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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Introduction

Anna Villarreal Founder & CEO LifeStory Health

How effective is your message? Measuring your customers emotional responses to your content

One of the keys to businesses adopting virtual reality is the ability to make money with it. But to do that, companies need to understand the return on their investment. That's why Isobar, a global digital marketing agency, created what it calls the Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform. It may not be the sexiest name for a tool, but for businesses interested in VR, it is compelling: The tool is the first to let brands measure their ROI for VR projects by measuring users' emotional responses to virtual reality content—in essence, gauging how effective it is.

Dave Meeker Chief Innovation Officer isobar

Start-up showcase: Building your innovation competency

Learn how the most innovative organizations have a built a system of record for driving sustainable innovation results.

Arthur Liberian Senior Innovation Advisor Planbox

Case Study: Cava - connecting the data points

A couple years ago, Cava installed a network of customized sensors throughout the fast-casual Mediterranean chain’s locations. Today, as customers head to Cava to feast on their culinary delights, data from those sensors allow analysts to devise new ways to speed customers through lines, increase food quality, prevent spoilage, and anticipate how much food to prepare. Last year, the chain added an intuitive ordering app, which offers pickup times based on actual store activity and has boosted productivity at outposts. Bolstered by this data-driven approach, in 2017, Cava doubled its number of restaurants.

Josh Patchus Chief Data Scientist Cava

Start-up showcase: Accelerate business transformation, from innovation to value realization with edison365

edison365 would like to share with you insights as to how organizations can, through the use of ideation, bring rapid change and innovation. By empowering employees with the power of voice; ideas or challenges can be posed creating the fresh thinking required to ignite transformation.

The edison365 suite of modules leverages the power of Microsoft Office 365 with experiences driven by SharePoint Online, Yammer, Delve and Teams, driving positive user adoption and intentional employee collaboration.

Tad Haas Executive Vice President edison365
Ivan Lloyd Chief Innovation Officer edison365

Coffee Break

Are you up for the challenge? Innovation and resiliency in a distruptive world

Fast-changing societal challenges and technological disruption will force us to confront fundamental questions over how to leverage human agency, networks, and institutions in the public and private sector. How to achieve large-scale, sustainable change and resiliency and adaptability in societies and our organizations will be critical to our ability to confront some of the most complex, multifaceted, and ambiguous social problems of our lifetime. Drawing from case studies from around the world, I argue that the future will be like a pendulum swinging between historical continuums and futurist perspectives, requiring us to have one foot firmly set on the past as well as unresolved structural inequities, and the other looking 5-10 years ahead. The future will require us to be increasingly interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and socio-technical. We will need to develop a range of leaders and not just one or two archetypes. We will need leaders as connectors, leaders who can share power, leaders who are able to create shared knowledge among multiple stakeholders as the fundamental building block for social coordination and innovation. Are you up for the challenge? Your world is waiting.

Dr. Wilneida Negron Political Scientist-Technologist Ford Foundation

Innovation and collaboration: Implementing Open Innovation: lessons from the leaders

Open Innovation is transforming the nature of commercial development. To compete effectively in today’s business environment, firms are using strategic alliances to link their resources with the complementary resources of other world-class organizations. They are replacing the "not invented here" syndrome with the "invented anywhere approach". Unfortunately, many alliances fail. Managers must deal with the complexities of allocating rights to jointly developed intellectual assets, protecting proprietary know-how and trade secrets, linking decision-making structures and utilizing financial models that allow both firms to share the risks as well as rewards of collaboration. Dr. Slowinski’s 25 years of work on over 250 alliances led him to identify key best practices. He will present a set of simple, but powerful management tools and metrics. Many firms use these tools to increase the value of both their individual alliances and their alliance portfolios.

What you will learn:

• Implementing “Open Innovation” using the “Want, Find, Get, Manage” Model.
• The Alliance Framework - a rigorous approach to planning, structuring and negotiating collaborative agreements
• Tools, metrics, and management techniques for implementing collaborative innovation

Gene Slowinski, Ph.D. Director, Strategic Alliance and Open Innovation Research Rutgers University

Exploring our screenless future: Immersive journalism at The New York Times

From 360 video to augmented reality, the New York Times is experimenting with immersive storytelling to find out what our industry and our lives look like without screens. When digital data is embedded in the real world around us, how will we interact with information?

