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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Prof. Kusterer began his career in China in 2008 as head teacher of first year undergraduate students at Shantou University Business School. Since then, he has taken on challenging data science-related roles in the fields of data engineering, digital marketing, and market research. In his current role, Prof. Kusterer works as director of global marketing analytics, covering the markets of China, Russia, and Indonesia. In his time as a professional in China, his achievements have led him to meet such figures as United States President Bill Clinton and his research has been published by organizations such as U.S. Commercial Service. He has also been quoted in New York Times newspaper and has received numerous industry awards. Additionally, he has given analytics lectures and workshops in several global locations, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, and Budapest. His TedX Talk, The Fridge has Facebook, is viewable on YouTube.

Chase B. Kusterer Director, Advanced Analytics and Research EF Education First

Product Innovation Session

Mobile Industry Tech Trend and Moto Mods

As the leader directly works in researching and developing customer electronic devices, Michael will introduce how to harness innovation with the help of user experience.

Michael Zhu Head of Smart Device R&D Lenovo

Innovation through Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a great way to drive product innovation with high efficiency and low cost. It's a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market. This process helps the team in clearly defining goals, validating assumptions and deciding on a product roadmap before one line of code is written. Main pillars of this process: Business strategy, interdisciplinary collaboration, rapid prototyping, and user testing. Developed and widely used by Google and Google Venture.

Anne Chang Head of Internationalizations Product Design Google

Innovation Through Combining Value and User-centered Design

At OnePlus, innovation matters across process and products. How we use user-centered methodology brings biggest values to our users and grow with them together.

Crayon MinYen Hsieh Head of User Experience OnePlus

Wrap-up Q&A by Product Innovation Experts

Remember to note down your questions throughout the presentations, in this session all three keynote speakers from Lenovo, Google and OnePlus will be invited back to the stage to answer questions raised by the audiences. 

Audience Members & Speakers Open Floor Innovation Q&A

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Sustainable Innovation Session

Co-Innovation through ARM Eco-system

In early 2017, ARM reached an important milestone of 100 billion units accumulated shipment, which is unprecedented in tech industry history. ARM works closely with its over 1300 ecosystem partners to drive the innovation in mobile computing, and makes huge impact on the lives of over 75% of human population. In this presentation, I will quickly retrospect how ARM enables the ecosystem to deliver numerous innovations during the “mobile revolution”, and also share a little bit of our vision on the future world of IoT and AI.

Will Yuan Director, Strategic Business Development ARM

Design Driven Exploration of New Energy Products

In Feng's talk, he will cover below points: -Solar powered future - how our solar technology is going to benefit the future of human  -Exploration and Possibility - what can we do with solar power -Design as Engine - As a new area, only design can help to find the perfect solution which really benefit human,and how we are carrying out design practice -Design, the solution - Design is our tool to find solution, more than how product looks, especially in our company. Design can help us to find the solution that really benefit people, not just lure you to purchase.

Shan Feng Deputy Director, Industrial Design Hanergy Holding Group

From IoT to Intelligent Air Solution

Intrapreneurs. They exist within larger organizations, trying to create innovation. It’s a hard job, thankless but certainly exciting. In this presentation the presenter will share about the four elements in his “AIRE” philosophy for Lean Intrapreneurship, and how it diverts from “Lean Start-up”. Using examples from his experiences, the presenter will also share how the philosophy allows a Lean Intrapreneur to be successful within the context of his/her organization.

Jason Tang VP, Intelligent Air Solutions MANN+HUMMEL

Wrap-up Q&A by Sustainable Innovation Experts

Remember to note down your questions throughout the presentations, in this session all three keynote speakers from ARM, Hanergy, and MANN+HUMMEL will be invited back to the stage to answer questions raised by the audiences. 

Audience Members & Speakers Open Floor Innovation Q&A

Morning Ice Breaking Session

What is your innovation story? In this session, we welcome our all innovation experts join the conversation, introduceing yourself and meet new peers! 

