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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Intro with Enilon

Claire is Partner & EVP of Client Services of Enilon - a digital performance agency. She is responsible for agency innovation, growth and client development. She leads agency business development and marketing, account strategy and planning, and oversees and supports the Account and Project Management departments.

Claire Brunner Partner & EVP, Client Services Enilon

The Future Consumer

Learning about the next generations of consumers is imperative for future-proofing your business. It is important to understand the emerging key segment of consumers, Gen Z, as well as reevaluate our assessment of Gen Y given the broad shifts taking place in the US today. Even if your business doesn’t target or serve them, they will be a driving force for the future. Their expectations around consumer experiences will set a new standard that all businesses should strive toward, regardless of target audience age. Brands need to recognize the defining characteristics of both the current and next generations and develop new muscles needed to win tomorrow. Anna will explore The Future Consumer and why immediacy, personalization, and authenticity remain POPSUGAR’s tried-and-true strategic pillars.

Anna Fieler Chief Marketing Officer POPSUGAR

The Future of the Mobile Web

The world has gone mobile, and brands can't afford to miss out on providing an engaging experience on mobile. Join Thao Tran, Global Product Partnerships Manager at Google, for a discussion on how initiatives such as AMP and PWAs are helping the mobile web start fast and stay fast, all while delivering a seamless user experience.

Thao Tran Head of Global Product Partnerships Google

Marketing Strategies for Hitting the Curveballs

Juliana Paoli brings nearly 15 years of extensive experience in event production, management, marketing and public relations to the San Jose Giants executive team.

Juliana Paoli SVP Comms & CMO San Jose Giants

Morning Coffee

Branding Berkeley

Currently, Ram is serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Universtiy of California, Berkeley, a role he has been in since 2011.

Ram Kapoor Chief Marketing Officer UC Berkeley

Creating Cultural Shift

In the 21st century, great brands will shift culture vs. respond to it. Hear why this matters and how YBCA is attempting to do it.

Jennifer Martindale Chief Marketing Officer Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Anchoring Your Brand - Keys to Success in a Multi-channel Environment

In today's omni-channel marketing environment, we have far less control over our brand messaging. In this talk, we will discuss steps you can take to improve the odds of shaping your brand in the wild. 

Jim Taschetta Chief Marketing Officer Caveman Foods


PANEL: The Path to “yes”: Stories on Getting Creative Alignment

Panelists include:

Ranjith Kumuran, CEO, Hightail Juliana Paoli, CMO & SVP Comms, San Jose Giants Jim Taschetta, CMO, Caveman Foods Bob Purcell, CMO, Purity Cosmetics Jennifer Martindale, CMO, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Ranjith Kumaran CEO Hightail

Using Targeted & Personalized Outreach to Increase Engagement

Bob Purcell is currently the CMO at Purity Cosmetics, 100% PURE is a natural and organic cosmetics beauty firm dedicated to providing healthy skin care, color cosmetics plus bath and body products.

Bob Purcell Chief Marketing Officer Purity Cosmetics

5 Ways to Power Up Your Social Video

Dan Lagani is President & Chief Revenue Officer of Diply. Through 1,000+ engaging, shareable original videos and stories monthly generating 5B social impressions, he is helping Diply redefine how brands engage consumers online through innovative programmatic and branded content programs.

Dan Lagani President & Chief Revenue Officer Diply

Afternoon Coffee

Creating & Pivoting Digital Strategies within Big Brand Companies

Sipra Thakur has 14+ years experience in senior digital marketing 'start-up' roles within established organizations such as IMAX, The Wonderful Company, and Universal Music Group.

Sipra Thakur Former Head, Digital & Mobile Marketing IMAX

Creating Desire Beyond Content

Benish Shah is currently Head of Product Marketing at Refinery29 and is the go to for market strategy for R29 products in digital media and tech; marketing strategy and marketing revenue partnerships for tentpole moments. 

Benish Shah Head of Product Marketing Refinery29

Content Marketing To Build Off-Peak Ridership – BARTable Deals, Events, and Fun Just a BART Ride Away

BART is a regional transportation brand for the Bay Area serving about 2.5 million customers a week, and we are beyond full during peak periods, with help on the way as new train cars arrive to add capacity over the next few years. In the meantime we shifted our marketing to weekends and offpeak periods where we have capacity to carry more customers, introducing a new sub-brand called "BARTable" which uses custom content and multiple channels to promote "deals, events, and fun" just a BART ride away.  We launched about a year ago and quickly built a base of email subscribers and social media followers of over 50,000.  Open rates for our BARTable this week emails is about 25%, and click-through rates also far exceed industry norms. Voters recently approved $3.5 billion to modernize BART. As we rebuild over the next few years we are beginning to reposition ourselves as a service that connects people with destinations they love - shopping, cultural venues, nightlife, sporting events, school, and even visiting family. BARTable is a cornerstone for this shift.Deals, events, and fun just a BART ride

Aaron Weinstein Chief Marketing Officer Bay Area Rapid Transport - BART

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Introduction & Ice-Breaker Session: One Thing I Learned Yesterday

Selling on Social: A Live Workshop

Selling on Social: A Live Workshop

Austin Iuliano Social Media Strategist

PANEL: How to Successfully Adopt a Data & Analytics Strategy to Drive Business Results through Effective Marketing, Both On & Offline

Panelists include:

Alisa Ben, Head of Strategy & Revenue, Rostrum Records

Ali Jafari, VP Business Development, Nextdoor

Alisa Ben Head of Strategy & Revenue Rostrum Records

Moments Matter...Make Yours Iconic

Reaching iconic status is the highest and most profitable form of branding. To achieve this, most businesses pursue iconic features and style within their product franchises. However, just as effective and potentially even more sustainable, is the ability to create signature iconic moments. This requires identifying the pivotal moments in your customer’s journey and developing an innovation platform against those. Come learn how successful businesses have transformed their brands through signature iconic moments.

Key Takeaways:

Successful businesses don’t just chase the old, they innovate the old – making what they are already good at even more iconic
Iconic Status is the highest and most profitable form of branding
Creating signature moments is an effective and sustainable way to build greater iconicity
The key to developing signature moments is first identifying the pivotal moments in your customer’s journey, and innovating against those

Soon Yu Global Vice President, Innovation VF Corporation

Morning Coffee

Big Data 2.0 - How you can Transform your Marketing

Britt Hysen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of MiLLENNiAL, an aspirational media lifestyle platform. In 2014, The White House recognized MiLLENNiAL as one of the most influential digital media sites.

Britt Hysen Editor-in-Chief Millennial Magazine

Marketing in the Era of Industrial Internet

Niloy Sanyal in the CMO for GE Power Digital. Niloy leads the product marketing, demand generation, thought leadership, GTM strategy and for one of the largest software companies in the Power industry. 

Niloy Sanyal Chief Marketing Officer, Digital GE Power

Web Strategies for Multi-Store Service Retailers

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is headquartered in Las Vegas but has stores throughout the US.  As Google’s focus swung heavily toward local search, Sunburst had a problem. Its site - which is hosted in Las Vegas - was not getting great SEO results in other markets due to its location. Knowing that duplication of website content was the kiss of death, Sunburst developed a strategy that fit Google’s parameters and allowed all stores to see a huge increase in web traffic, conversions and sales.

John Barnes Chief Marketing Officer Sunburst Shutters

Workshop: Disruptive Marketing

Geoffrey Colon is a Communications Designer and Social Data Expert at Microsoft for the Search Advertising Group.

Geoff Colon Group Product Marketing Manager, Emerging Media Microsoft