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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Opening Remarks

Ron Lamb Founder & Managing Director Strategy2Execution

Successful innovation starts with mindset

Approaching new opportunities within innovation require the nurturing and shaping of your "innovation mindset". An innovation mindset is the jump-off point for any individual or organization to successfully innovate or drive transformation.  Gigi Wang, Industry Fellow at the Sudjarta Center for This talk will cover some of the characteristics of those with a more innovative mindset and also how culture and other factors affect mindset.  The talk will also introduce the "Berkeley Innovation Index" which was developed to provide a data-driven tool to measure a person or an organization’s innovation mindset over time and thus determine the impact of innovation programs and experiences on people’s innovation mindsets.

Gigi Wang Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship UC Berkeley

Managing the disruptor: two ways to make ‘the crazy ones’ even better

The future is coming faster every day. Now more than ever, avoiding disruption, means managing the Disruptors. In this entertaining and poignant presentation, Mike Maddock will reveal two lessons from his upcoming book: Plan D, Why the Future Belongs to Disruptors and How to Dream, Drive and Deliver like the Crazy Ones.

Mike Maddock CEO & Founding Partner Maddock Douglas

Our future is overrated compared to human ingenuity

We are sitting in an era of immersive engagement
AR/VR/MR, cross pollinating our ideas with legacy thinking & legacy
platforms. Before we have a chance to fully understand and develop new
innovation we are also expected to be in alignment with exponential
technologies that are shining even brighter on the horizon. What are the future
storytelling narratives, expectations and assumptions needed to move this wheel
quickly. Where is the being human part in all of this? We have a short timeline
to shape it before AI is in full effect.

Kathleen Cohen Experience Strategist The Collaboratorium

Strategy to operations - how Trisotech facilitates digital transformation

Whether starting from outside in
or inside out, or from a strategic or operational perspective, see how you can
get a clear view of your business ecosystem and gain insights into
relationships between structured models and creative thinking tools using Trisotech’s
Digital Enterprise Suite. Our customers visualize, innovate, transform and
improve their organizations every day using our cloud-based software tools.

George Barlow Chief Sales Officer Trisotech

Networking Coffee Break

Innovating with digital transformation and rapid prototyping

Most enterprises know that transforming into a
digital and service-oriented business is critical to staying competitive.
However, with institutional inertia, regulatory requirements, and lack of
experience and know-how, many initial attempts at developing software-based
products end up taking years to deploy, face budget overruns, and often don't
meet performance targets. In this talk, Matt Hubert, the co-founder of
Bitmatica, a digital consultancy in San Francisco, talks about applying techniques used by startups to overcome red tape and rapidly incubate new ideas, and how these concepts can immediately be leveraged within a traditional enterprise business.

Matt Hubert Co-Founder Bitmatica

From AI to IA: Investing in the new era of cognitive technologies that amplify human potential

Artificial / Machine Intelligence
(AI) is the next major technology platform shift and is poised to transform the
Enterprise.  Gaurav Tewari, Managing Director of Omega Venture Partners, a
technology venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, will discuss how AI will
transform the enterprise through Intelligence Augmentation (IA). Intelligence
Augmentation (IA) leverages AI to aid and amplify human productivity and
decision making ability. IA is the next step after digitization and advanced
data analytics, and is becoming a defining attribute of competitive advantage
that no one can afford to ignore. 

Gaurav Tewari Managing Partner Omega Venture Partners

Creating a system of record for innovation

The Age of Innovation is slated to bring more innovations in the next decade than the last 100 years. In the process potentially 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies may totally disappear. This incredible pressure to innovate as the world goes through massive digital transformation is having a profound impact on how companies operate. Information is the new oil as long as organizations figure out how to tap into it and draw the right insights. Innovation has to be a collaborative effort by everyone in the organization and also involve external voices including customers, suppliers, researchers, universities and the startup community. Thus far, a sustainable culture of innovation has proven to be an elusive goal for most companies.Planbox helps organizations realize this objective by creating a system of record for innovation and developing innovation management as a core competency. Planbox offers a unique patented AI technology to auto-discover actionable information and run activities such as innovation jams, challenge-driven events, online Shark Tank internal business competitions, and decision sessions thus providing exceptional business value to global clients such as Bridgestone, Honeywell, Philips, Sun Life Financial, Whirlpool and Verizon seeking to innovate consistently and experiment cost effectively.