Marcelle Hopkins Co-Director of Immersive Journalism & Deputy Editor of Video The New York Times

Networking lunch

Bilateral Innovation: How technology and strategy manage innovation jointly

Most marketplace incumbents now face a dual-threat innovation reality: (1) product innovation cycles are accelerating as never before, while (2) disruptive new technology paradigms like blockchain and IoT threaten to upend long-established industry models. Together, these threats create an imperative for today’s R&D and Technology leaders to partner with their Business and Strategy counterparts in ways that are as unfamiliar as they are necessary.

Drawing heavily from Wellspring’s proprietary data-search platform, we’ll showcase hallmark patterns for how technology-driven waves of innovation trends tend to propagate in the 21st century. Then, based our experience working with hundreds of clients, we’ll describe evolving strategies for re-orienting the Innovation Management function to stay ahead of the curve.

Chris Townsend CMO Wellspring

Are we getting innovation ROI all wrong? Innovation performance metrics for long-term integration, sustainability and growth

Innovation, like any other corporate goals, strategies, and processes, requires criteria and metrics in order to be effectively managed. To date, innovation metrics are closely aligned with business metrics of ROI(I), customer experience, impact on corporate culture, and alike. This approach to measuring corporate innovation is conflict prone since it raises the question of "So, what's different about innovation?" and creates an artificial delineation from other business processes that by definition are presumed to not being innovative at all. Alternatively, innovation can be perceived as alien to the company, which in turn, however, raises the question of why then it is being measured in terms of traditional business metrics. Something just doesn't add up when it comes to measuring innovation.
This presentation will invite the audience to take a different perspective, where innovation is positioned as an intuitive tendency of individuals and corporate entities, an urgency for striving to continuously change and improve. Based on such premise, a new relationship between innovation and other innovation strategies and processes can be established, and innovation progress and effectiveness can be measured in was that complement rather than replicate traditional business metrics.

Dr. L. Miguel Encarnação Professor of Practice, Business Analytics and Innovation University of Iowa

Concept to Reality in 90 Days

Most organizations realize the importance of digital transformation, and are trying to build new web and mobile products at the speed of a startup. Unfortunately, many Fortune 500s and large enterprises end up spending years and millions of dollars on products that don't succeed. Matt Hubert, the co-founder of Bitmatica, talks about where most organizations fall short, and what enterprises can do to start building products in as fast as three months.

Matt Hubert Co-Founder Bitmatica

Coffee Break

How historic innovations have delighted HSBC customers

In 2018, HSBC made history becoming the first major bank in the world to deploy a customer facing social humanoid robot in a bank branch. HSBC also became known as the first major bank in the world to deploy cutting edge wearable technology to help front line staff improve communication, efficiency and customer service. Hear exclusively from Head of Innovation Jeremy K. Balkin outline how Innovation is essential to delighting customers and deepening long term personalized human relationships in a world that is highly competitive and technology driven.

Jeremy Balkin Head of Innovation, Retail Banking HSBC

Why music (and all media) needs Blockchain

Our world is enriched when coders and marketers dazzle us with smartphones and tablets, but, by themselves, they are just slabs. It is the music, essays, entertainment and provocations that they access, spawned by the humanities, that animate them - and us. -- Nicholas Kristof"

In 2018, the music industry generated over $43 billion yet only 12% of that money made it's way to the creators. The internet was not built to monetize content but the tools that have been created for monetization are not democratic. How do we create a world that supports artists and creativity? The answer lies in harnessing blockchain tech to empower musicians and create a more fair and balanced world.

Jesse Grushack Founder & CEO Ujo Music

Innovation in the sky

Drone technology is transforming how businesses, governments, educators and nonprofits do their work, but the exciting projects underway now have just hinted at how drones are becoming a widespread tool. From shooting amazing photos to surveying infrastructure to saving lives, drones can bring great benefits to the world, but thorny issues about regulation, privacy and social acceptance are still unsettled. Join Adam Lisberg, corporate communication director for DJI, the world’s largest drone maker, for a bird’s-eye view of the new frontier of low-altitude aviation, and an engaged discussion of how society can benefit from drones while addressing their challenges responsibly.

Adam Lisberg Corporate Communication Director, North America DJI

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Chairperson Introduction

Anna Villarreal Founder & CEO LifeStory Health

Authoring Your Own Future; Yes You Can

Using strategic foresighting methods to prepare your organization for the future of artificial intelligence.

