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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Industry 4.0: Disrupt or be disrupted

The rise of the fourth industrial revolution brings
together disruptive changes to every industry at a pace not seen before. The a
number of digital and physical advanced technologies to form a greater physical
to digital to physical connection is transforming industry by open new
frontiers of strategic growth through a new level of Operational Excellence. A
new wave of approach to Innovation and Transformation in Operational Excellence
that streamlines productivity, enhances safety, increases reliability and reduces
operational risk

Henrik von Scheel Advisory Board Member, EMEA Google

Innovation in Data Science and Analytics: Bridging the gap Between Data Science and Product Development

Generally when one things of innovation, it is easy to picture new cool product ideas in goods and services markets, or new cool apps for customers to use in the software industry. But what does innovation look like in analytics? It can often be hard to convince senior leaders that major platform changes and new types of data structures can help drive innovation. However, data science and analytics are increasingly used to develop new products and features that drive revenue. In this talk, I will demonstrate how innovations in data science impact product development and how to align data science and product development. Specifically, I will use 3 case studies that demonstrate the importance of  organizational culture product developers understanding data science data scientists understanding the products they support Keeping our researchers and scientists as close to the production systems and products as possible

George Tsatsaronis Principal NLP Scientist Elsevier

Align innovation strategy to drive innovation

Leading banking innovation is at the cornerstone of the RBS strategy. By collaborating with tech talent from across the globe, RBS improves customer experience by bringing the latest improvements across its customer journeys

Rob Kerner Head of Innovation, Personal and Business Banking RBS

Morning Coffee Break

Enterprise Digital Transformation: Learning how to innovate like an agile startup

Most enterprises know that transforming into a digital and service-oriented business is critical to staying competitive. However, with institutional inertia, regulatory requirements, and lack of experience and know-how, many initial attempts at developing software-based products end up taking years to deploy, face budget overruns, and often don't meet performance targets. In this talk, Matt Hubert, the co-founder of Bitmatica, a digital consultancy in San Francisco, talks about the techniques that agile startups use today to build innovative software products rapidly, and how these concepts can immediately be applied within a traditional enterprise business to innovate faster than ever thought possible.

Matt Hubert Co-Founder Bitmatica

Retail banking: when customer driven innovation is an imperative

Retail Banking is about to experience what could be the most disruptive change in decades. Established business models could fundamentally change due to Open Banking and PSD2. Financial institutions could find immense opportunities to deliver better customer experience. By applying customer driven innovation principles, banks can shortlist, design and deliver innovation propositions faster and more effectively. Stavros will outline few paradigms of how banks apply these principles when developing API based propositions and how they could set their teams up to succeed in this fast moving environment.

Stavros Apostolou Vice President, Innovation Barclays


Continuous Improvement & Disruptive Innovation.

Continuous Improvement & Disruptive Innovation.

Bal Bansal Associate Director, IT Innovation & Digital Coca-Cola

Success through Transformational Engagement and Execution

In 30 minutes, Sue will share practical tools for the audience to take away and use immediately, tackling many common hurdles that Innovation people face in their organisation. As she shares her stories with these techniques of new ways of approaching Engagement and Execution across functions and regions, and how they’ve led to unprecedented growth in the competitive fmcg industry, the simplicity she brings to successfully overcoming complex issues is powerfu.

Sue Jefferson Former Vice President, Global Innovation McCain Foods

Innovation in Asia

Latitia Kung will be sharing her insight into how Innovation operates in the far, and the difference from the west. All of this will be placed in the context of the huge growth of economies and opportunities in the far east.

Latitia Kung Former, Senior Group Manager, Innovation & eCommerce Chow Tai Fook

Open Innovation using Augmented Reality

95% of all innovations fail each year, and 45% due to a gap between products and their markets. We will share how you can close the gap to your market, and increase your hit rate, by engaging them as early as possible.  Learn how you can use new technology like augmented reality to close the feedback loop and make better decisions in your innovation process.

Elia Mörling CEO Idea Hunt

Afternoon Coffee Break

Taking guest experiences to the next level: innovative, technology-rich and at sea

For the past three years MSC Cruises has been working with the world’s leading digital, tech and behavioural science experts, to develop a holistic programme putting guests at the heart of every step of the development, design and construction of its ships. This industry-unprecedented fleet-wide digital innovation programme brings to the sea some of the very latest advances in customer-centric technology, to meet the needs of guests for years to come. This programme was introduced in June 2017 and is rapidly being rolled out across MSC Cruises’ global fleet. 

Luca Pronzati Chief Business Innovation Officer MSC Cruises

How are the Hottest Companies Today Innovating?

When we think of innovation, we generally think of product and technology. The sleek new iPhone, the latest wearable technology fitness tracker.  And perhaps original new services such as the latest UBER offering (UBER boats in Croatia), or Netflix which considers its competitors to be Facebook, Youtube and sleep! Much of the value in our economy comes from business model innovation.  From companies finding novel ways for customers to access and pay for products and services.  During this session, we’ll look at short case studies of product technology vs. business model innovation.  And we’ll explore what types of employees companies need to attract to be successful innovation powerhouses.  Is it technologists, product gurus, MBAs, data scientists, marketers…?

