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Day 1

Registration & Networking Breakfast - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Chairperson Overview

Roy Goh Director, Service Delivery/ Mgt (Analytics) MSD

Enabling RE Digital Revolution with Property Mastering, Data Governance and Quality

With the changing face of Commercial Real Estate, JLL is on the forefront of embracing the digital revolution and new ways of working. In keeping with our goal of becoming the clear digital leader in real estate services, we are positioning ourselves to lead this transformation for the industry.
Technology, Apps and Data applications are already part of our working. Many of these applications were designed to support functional requirements for a specific line of business. They have little or no integration with other line of business applications. This approach, while helping the ongoing operations in a silo, limits our analytic capability and frustrates our attempts at organizational oversight.
In this session I will share our experience of tackling the challenges of siloed, duplicate and isolated data, setting up a process and Data Mastering framework around it and bringing it into the Data Governance program. My presentation would take you through the key milestones of this journey, practical solutions to get to the ‘Single Source of Truth’ in an Account-based environment and putting a measure to it all using the Data Quality program.

Richa Arora Data Management Lead Jones Lang LaSalle

The Age of Data Automation

If your data project is worth starting – it is worth finishing as fast as possible. This session will detail how brand-name firms around the world are using data automation software to dramatically improve their time-to-delivery and responsiveness to business users while saving their firms millions and delivering 100%+ return-on-investment in weeks/months rather than years or never.

Mark Otten Chief Operating Officer WhereScape

The Art of Implementing Analytics

Professor Ng will share lessons of implementing analytics through case studies.

Reuben Ng Assistant Professor Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Networking Coffee Break - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Case Study: Jabil's Data & Analytics Journey

May will share details on Jabil data analytics journey and actions taken to date. 

May Yap Chief Information Officer Jabil

The Chief Data Officer Playbook

Chief Data Officer (CDO) is a new and rapidly expanding role and many organisations are finding that it is an uncomfortable fit into the existing C-Suite. Referencing to The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook written by Peter Jackson and Caroline Carruthers, the session offers a compelling guide to anyone looking to understand the current (and possible future) CDO landscape, expectations in the first 100 days and the secret ingredients of a successful CDO and its place in the C-Suite.

Celine Siow Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan Alteryx

Networking Lunch Buffet - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Innovating Data Science Solutions to Drive Competitive Advantages

"Over the past years, investments in insurtech startups have grown by leaps and bounds. Complex regulations, large capital reserves are no longer sufficient to keep the attackers at the gate. In this presentation, we will look at how Allianz Asia Lab innovates data science solutions across insurance value-chain from operations, to sales and distribution and customer management to drive a customer centric shift and competitive advantage."

Wan Ting Poh Managing Director Girls in Tech Singapore

Rethinking DLP around Classification & Right Management

Information must remain mobile and people need access it from anywhere. To compete in today’s digital world, you must share sensitive information outside your organization. You also need to share data with external users while it remains protected and simple to access.
Learn how to integrate manual and automated classification, protection of information to control access and usage even when it leaves your perimeter and Data Leakage Prevention strategy.
Here is a holistic approach of data protection, where the information is protected and instrumented even outside your environment on unmanaged systems, accessed over unsanctioned networks and used by external users.

Mathieu Lahierre Principal Data Protection BHP

Networking Coffee Break - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Our Journey: Insight to Foresight & Automation to AI

Future-ready organizations are seeking to increase business value of decision sciences, turning insight into foresight. In addition, the advert of large computation capabilities and advanced AI algorithms have created opportunities to deploy intelligent agents to augment humans in repetitive tasks. The speaker will share his organization’s journey, the challenges and mitigation strategies behind the success stories.

Roy Goh Director, Service Delivery/ Mgt (Analytics) MSD

Panel Discussion: Integrating Old Legacy Technology with the Next Generation

Session topics include, but are not limited to:
- What is next in regards to digital transformation?
- What are the benefits of merging legacy technologies with modern technologies?
- Challenges & best practices
- How critical will security play into the balance between the new technology advancements and the old?
- How do we create balance between choosing the dependability of mature technologies vs the advantages the newer technologies provide

Clara Lee VP, IT, APAC Johnson Controls
Keith Carter Visiting Senior Fellow National University of Singapore
Roberto Ramirez Pinson Global Lead, Global Data Strategy & Regulatory Risk Reporting Citibank
Azhagarasan Annadorai Head of Business Analytics Sompo Insurance

Networking Coffee Break - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Day 2

Networking Breakfast - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Chairperson Overview

John Berns Chief Data Officer Central Group

Data Governance Journey in Sompo Insurance Singapore

Sompo Insurance Singapore is a member of SOMPO HOLDINGS, a trusted and established insurance and risk solutions provider in Japan for over a century. Today, SOMPO HOLDINGS serves its customers in more than 30 countries and regions. Sompo Insurance Singapore is serving customers in Singapore since 1989 with 20+ major class of general insurance products to companies and individuals. The company started its data governance journey in 2016 to lay the foundation for data driven business strategies. We made significant progress in our journey so far and willing to share our success/ failure stories in this consortium for the benefit of fellow colleagues.