Arthur Liberian Senior Innovation Advisor Planbox

Fireside chat: Innovation scouting and its role within corporate strategy

"Corporate strategy has evolved from being focused on profit maximization to an innovation risk management function. Simultaneously, digital-native startups have perfected growth, scale-up and innovation management. Scouting for disruptive innovative companies, and matching the right opportunities with the corporate’s needs, have become core drivers of corporate growth. As an active participant on this evolution of Corporate Strategy, I’ll share the mistakes and learnings I’ve made in my journey."Ale Vigilante will be joined in conversation in a candid fireside chat by Mark Silva, CEO at KITE.

Alessandro Vigilante Head of Global Innovation Ecosystem Fidelity Investment
Mark Silva CEO KITE

Building a company of innovators

Where does innovation sit in your company? Is it the responsibility of the R&D teams? Is it a separate function? Or do you see it being a chief responsibility of all your engineers and development teams? Imagine if you can take your company to a place where innovation is the responsibility of everyone from front line customer service to your facilities teams. When everyone is empowered to think of innovation what type of company will you become? In this talk, Mike Todasco, the Director of Innovation for PayPal will walk through the journey that PayPal is on to prove that we are all innovators!

Michael Todasco Director of Innovation PayPal


Breakout Workshop: Creating an innovation culture

Large organizations have problems creating an innovation culture. They’ve built up their values, beliefs and behaviours in times that the organization was doing great. They’ve created processes and policies that allowed them to grow fast in a stable environment, but now that environment is not that stable anymore. Whether it is fintechs threatening banks and insurance companies, or sharing platforms threatening hotels and taxis, large organisations have to react and adapt their culture to allow for innovation.This roundtable discusses innovation culture:- Why do we need an innovation culture?- What is an innovation culture?- How can we change a culture?

Jurjan Huisman Senior Manager KPMG Innovation Factory

Breakout Workshop: Driving Innovation with a culture of experimentation

leading digital businesses, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, cite experimentation as the key to constantly improving their digital products and services and dominating their markets. Yet many companies are still in the early stages of adopting a test and
learn mindset when it comes to innovating on digital experiences. What can we learn from these digital leaders about accelerating innovation through experimentation? In this session, Claire Vo, Optimizely’s VP of Product, will share the habits of highly effective
experimentation cultures, and a blueprint for hiring, running, and scaling a team that embraces experimentation as a key strategy to drive digital excellence.

Claire Vo Vice President, Product Optimizely

The deadly sins of business transformation

How does an organization innovate when markets are transforming? Innovation is usually considered the instrument to transform organizations and markets when actually identifying transformed markets ahead and then using innovation as an instrument is more appropriate. Yet many leaders see digital, blockchain, artificial intelligence as keys to change. Mohan brings a fresh perspective to transformation.  His keynote will connect personal and business transformation in a unique and memorable way.  He believes that companies lose their personality before they lose their way.  Based on 10 years of research and a book, Mohan will explore the power of uncovering market shifts long before they happen and how to act on them.Mohan Nair | @mohanemerge |
Check out TEDx talk 
Check out my innovation talk 
Check out my books

Mohan Nair SVP & Chief Innovation Officer Cambia Health Solutions

Networking Coffee Break

Roundtable Discussion: Build your innovation ecosystem & maintaining a sustainable future for innovation

idea of exploring external sources and exploiting internal resources as inspiration for innovation in new novel ways are creating 'innovation ecosystems'; empowering
organizations to optimize their resources, increase efficiency and open up
doors for new opportunity. But How do you tap into
that passion and expertise from your internal and external

engaging roundtable discussion seeks to convene cross-industry
innovation leaders to address the specific challenges and opportunities
with implementation, measurement, and maintenance of innovative,
sustainable practices as they tap into their ‘ecosystem’ of internal
collaborations and partnerships. 

with fellow peers and get actionable feedback from cross-industry
innovation change agents on how to broaden your scope of
impact, realize potential, and create new opportunities.Roundtable Moderators

Laiq Ahmad, CTO, Chief Enterprise Architect, Head of Digital and Enterprise Architecture, Pacific Gas & Electric

Kathleen Cohen, Experience Strategist, The Collboratorium

Tarah Feinberg, Chief Customer Officer, Kite

Stefano Foresti, Director of Innovation, University of California Merced

Drew Johnson, VP of Engineering, Aeris

Greg Richards, Director, MBA Program, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

Abhijit Thosar, Vice President - Customer Journeys, Design Thinking & Innovation, BNP Paribas & Bank of the West

Gene Slowinski, Ph.D. Director, Strategic Alliance and Open Innovation Research, Rutgers

Robert Kim Wilson, Founder & CEO, They Will Be Giants

Ruth Yomtoubian, Executive Producer, Remix the Future

Panel Panel Cross-Industry Innovation Executives

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Ron Lamb Founder & Managing Director Strategy2Execution

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Niki Manby (Former) Chief Operating Officer Citi Ventures

Making America’s talent marketplace work

America’s talent marketplace is broken. Despite record-high open job postings, millions of Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. Over-credentialing; the improper valuation of skills such as grit, determination and persistence; and recruitment pipelines that don’t reflect the overall population all factor into the broken marketplace. Each is ripe for innovation. We invite you to learn more about ways that corporations, nonprofits and the public sector can, in partnership, create and deliver nimble innovative solutions to source talent more broadly, assess talent more precisely, build learning pathways mapped directly to jobs and teach the necessary soft skills capable of connecting talent to opportunity at scale.

