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Qmarkets is the leading provider of Idea & Innovation Management software for enterprises from a wide range of business sectors and geographies. Inspired by the philosophy of “The wisdom of the crowds”, we generate value for organizations by allowing them to receive idea submissions from their employees, partners, or customers. This can be used to tackle a huge variety of different business challenges, from innovation, to process improvement, to NPD. Many organizations now try to gain a competitive advantage by spending millions of dollars on acquisitions and mergers, not realizing the incredible value of a resource that is already at their disposal – their employees. We help companies to save time, money, and resources, by allowing them to unleash their inner corporate collective intelligence and transform innovative ideas into measurable results. Our unmatched configuration capabilities allow us to design each system to fulfil the exact visual and technical requirements of each of our customers. This along with our full suite of evaluation tools, and a global network of partners, enables us to maximize the success of every project we work on. In addition to our idea management software we offer a start-up scout product, live innovation workshops, a prediction markets module, and much more.