The emergence and proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning is poised to disrupt nearly every industry. However, with all the hype and rapidly changing technology in this space it is hard for executives and innovation leaders to build confidence and conviction about how the future of AI will unfold and how to prepare for it. Foresighting is a structured approach to explore and envision the future, which can help companies get informed, shift perceptions, and confidently plan for the future. In this session, we’ll present a custom foresighting process and set of methods and then show how it has been applied to exploring the future of artificial intelligence over the next decade. Using our year-long AI research and foresighting initiative as a case study, we will provide key AI trends and drivers shaping the future, consider three alternate futures for AI in 2028, and discuss how your company can use these foresighting insights to shape your long-term innovation strategies.

Tom Culver Senior Innovation Advisor RTI International

Innovation at the Washington Post

Joey Marburger Director of Product The Washington Post

The Evolution of On-Demand Talent… and What’s Next

Talented, affordable, or fast? In this talk, see how an on-demand talent model makes it possible for companies to get all three in one place — as well as expertise in one of today’s most talked-about technologies: blockchain.

Ashley Steele Global Director of Offerings & Strategy Topcoder

Coffee Break

Innovation panel: Fast paced disruption

Startup culture is permeating the corporate landscape but
should the disruptive impulse that fuels entrepreneurs to create startups necessarily extend into the day-to-day of business in larger organizations?

Elizabeth Yenko Vice President and Head of Innovation Services New York Life Ventures
Scott Blumsack Vice President, Head of Strategy
Natalie Myshinka Head of Strategy Bank Leumi
Anna Villarreal Founder & CEO LifeStory Health
Dr. Anne G. Robinson Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Strategy, Analytics and Systems Verizon
Tom Culver Senior Innovation Advisor RTI International

Embracing innovation at Nvidia

Once known as a gaming-centric maker of graphics chips, Nvidia now applies its expertise in computationally intense applications to some of the digital world’s most ambitious new vistas, from virtual reality to autonomous driving to medical research. It is the drive to innovate that brought NVIDIA into being. Rima will explore how to foster this drive from the ground up.

Rima Alameddine Vice President NVIDIA

Networking lunch

"What's the Secret Sauce?" to Making Innovation Work at a Company

Everyone has preconceived notions of what makes or doesn't make a company innovative. Constantly looking for that magic formula of work space design, the people, the leaders or the company structure, often those preconceived notions get in the way of precisely the goals companies seek to achieve. Having worked in or been charged to transform corporate culture to build innovation departments or mindsets, in small-to-large private and mid-to-large public companies, key themes on what will support and protect that culture or what will derail it over time have emerged. "What's the secret sauce" to begin, sustain, and protect a culture of innovation? I've been asked this exact question across departments and companies along the journey. Crafting environments that can buffer those headwinds that can get in the way of our visions of growth that will inevitably appear are surprisingly intuitive and achievable.

Agnes Bass Formerly Global Marketing Director, Innovation Strategy & Product Development Mars

Data and AI-driven innovation in agriculture

Can your IT department have a meaningful impact on your R&D function and drive business goals? That’s the challenge Qi Wang tackles each day as the global R&D IT lead at Bayer Crop Science. Qi and his team focus on optimizing the agriculture R&D pipeline using the latest digital tools: automation, mechanical engineering and data science to digitize the business of farming. With the help of industry partners like Amazon and Google, Qi’s team is able to use advanced processing to gain insights from these datapoints and anticipate the changing needs of the world’s farmers. The team’s approach offers a relevant case study highlighting how cross-functional collaborations between IT and R&D can drive valuable business results.

Qi Wang Vice President of Global R&D IT Bayer Crop Science

Innovation in gaming: understanding the global esports phenomenon

In the past two years, esports has electrified crowds around the world, transformed the video game industry and confounded marketers and the mainstream. Mike Sepso, co-founder of Major League Gaming, former SVP of Activision Blizzard and 16 year esports veteran will explain how any “noob” can quickly understand the esports space, track this dynamic industry and leverage the fastest growing sport in the world to reach a missing audience of nearly one billion global fans. Key takeaways:
Understanding of the current esports landscape - how broadcasters, publishers, leagues, teams and players are organized.
A glimpse into the future of how the esports world continues to innovate and its impact on sports, media and advertising.
Introduction to how brands can leverage esports to find customers, fans and employees.

Mike Sepso Co-Founder Major League Gaming

Networking coffee break