Azhagarasan Annadorai Head of Business Analytics Sompo Insurance

Transforming Traditional Banking through Business Transformation and Data Strategy

Since the big credit crisis, the banking industry has been going through tremendous pressures from the regulatory environment to strengthen controls and align its operations to a clear regulatory framework. As such, banking institutions like Citi have leveraged this requirement to transform its operations by automating its core processes and reduce operating expenses. However, given that data has also been playing a major role, it is only fair to say that there is no true automation of processes and automation without putting a successful and well thought out data strategy in place.

Roberto Ramirez Pinson Global Lead, Global Data Strategy & Regulatory Risk Reporting Citibank

Marketing Effectiveness Measurement – Retail and FMCG Focus

The presentation will address the challenges faced in the analysis of marketing mix models.

Ashish Porwal Analytics lead, SEA GSK

Networking Coffee Break - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Unlock the Potential of Data & A.I. to Grow Your Business

Abstract coming soon...

John Berns Chief Data Officer Central Group

Securing Company Data in the Age of Mobile Messaging

While modern mobile messaging applications increases efficiency and productivity in organizations, the lack of control and oversight within these applications puts organizations at risk of breaching data security and protection laws of countries.

According to a 451 Research in 2017, Chief Data Officers rank managing the risk inherent in the business use of mobile messaging applications and social networks after securing corporate and customer data and managing data growth as one of their top priorities.

We will present what Chief Data Officer should look for in sourcing a solution to secure their corporate data in enabling mobile messaging for employees.

Chee Leng Loy Regional Vice President, APME NetSfere

Big Data Security and Visualization

Big Data enables us to save cost, process information faster and enables us to make data driven decisions real time and conceivable in seconds. How are we rethinking big data security? Does the CDO vertical educate its employees how to safeguard with its own employees? How to drive a data driven culture and improve analytics maturity of a company using intuitive visual storytelling. Can a complex organization help transform to using big data using visual analytics without compromising with Security? By Merging three verticals, the speaker will touch base on the synergies between Big Data, Visual Analytics and Cyber Data Security

Networking Lunch Buffet - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3

Creating a Data Driven Culture - Wego’s Journey

With recent advancements in technology it has become feasible to obtain data of much greater quantity and quality. In order to be able to make the most out of this data, the data cannot remain solely in the hands of data teams, but has to be made accessible to anyone making decisions, from commercial and marketing to engineering teams. There were challenges we faced in getting everyone on board, but after lots of ups and downs it is now easy and routine for anyone at Wego, regardless of role and technical background, to make well informed decisions using data.

Aaron Teoh Manager, Data Science & Analytics Wego

Startup Showcase: Banking the Underbanked: A Data Journey

Traditionally companies have relied on conventional financial data to understand consumers and SME's for lending purposes. New age lending is all about understanding your users better using unconventional data sources. Fintech companies like Funding Societies are revolutionizing this space by looking at alternative data sources and effectively using them to make lending decisions. This enables individuals and SMEs which do not fit in traditional credit scores and scorecards to be evaluated and financed.

Ishan Agrawal VP, Engineering Funding Societies

Networking coffee break

Startup Showcase: Creating an AI-driven Company - Developing and Implementing AI Products and Models at Organizational Level

This talk will demonstrate how we at AnyPay, payment services company in Japan, utilize AI by introducing effective/collaborative data science research method and productionizing AI into operation flows and systems across different departments and teams. The talk will also include pitfalls that we have experienced and how we overcame. Audience will be able to achieve the practical knowledge on data science process lifecycle.

Kimitaka Nakazawa Chief Data Officer Anypay

Startup Showcase: Visual Search and Recognition at ViSenze

As a leading visual search and recognition technology provider, ViSenze has indexed more than several hundred million of images and support millions of image search query every day. We'll discuss various aspects of how we conduct deep learning based computer vision R&D, model training, data analytics and product design. We will also talk about how we use our internal deep learning training platform, to manage the end to end training workflow and improve the R&D iteration.

Guangda Li CTO & Co-founder ViSenze

Automating ETL Pipelines and Lineage Capturing with Sparkola

Sparkola is a self service compute engine developed at DBS Bank for designing, testing, validating and deploying ETL pipelines with Spark. The tool is best suited for the business analyst, SQL developer and quality analyst. Sparkola facilitates the transition from legacy systems such as Oracle Exadata, Teradata or Informatica by enabling users to: - migrating and testing existing legacy SQL code on Spark - defining new processing rules either via SQL, Source-to-Target mapping or its data-wrangling interface - automatically capturing all data lineage information in order to satisfy regulatory requirements - automating and integrating data validation processes with CI/CD tools - packaging and deploying ETL pipelines DBS is currently using Sparkola to maximize the productivity of Business Analysts and ETL developers during the migration from legacy systems to Spark and enabling business users to define and deploy new data transformations. In this talk we will discuss about the complexities and the requirements faced while migrating from legacy systems and show how Sparkola was able to help. Particular attention will be given to the automated data lineage capturing of Sparkola, which allowed us to comply with all the stringent regulatory requirements, without any development effort.

Matteo Pelati SVP, Head of Big Data Engineering DBS Bank
Chandras Sekhar Saripaka VP Big Data Engineering DBS Bank

Departure Coffee - Concourse 1 & 2 & 3