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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

In search of customer truths - using multiple sources of information to build powerful and actionable insights

In today’s world it is possible to collect huge amounts of data on one’s customers yet have little insights into how to improve their experience and sell more. Creating a system that taps various types of data efficiently and effectively, linking qualitative, quantitative insights with behaviours and value drivers has been crucial in building consumers at the centre of decision making at Barclaycard. It foundations are strategic market segmentation underpinning product line strategy, advocacy and brand tracking programmes, customer insights community allowing us to collect feedback to all questions – big and small as well as ability to link the survey responses to actual behaviours of customers and of ours! 

Maciej Partyka Global Head of Customer Insights Barclaycard

The Opportunities to improve data governance

Evolution of the Euronext Data Strategy

Abderrahmane Belarfaoui Chief Data Officer Euronext

How to become a large-scale data innovator: from aggregator to orchestrator

Today, almost all companies in a wide range of industries call themselves data driven. After all, not being data driven in this day and age is hardly an option - those that don’t embrace it are edged out. While they do likely use data at some level to drive decisions, how many of these organizations are practicing data science at scale and have a data culture throughout? Or are regularly deploying data projects into production for business-impacting results? The number of companies at this level is much smaller.Jennifer Roubaud, UK VP here at Dataiku, will speak about what it takes to become a large-scale data innovator. She will focus on the criteria required to build a data culture, pitfalls to avoid on the path to data team scalability, and real-life use cases on successful deployment of data projects at scale.

Jennifer Roubaud UK & Ireland VP Dataiku

Morning Coffee Break

Keeping the UK at the forefront of the Data Revolution

The UK has a fantastic opportunity to be a world-leader in the development, adoption and exploitation of advanced Big Data, data analytics, machine learning and AI technologies. The good news is the UK is making steady progress but we are only at the beginning of the evolution of the UK’s data driven future. If the UK is to achieve the full economic and social opportunities data driven technologies has to offer there remain challenges that must be overcome. This presentation will explore the current data landscape in the UK and discuss possible future challenges to the UK’s data driven future must be overcome.

Sue Daley Head of Big Data & Mobile Services techUK

The Top & Bottom Line Impact of Data

Data is a basic ingredient to quality information, decision making and business insight. This engaging presentation sets the tone of the conference by presenting  strategy at the heart of a company’s foundation followed by a unique methodology to assess Data Quality in tangible Revenue and Cost terms. With Data as the ‘New Business Imperative’, Anwar presents
• A typical Corporate Data Governance program framework and methodology
that is embedded into the core of a company’s foundation based upon its top priorities
• The incorporation of a tangible business case, Data Privacy Framework, Data Quality controls etc into the above
• Arming HR to make sure core Data responsibilities are included in key roles
• A unique insight into the the Business Case for Data

Anwar Mirza Global Head of Data Governance TNT

Data-Driven Innovation

Data-Driven Innovation

Charlie Boundy Head of Data Science Department for Work & Pensions


The Ally Within

The important role that technology plays in transforming organisation’s analytical capabilities is frequently considered and discussed, with myriad innovations and breakthroughs fighting for attention. Perhaps not surprising, considering the appeal and acclaim surrounding novel developments, and the value such disruption can create in organisations. However, does this risk drawing attention away from the largest challenge facing data transformation efforts in companies? This presentation considers the practical obstacles to delivering tangible impact through analytics, and considers an alternative approach to focusing organisations’ efforts.

Ryan den Rooijen Head of Data Dyson

The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook

The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook

Connecting Audience Understanding to Brand Outcome

In today’s modern marketing era, traditional research needs to change. Existing sources of insights are unconnected & static leading to multiple versions of the truth and a picture of what the world looked like last month or last quarter. A lack of visibility or inconstant measurement is detrimental for marketers today. There is more data available to clients than ever before. Brands are looking for clarity in navigating data; what do they need to know? What’s worth knowing? Having the ability to connect the most up to date data and distill into meaningful insights to drive action on a regular basis in a streamlined and easy to digest way is key to making media & marketing accountable for business & brand growth. [For client X] we built an end to end solution to provide clients with a single source connected data solution from insights to planning to measurement. We did this to ensure our brands & agencies are equipped with the knowledge & insights required to create data driven strategic plans that are both consumer centric and are outcome driven.

