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Day 1

Registration & breakfast

Mentimeter: Why are you here?

An interactive start to the day to get connected with what you're here to learn, what your priorities are and what you'd like to discuss with industry peers during the day.

Jyoti Sharma Digital Transformation Leader EY

Designing new behaviours

Real innovation comes from creating new, improved human behaviours. But often, new products lack the impact that creates sustainable growth. Jamie will talk about creating a culture that puts the end user at the heart, with specific focus on behavioural design to create intrinsic rewards that keep them coming back.

Jamie Brooker Founder Kahoot!

The innovation process flaws that sabotage good ideas

Companies don’t tend to struggle to come up with great new ideas. Despite this, innovation success rates are renowned to be pretty abysmal. There is overwhelming evidence that current best practice is inherently flawed. What’s going wrong and why is it happening? From the development of the innovation strategy through to launch, what are the common pitfalls that derail good ideas along the way?

Natalie Reed Founder The Strategy Distillery

Morning coffee break

Building a community bank people actually want to use

Monzo is a digital, mobile-only bank that is one of the earliest of a number of new app-based challenger banks in the UK. Join their Head of Marketing and Community that's been there from the start, as he talks on their journey in creating a community base throughout their channels and the ways in which they have created such a trusted, loved brand.

Tristan Thomas Head of Marketing & Community Monzo

The full 360° - transforming business through innovation

Dave Kerr Chief Technology Officer smartcrowds

Deriving actionable insight and intelligence from crowdsourced video content

Seenit is working with some of the world’s largest enterprises to help them tell video stories, powered by their employees, customers, and fans. Working with large volumes of varying content and quality, Seenit is harnessing the power of machine learning to extract actionable insights and help people create higher quality content and tell more engaging stories.

Dave Starling Chief Technology Officer Seenit

Trust over fear: Driving innovation through a culture of curiosity

Makers is a coding training provider committed to making the tech industry more inclusive. With a progressive internal culture of unlimited vacation policy, disclosing mental health, and self-setting salaries, the team exemplifies what a truly transparent business culture looks like. In this session you’ll learn why innovation looks different in theory to how it unfolds in practice; as well as frank practical guidance on how can a company build a culture of trust and innovation.

Adele Barlow Head of Partnerships & Diversity Initiatives Makers Academy


Twisting the tornado

From experiences facilitating projects for HSBC, Andy was invited to innovate within the Bank of Ireland UK in response to the CEO’s brief of “Make us Move”. But crafting a strategy and an accompanying comms plan wont make staff innovative. People need tangible tools and skills given to them in a way that’s congenial, flexible and importantly relevant. But how? What design principles and actual tactics deliver change from within when shifting culture is constantly battling against established behaviour, risk aversion, subconscious habits and conformity.

Andy Reid Head of Innovation Learning Bank of Ireland

Innovating with digital transformation and rapid prototyping

This talk will explore applying techniques used by startups to overcome red tape and rapidly incubate new ideas, and how these concepts can immediately be leveraged within a traditional enterprise business.

Matt Hubert Co-Founder Bitmatica

The power of open innovation

Jamal will be discussing the power of Open Innovation as an approach. He has used this approach at Red Bull, Monster and now at Huel (the fastest growing UK food and drink company in the last 20 years), and how they have invented products for companies like EE, Buzzfeed and Suntory because they buy into the Open Innovation model - on top of M&A and internal NPD development.

Jamal Benmiloud Former VP of Marketing Red Bull

Afternoon coffee break

Panel: Leveraging tech for social good

Digital technology is an incredible tool in the fight for sustainability and social good. Discover how Mush, Rafiqi and TAP London are implementing social initiatives in their innovative tech startups.