Jay Banfield Chief Officer of Innovation & Scale and Managing Director, California Year Up

Fast Beauty, disruptive consumer innovation

e.l.f. Beauty is one of the fastest growing companies in the $8B color cosmetics category. Established in 2004 as an e-commerce business, e.l.f. has become a true multi-channel brand through its e.l.f. stores and national distribution at Target, Walmart and Ulta Beauty. A key to the company’s success is innovative, high-quality cosmetics and skin care at an extraordinary value. In 2017, e.l.f. launched 128 new items, going from initial idea to selling in as few as 13 weeks. Ellie will share this fast innovation model and the power of direct consumer validation.

Ellie Off Vice President, Innovation e.l.f. Cosmetics

Implementing Open Innovation: road warrior or road kill; it’s your choice

Open Innovation is transforming the nature of commercial
development.  To compete effectively in
today’s business environment, firms are using strategic alliances to link their
resources with the complementary resources of other world-class
organizations.  They are replacing the
"not invented here" syndrome with the "invented anywhere
approach".  Unfortunately, many
alliances fail.  Managers must deal with
the complexities of allocating rights to jointly developed intellectual assets,
protecting proprietary know-how and trade secrets, linking decision-making
structures and utilizing financial models that allow both firms to share the
risks as well as rewards of collaboration. 
Dr. Slowinski’s 25 years of work on over 250 alliances led him to
identify key best practices.  He will
present a set of simple, but powerful management tools and metrics.  Many firms use these tools to increase the
value of both their individual alliances and their alliance portfolios. 
What you
will learn:
·  Implementing
“Open Innovation” using the “Want, Find, Get, Manage” Model.

·  The
Alliance Framework - a rigorous approach to planning, structuring and
negotiating collaborative agreements

·  Tools,
metrics, and management techniques for implementing collaborative innovation

Gene Slowinski, Ph.D. Director, Strategic Alliance and Open Innovation Research Rutgers University

Networking Coffee Break

Outliers have always been innovators, so why don’t we hire them?

we recruit people from the same colleges, with the same majors and similar
career paths, why are we so frustrated when their group think isn’t exactly
revolutionary? Join Laura Ann Edwards and Nilofer Merchant in their candid fireside conversation around why hiring a more diverse talent pool -more women and people of color, or people with
disabilities - are great first steps towards supporting creative collisions, but
true diversity and the value it brings goes much deeper. To borrow from Apple,
“think different” is exactly what outliers do and where a lot of true
innovation comes from. It’s time to get much better at finding and supporting
outliers; those with very different skills, experiences, ways of problem
solving, and indeed, different ways of thinking. Laura Ann Edwards is a synthesizer type of outlier, "I see big abstract landscapes in my
head. It took me a long time to realize that how I think is unusual and
special, that it’s really called systems thinking and that while it’s really
valuable, it doesn’t fit neatly into any box. This insight has set me on a
journey to reveal many other types of outliers and how their gifts are
essential to ongoing innovation."

Laura Ann Edwards Founder | Global Content Strategy & Partnerships Data Oasis
Nilofer Merchant Recovering Business Executive turned Author Nilofer Merchant

Championing innovation in Silicon Valley's largest city

Come learn about how San Jose leverages technology, data, and innovative ideas to tackle the most pressing issues America's tenth largest city. This means focusing on housing, transportation, public safety, closing the digital divide, making it easier to interact with City Hall, and enabling the tech community – from startups to established firms – to use the city as a platform for innovation. Recent projects include autonomous vehicle pilots, using drones to clean up graffiti, and using big data to improve housing inspections.Henry will be joined in conversation by Jessica Weare, Silicon
Valley Lead, Cities
Team, Microsoft

Henry Tsai Technology and Innovation Policy Advisor, Mayor's Office of Technology & Innovation City of San Jose
Jessica Weare Silicon Valley Lead, Cities Team Microsoft

Creating an "innovation ecosystem" – the role of an innovation center in accelerating corporate innovation

Gore Innovation Center Co-Leaders Paul Campbell and Linda Elkins will offer an engaging dialogue around the challenges of creating an innovation ecosystem as part of a corporate open innovation program. Paul and Linda will discuss learnings and insights from their latest endeavor - the Gore Innovation Center - and the partnerships they have been able to establish to date. Moreover, Linda and Paul will address topics such as building team skills as they transition from scouting to opportunity execution, creating a micro-equity program to support external partnerships, balancing agility and speed while maintaining brand integrity, and collaborating with stakeholders to forge a path to business creation. 

