

Why Driver Based Planning Matters for Modern FP&A

Driver-based planning is an essential part of the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) armoury, enabling organisations – ranging from the smallest non-profit to a multinational – to become quicker, more dynamic and agile in their planning and in responding to internal and external changes in the business environment.

Ultimately DBP is an essential part of modern FP&A and should be an integrated process across the organisation. Strategic, Business and Operational plans should be driven by the same key drivers that are implemented through the model and flexible system. It is then the responsibility of FP&A for managing and analysing  those drivers.

Larysa Melnychuk Managing Director FP&A Trends

Driving EMEA Growth

Mustafa managed the growth of Domino's in Russia from 13 stores to 100. They're expected to reach 120 by the time of this Summit and are showing no real signs of slowing down.Join him as we walk through the challenges presented, and how Mustafa was responsible for driving this growth.

Afternoon Break

CFO as a Business Driver for the Organisation

There are three CFO profiles on the market: CFO with an accounting mindset, CFO as a controller and CFO as a business driver. The CFO is probably the most exposed position to the business, knowing all the details from all areas. This combined with a series of techniques can make him a powerful business driver to company growth.

1. Unpacking business model - a project that identifies savings in the organisation and generates new ideas;

2. Business analysis team - all marketing projects and campaigns are financially assessed through the business analysis team;

3. Business model generation - a creativity workshop that encourages new business opportunities and growth. Involving the right people into these actions can drive to amazing results and make from CFO position, a role who’s driving the numbers into the organisation.

Finance as a Business Partner

CFO, specialised in mergers & acquisitions, real estate, finance strategy, investment analysis, bank, rating agency and investor relations. 25-year experience in services, particularly hospitality, tourism, leisure.

Marc Vieilledent CFO easyHotel

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

From Corporate to Startup

Connie's experience has taken her from huge corporations to expanding a European startup. She shares how this journey has affected her leadership style, and the skills she's needed to learn to flit between the two.

Connie Kang Head of European Finance Opple Lighting

The Customer Focused CFO

As the finance function becomes more forward facing, the CFO needs to adapt to the changes and new requirements in the business. it is up to the CFO to engage more proactive into many new roles. Understanding the business and its customer is key to succeed in many of these roles.

Søren Wulff CFO Sticks 'n' Sushi

Morning Break

Panel: Finance, Strategic or Operational?

As the role of the CFO evolves, it’s important to remember where they came from. This panel covers the traditional roles and career paths of the CFO, as well as modern views. Five industry experts discuss qualifications, experience, environment and opportunities, that led them to their role, and that will lead future CFOs to theirs

IE Finance Open Discussion IE Finance

The Finance Ladder

Iris' extensive finance experience is what prepared her to create her own company, as the CEO and CFO of Solely Original. Her knowledge of financial strategies helped her beat the 5-year slump many startups fall into, and has allowed her to expand and build a successful company in the fashion industry.

Iris Anson CEO/CFO Solely Original

Goodbye Lunch