Becca Hume Founder TapSOS
Katie Massie-Taylor Founder Mush
Ghida Ibrahim Founder Rafiqi
Polly Gilbert Co-Founder TAP London

Networking drinks reception

Day 2

Registration & breakfast

The future of learning

As a social technologist, entrepreneur and the Global Innovation Director of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy based in London, Atish has a background in software engineering, AI and human-computer interaction, with over 18 years of experience that includes leadership roles at technology and international non-profit organisations including the United Nations. Atish has consistently implemented successful educational-technology (edtech) solutions that have helped democratize learning for thousands of learners in difficult contexts. Atish is also the founder of Gamoteca, a collaborative digital platform that enables organisations create their own mixed-reality learning games. Atish will be sharing his knowledge around the role of technology-enhanced learning and providing key takeaways for real world application.

Atish Gonsalves Global Learning & Innovation Director Humanitarian Academy

Innovation development: Is it about smarter or S.M.A.R.T.ER metrics to measure progress?

Is the innovation development process on track? How well is it doing? This is the type of question that we are constantly asking ourselves when we embark on product innovation development. To help answer these questions, a set of metrics is usually being developed and put in place up front. Every development process assumes progress, i.e. a movement to a further or higher stage and therefore its measurement should be based on smart (intelligent) metrics to assess it. At the same time it should be business relevant and employ the S.M.A.R.T. ER framework. This talk will look at setting up metrics to measure progress based as a multifactorial task: the development stage of innovation, the type of innovation, and the type of innovation model.

Elena Lurie-Luke Entrepreneur in Residence Durham University

Fireside: Supporting the next generation of innovators

Joana is a 16 year old double-scholar student at Oxford High School GDST, with a huge passion for STEM. She’s founded 3 award-winning companies, runs a free code club with Barclays, won the Women of the Future Awards 2017 (Young Star Category), and being a finalist in the Everywoman FDM Women in Technology Awards 2016 (Rising Star Category). A huge advocate for feminism and girls in STEM, working with GirlGuiding, Cambridge University and Facebook, as well as championing STEM locally through workshops at underprivileged schools. Her social enterprise, Zest, aims to reverse taught prejudice against social minorities through a series of handwritten and illustrated children’s picture books. Join one of the most inspiring fireside chats to explore the ways in future innovators can be supported, how to best foster a culture that inspires the next gen and how to enable fresh ideas to come to fruition within your teams.

Joana Baptista Entrepreneur Zest

Morning coffee break

Friday and The British Red Cross: Digital service innovation

The British Red Cross help people in crisis. Digital technology can change how they help, who they help and who does the helping. Friday has been working with The British Red Cross to digitise some of their core services and take advantage of these opportunities. In this workshop, we will explore and address digital service innovation challenges for The British Red Cross using a range of Friday methodologies/techniques for generating and evaluating innovation ideas.

Alex Wright CEO Friday


Innovating through collaboration

This discussion will explore the best practice in making partnerships with entrepreneurs, start ups, external agencies, charities and other brands, and how this can help accelerate innovation within organisations. Through debates on challenges, benefits, complexities and finding the right fit, this session is designed to inspire creative thinking behind your organisations future and the company you keep through collaborations.

Atish Gonsalves Global Learning & Innovation Director Humanitarian Academy
Laura Turkington Global Innovation, Senior Manager Vodafone

Making processes faster and cheaper

As you may know, more people are renting and renting for longer in the UK. It's also for most people a pretty terrible experience. We've been looking at innovative ways to make the process faster by learning lessons from places like Estonia who have built a truly digital society. And we've also looked to Switzerland to make renting cheaper as they have replaced rental deposits with insurance. The goal is to make renting fairer, faster and cheaper for everyone.

Rob Symes Head of Lettings Innovation

Driving sustainability through a startup of incentives

Join University of London's Head of Sustainability, John Bailey, as he takes us on a journey through their sustainability engagement start-up launched from within the University of London, designed to encourage students to partake in sustainable living in halls. Due to its huge success, the program is now being sold into other universities. This session provides inspiration for creating incentive initiatives to help move organisations towards operating in an environmentally friendly way.

John Bailey Head of Sustainability University of London

Afternoon coffee break & end of summit