Tini Sevak Global Director of the Data Application YouGov

Afternoon Coffee Break

Utilising people and process to achieve a quality culture

Understanding the importance and the essential need for a quality culture is key to an organisations success in establishing data governance. However it is not something that can be developed with just technology. It is a recipe of shifting the way people think across the organisation, redefining processes and the acquiring the technology to implement the changes. Success requires people, process and technology, but technology may the most easy of the three to implement. “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” - achieving a quality culture starts with people and process.

Natalie Jakomis Head of Data Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Data Transformation: Strategy, Operating Model, Roadmap, Benefits, and Risk

Data Transformation: Strategy, Operating Model, Road, Benefits, and Risk

Tim Carmichael Data Transformation Southern Water

The Data Behind our Corporate Strategy

Universities are large and complex organisations that need to balance numerous metrics in order to deliver excellence in teaching and research. Over the last 10 years the University of Exeter has developed and delivered on a number of corporate strategies aimed at making it a world-class organisation but providing the data and intelligence to justify and then measure the success of these strategies is a huge challenge in its own right.  In this presentation, we will outline the steps we have taken to address these challenges and the importance of data visualisation in telling the University of Exeter's story.

Mariano Sanchez-Luppi Associate Director, Business Intelligence University of Exeter

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Creating the Data Led Environment: Tate’s Story so Far

Creating the Data Led Environment: Tate’s Story so Far

Joanne Kachhia Data Services Manager Tate

Turner’s transformation journey: The power of data in the journey from broadcaster to fan-centric content provider.

Turner is re-inventing TV, transforming itself from a traditional and established TV into a content creator and curator engaging with fans across multiple touchpoints along their consumer journey. Pedro Cosa will present how the use of data and analytics is a catalyst for this transformation across the EMEA region. From better understanding of consumers to improved monetisation of platforms, the presentation will illustrate examples of data in action and the challenges and opportunities for a creative organisation when science meets art.

Pedro Cosa VP, Insights & Analytics Turner Broadcasting

How Car Retailers Use Data to Succeed in Today’s Digital Environment

How Car Retailers Use Data to Succeed in Today’s Digital Environment

Nick King Market Research and Insight Director AutoTrader

Morning Coffee Break

Data Science In-House vs Vendor-Based: between golden cut and practitioner's view

The complexity of today's data science operations and scarcity of talent have sparked huge growth in outsourcing opportunities for our sector. Having been in talks with several solution and infrastructure vendors, I'm now in a position to share a few observations, probably stirring up a hornet's nest a little. I'm also keen on discussing your experiences.

Adrian Foltyn Head of Data Science HelloFresh

Building the Data Team

When putting together a data scientist team, managers will put a lot of emphasis on collaboration and an individual's ability to communicate with people that are from different backgrounds. The importance of collaboration is something that's always mentioned in job descriptions, but it's absolutely essential for data scientists and those who like to work alone won't be viewed in a good light compared to those who prefer to work in a collaborative environment. The question remains, with what ethos is a team built?This panel session will discuss how to recruit and build a data science team from the ground up. Come prepared with your questions and challenges- our panel of experts will help you overcome the hurdles you face in your oganization.

Panel Session Industry Experts Big Data Panel Session

First 100 days of CDO... Again

Starting a new job is always 'interesting', starting a new role when you are the first person to do it brings a whole other set of challenges. So what is it like to be the first CDO in an organisation? Carolines presentation is about that challenge, what is life like in the first 100 days, what are the ups and downs you face?

Caroline Carruthers Chief Data Officer Lowell

More presentations to come soon...