Innovation Expert Industry Leader Innovation Enterprise

Lunch - Ground Floor Shanghai City Bistro

Be Customer-centric and Technology-driven, Then Innovate

In 2016, became China's first and only internet company in the Fortune 500. It is an online shopping platform covering 98% of Chinese population and trusted by over 100 million Chinese middle-class families. Opening its supply chain, data, finance, logistics and marketing toward partners and facilitating rapid progress and expansion of hundreds of thousands of brands, innovates successfully in areas like unmanned warehouse and delivery, AI, VR/AR, cloud computing and big data while guaranteeing "cost, efficiency and customer experience". In this session, the principal innovation coach of JD.comm will introduce the secret behind the successful innovation of

Lijie Wang Principal Agile Innovation Coach

Building a Culture of Innovation: Successes and Challenges

When an organisation commits to innovation, where does it start and how does it ensure that its efforts are sustainable? Join Derek as he shares about Innovation As property and infrastructure groups work towards being innovative. Derek will highlight how construction and development companies are instrumental in shaping cities such as Sydney, London, and Kuala Lumpur Derek will discuss his Innovation Journey from ground zero—highlighting the development of an innovation culture and how innovation can permeate across in Sustainability, Retail, Construction and Business Networks across the businesses. Learn, Laugh, and Grow.

Derek Ariss Former Head of Innovation Lendlease

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Crowdfunding between Innovation and Customer centerdness

Since its first appearance on the market Crowdfunding promised to disrupt the Finance industry allowing garage startups and small ventures to challenge the big players and to bring the innovation directly into the homes of consumers. However is Crowdfunding all about the funds? Davide Calì CTO of BottlesXO and CEO of Expand will answer the question, explaining how the value created by crowdfunding goes way beyond the financial numbers. In connecting creators and entrepreneurs directly with customers and funders crowdfunding acts as a customer centered platform. Customer is put at the center of the very core of the business process, it is not anymore the final consumer to be surveyed and monitored but the inspiratory of the product creation. The evidence of this paradigm shift can be found in the fact that more and more industry giants are testing the water of crowdfunding. They are obviously not looking for funds from the crowd but for answers and inputs from member of their future communities and they are trying to experiment new ways to market their products and engage their customers and prospects.

Davide Cali Chief Technology Officer BottlesXO

Open Innovation - Best Practices for Partnering with Startups!

Moderator: Director, Program, SOSVPanellists including:- CEO, Founder, Rikai- CEO, Founder, Ocheng- COO, BonzunPanel Key Discussion Topics:- How start-ups collaborate with lager corporate- Challenges for start-up to engage with large corporate- Key value propositions to the corporates and hit internal goals- Outstanding examples on resourcing partnership with corporations- The future for startups with corporates 

Panel Innovation Experts Women in Innovation Panel

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Moritz Ludwig is the Managing Director of one of the world’s leading design & consulting agency designaffairs China. designaffairs is a global leading design consultancy with offices in Munich, Erlangen and Shanghai. It was the former design department of Siemens Group, and have years of expertise in branding strategy and innovative design. In his capacity as design director, Ludwig has provided design solution and strategic consulting for more than 20 Fortune 500 companies plus many start-up companies, including Air bus, BMW, Huawei, Mercedes, Bosch, Sennheiser, Siemens and RWE. He is also the mastermind behind the market and award success of FIIL headphones, launched by celebrated musician Wang Feng. His af nity for minimalistic aesthetic and innovative use of material nishing help bringa musican’s product vision to live. Ludwig has lead the team to the winning of multiple global design awards including Red dot, iF award and Good Design. His professions are including transportation, medical, consumer electronics, smart home appliance.

Moritz Ludwig Managing Director Designaffairs

“Blurred Boundary” - New Way of Thinking in Innovative Design

Committed to the highest quality of innovative design with sensibility to the urban context, cultural and environment, Eva will introduce her "Blurred Boundary” theory and some projects to combine art and architecture with design thinking and innovative practices.