Ila Roof Former Global Vice President, Special Projects: Strategy, Operations, Innovation Elsevier

Building the Most Innovative Disruption

Panelists will share perspectives on building an innovation team and function within an organisation.

Panel Session - Including Keynote Speakers Industry Leaders Innovation Enterprise

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Innovation for peace not profit

An overview of how an international governmental organisation introduced innovation to the services it delivers and to its own operations. How data analytics was used to understand the organisation and its customers, drive improvement and inform strategy. How new (and old) ways to work with industry has helped to realise innovation: from putting new technology in the hands of our users faster than ever; to changing the way we design and deliver our services.

Michael Street Innovation Manager, NCI Agency NATO

Innovation now – the future doesn’t wait

Merck, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company, is celebrating its 350thanniversary in 2018. Over the course of these 350 years, Merck has evolved to a global leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science, and performance materials with approximately 50,000 employees around the world. The Merck family has remained the majority owner of the company to this very day. Merck develops technologies that improve and enhance life – from biopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer or multiple sclerosis, cutting edge systems for scientific research and production, to liquid crystals for smartphones and LCD televisions.

Dr. Ulrich Betz Head of Innovation Incubator Merck Group

Leading for Innovation: The Journey to Maturity

Cisco is known for innovative products, but how does innovation express itself in the day-to-day operations of Cisco? Harvey Wade will share how his team work alongside Cisco leaders to identify the innovation strategy for their businesses, assess where a team is on their innovation journey and the tools used to take innovation performance forward to deliver tangible value back into the organisation.

Harvey Wade Innovation Lead Cisco

Idea Hunt - 5 Minute Introduction

Morning Coffee Break

An Innovation Framework to deliver business value

Innovation is a strategic process that transforms an idea into value for the customer and results in sustainable benefits for the company, but...

What’s the best approach to convert ideas into innovative products?
How we generate a continuous flow of ideas?
How we select the best ideas and ensure their implementation?
How we engage internal people?
Do we work with external partners or only with internal resources?
How we measure our success?

During the presentation Sergi will answer these questions using the Innovation Framework implemented at Hotelbeds Group, and providing practical examples based in his experience.

Sergi Mesquida Head of Innovation Hotelbeds Group

We don’t have an Innovation Problem, we have an Innovation Exploitation Problem

One of our key drivers in the ISS Innovation team is ‘Swype with Pride’ and this title is no exception.  It comes from the Chairman of the US DOD External Innovation but really captures the challenges the Innovation community in the MOD are trying to overcome.  Defence used to lead on technology, now it needs to embrace external development; defence is used to treating data as something to protect, now it needs to treat it as a weapon; defence likes to work alone or with trusted allies, now it needs to embrace new partnerships and alliances.  All of these aspects make the exploitation of innovation extremely testing and here we explore some of the changes the ISS Innovation team are making to address the barriers

Kate Rooke Innovation Strategy Ministry of Defence

From Green Idea to Dynamic Start-Up: The Energy Loop and Disruptive Innovation

Denise Massey, MD of the Energy Innovation Centre, will share the story of how an aspiration to future-proof the UK’s gas distribution networks led to the development of a disruptive consumer-centric product, an untapped market segment and a dynamic start-up company.  Collaborative innovation at its very best, The Energy Loop project delivered an energy sector shake up that saw the UK’s major gas and electricity networks pull together to address a key industry challenge.  Driven by the desire to make green homes easy and affordable and make 1 million homes more energy efficient by 2020 , The Energy Loop is a case study in making an innovation-driven leap of faith: eradicating inertia, overturning risk aversion, challenging industry competition and inspiring change.

Denise Massey Managing Director Energy Innovation Centre


Revitalising Your Business Culture

In this session Paolo shares her insight on revitalising your business culture.

Paolo Bavaj Head of New Business Development Henkel

Responsible Banking Innovation

Partnerships between businesses and charities are commonplace nowadays, with the flow of resources – money and expertise – generally going from businesses to charities. But have you ever thought of charities as experts in societal issues that businesses need to understand in order to innovate? In this session Justin Hannemann, Head of New Product and Service Design at Santander, will explain how the bank gained profound insight on the banking preferences of older people, especially around digital technology, through a process of immersion with an older people’s charity, and how those insights turned into product and service prototypes in a very short space of time.

Justin Hannemann Head of New Product Experience Santander

Laundrapp Case Study: Challenging Traditional Markets Through Digital Innovation

Ed Relf is the co-founder and CEO of Laundrapp, which over the last 18 months has grown to become one of the UK's fastest growing startups, scaling to over 100 towns and cities across the UK. During this presentation, Ed will take the audience through the Laundrapp journey and how he pivoted the business to the success it is today taking a “fail first” approach to scaling. Ed believes passionately in creating the right business culture to leverage mistakes and will take attendees through an honest blow by blow account of how he grew the Laundrapp business by embracing failure and leveraging digital innovation to disrupt the multi-billion pound laundry industry.

Ed Relf Co-Founder & CEO Laundrapp

Innovation for Productivity​ - A focus on the aerospace sector

Innovation for Productivity​ - A focus on the aerospace sector

Nikita Thakur Sinha Head of Engineering Transformation Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group

End of Summit