Linda Elkins & Paul Campbell Co-leaders, Gore Innovation Center—Silicon Valley Gore Innovation Center
Paul Campbell Co-leader of the Gore Innovation Center, Silicon Valley Gore Innovation Center

Strategic engagement: advancing innovation that benefits members and operations

Kaiser Permanente’s venture capital fund invests in and advances innovation that is strategically meaningful for the KP ecosystem. In fulfilling KP’s mission to provide our members with the best care possible, we seek to partner with innovative companies who help to make this possible. While executing and scaling those partnerships have quickly become a core competency, it can be a challenging landscape. We’ve observed themes from our KP Ventures vantage point working between KP and “start-ups.” The goal is to help advance KP’s efforts as it relates to successfully accessing innovation.Shruti Kothari, Kaiser Permanente Ventures’ Director of Strategic Engagement, will be joined in conversation by Megan Zweig, Director of Research at Rock Health, to discuss an overview of the work KP Ventures is doing around strategic engagement – how KP Ventures is advancing innovation that can benefit members and operations, to solve challenges and meet core business needs.

Shruti Kothari Director, Strategic Engagement Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Megan Zweig Director of Research Rock Health


Data-leading innovation in women's health: novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment of women’s disease

LifeStory Health's
Founder and CEO discusses the Company's unique finding of at least one novel biomarker
that not only clinically separates females from males, but also separates
females from females.
Data leading
principles and early detection is the drive behind LifeStory Health’s award
winning science and has paved the way for their oncology and degenerative
disease research studies.

LifeStory Health, Inc., (LSH) is a bioscience company leading a pioneering
journey into previously undiscovered territory of female biology, early
pre-determination and detection of disease, and potential disease management
through effective diagnostic and subsequent therapeutic targets.

Anna Villarreal Founder & CEO LifeStory Health

7 ways to make corporate innovation a lot less hard and a lot more fun

Decreasing risk and waste and bringing significant results is the dream in corporate innovation. But it doesn't have to be so hard. Weaving his experiences driving innovation at Fortune 100 companies like Walmart, American Express, and AB InBev, Raj will discuss guidelines you can put in place today to increase the impact of your innovation efforts. Find out why Raj recommends you always have a brown couch in your innovation space or what you can do on a Friday to supercharge your weekly performance. Always relevant, sometimes controversial, these seven lessons will definitely have you thinking in new ways.

Raj Bhandari Fmr. Director of Innovation - Corporate Venture Capital and Partnerships Anheuser-Busch

Networking Coffee Break

Successful implementation of a nation leading breakthrough innovation, lessons learned

Availability of emergency psychiatric care has for years
been one of the most serious, yet unsuccessfully addressed issues in
healthcare.  The nationwide shortage of
appropriate emergent psychiatric care has resulted in patients waiting in
emergency departments, sometimes for multiple days, until transfer to a
facility, sometimes hundreds of miles from the initial point of care, can be
arranged.  Development of new
technologies, such as telemedicine capabilities, helps but is not enough.  Creating innovation can be much more complex
than just adopting a technology, especially in our complex, fragmented
healthcare industry. 

Tom A. Prentice MD, Chief Innovation Officer and EVP of Medical Affairs at Vituity will discuss how his organization developed a
nation-leading program that successfully addresses the extreme shortage of emergency
psychiatric resources.  By creating a
culture of risk tolerance at the individual and enterprise level and by assuming
a leadership role in a fragmented environment with multiple players, Vituity
was able to successfully overcome the significant inertia and institutionalized
stumbling blocks in our current healthcare system to create a win-win-win-win
(payer, health system, provider, and patient) outcome. 

Prentice Tom, MD Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs Vituity

Upending the aircraft carrier: how GE appliances launched its own lean startup

After 18 months of unsuccessful attempts to implement "Lean Startup" principles within GE Appliances, a small band of rogue engineers built a microfactory and started selling products under their own brand (FirstBuild). Learn how FirstBuild flipped the innovation process upside down to create an engine to rapidly validate and scale disruptive products.

Taylor Dawson CEO

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Niki Manby (Former) Chief Operating Officer Citi Ventures

End of Summit