Eva Wang Principal Eva Wang Studio

Women in Innovation Session

Bringing Design Thinking into a Big Organization

In this session Georgia talk will cover below points:1)Design thinking based projects that we do2)Design thinking as an innovation process:-Problem solving methodology-Leveraging design capability3)Applying design thinking at the strategic level:-Shift from business centeredness to Customer-centeredness-Balance customer experience with business and operations4)Cultural elements about implanting design thinking:-experiment and take risks-radical collaboration for broad inspiration

Georgia Guo Director, Innovation, China McDonald's

Fireside Chat - Innovative Strategy and Visions for the Future in China Market

Jingfen is leading Henkel China R&D center, used to be responsible for Thermosets platform for new technology development, worked with SBU projects on Automotive, General Industry etc. Now is responsible for Henkel Analytical Center and AR global SHE

Jingfen Zhang Director, R&D Henkel

Wrap-up Q&A and Mini Panel by Women in Innovation Experts

Remember to note down your questions throughout the presentations, in this session all three keynote speakers from Henkel, McDonald's and EWS will be invited back to the stage to answer questions raised by the audiences. Mini Panel Women in Innovation topics including:- Female Executive Leadership - Empower Women in Workplaces-Realize how you can use your position as a leader to mentor and empower your peers & subordinates-Discover how you can be the driving force for change in your organization

Audience Members & Speakers Open Floor Innovation Q&A

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Intrapreneurship- Going Back to the Garage!

Each year, millions enter the Chinese workforce. Although entrepreneurship has become a viable career option, most are not willing to take that route. They end up in large corporations. However, these millennials want a sense of fulfillment and to make a difference. Can corporates step up to give them a platform to voice their ideas, the tools and skills to develop them and resources to bring those ideas to life? How to create a startup-like culture within large organizations to deliver cool new innovations? I'd like to lay out the framework just to do that; the challenges, the uniqueness of doing this in China and share some of the amazing results delivered through Intrapreneurship!

Kapil Kane Director, Innovation Intel

Transformation Project - A New Beginning

Transformation and project are inextricably linked. In this talk, Budianto will look at the exciting and challenging aspects of a transformation project, recognizing how in a new beginning successes and failures are an inseparable part of the journey. He will also explore how multi-disciplinary teams both core functions and project teams are working together to make an impact. The talk will draw connections from various project case studies from business planning, innovation management to M&A corporate transition across FMCG, Food & Beverage and Health Care industry sectors. In the final section, he will explore the insights tool to help identifying opportunities for transformation and better serve company strategic objectives. Business Transformation is a new corporate function in the LEGO Group for developing a new business model and building the organization capabilities for the future.

Budianto Hariadi Director, Project Management Office LEGO

Driving Marketing Innovation: From Communication to Connection

The core of the traditional marketing is communication. A company spreads the brand information through a variety of information channels to the audience. But today, the Internet makes the relationship between the brand and the user, to be not giving and acceptance, but two-way interactive connection. Content, valuable content, become the core elements of the connection. Marketing work, should transfer from communication planning to content planning.

Kevin Guo GM, Strategic Cooperation & Marketing Innovation Department Ctrip

Lunch - Ground Floor Shanghai City Bistro

The Dyson Story and Our Philosophy on Invention

Experienced Category Head with a demonstrated history of working across all aspects of the product design and manufacturing industry. Skilled in Design Management, Product Design and Industrial Design and Design for Manufacture. Heading up research design and development and operations at the Dyson Technology Lab in Shanghai, China.

Tom Bennett Head of RDD & Operations Dyson

From Invention to Innovation: Pushing the Frontiers of Integrated Circuit Industry Applications

In this presentation Professor Zhu will focus on how the R&D work been done in the lab and how to apply the results of academic researches to the industry for actual growth. He will share his insight on businesses combining external research forces such as higher education institution to foster competitive advantages.

Huilong Zhu Professor & Chief Scientist Chinese Academy of Science

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

What You Can Do with a Refrigerator?

This is not just about the story of a refrigerator. Xin Liao, the CEO of Haier Linkcok and General Manager of Ecosystem Innovation at Haier, will review the journey of Haier's corporation transformation, and explore how innovation can position Haier in a totally new area. 

Xin Liao CEO, Haier Linkcook Haier

Round-up and Innovation Key Takeaways

Would you like to leave the event with a toolkit full of successful innovation case studies recommended by 100+ leading R&D and technology leaders and experts from across industries? Then don't miss out this round-up session:  1. All the audience and speakers will be grouped randomly 2. Each group nominate the best innovation case after a group discussion  3. The conference organiser will put all the recommendations together to formulate "The Best Innovation Practices" as a key takeaway  

Innovation Expert Industry Leader Innovation Enterprise

End of the Summit