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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

The skills gap in marketing

General Assembly, in partnership with L'Oreal, has created an assessment test of digital marketing skills. Over 20,000 people have taken the test: VC-backed companies, Fortune 500 companies, digital marketing managers, traditional marketing managers, entry-level, executive-level, even those in marketing-related functions like merchandising, buying, and finance. The results will surprise you.

This session will reveal the details of the digital marketing gap - what industries, what functions, what levels, what specific skills? It will also explore the implications - what skills can you develop personally which will differentiate you in the market? How you can build better teams that will help you avoid the digital marketing gap.

Edward Nevraumont Chief Marketing Officer General Assembly

Crafting the heritage of a 165-year-old brand

As CMO of Global Brands for Levis, Jen will be sharing her insight and first hand accounts of how storytelling is the key to emotionally engaging consumers and building a meaningful brand for the long term.

Jen Sey Chief Marketing Officer of Global Brands Levi Strauss & Co

Mastering micro moments: Effectively using a multi channel program to create and capture demand

Rob Smith, VP of Marketing with Kodak Moments, will be sharing his insights through a close look case study about how Kodak Moments created demand through celebrating small, everyday moments with the brand and then captured the demand through a multi-channel direct response effort.  The results include strong business growth metrics driven directly by a multi-channel marketing program.

Rob Smith VP & Chief Marketing Officer Kodak Moments

Networking Coffee Break

Punching above your weight: Building a challenger brand

The multi-unit, California fast-casual restaurant, MIXT, has been a consistent hit with lunch crowds with their healthy and sustainable meals. VP of Marketing, Brigitte Brady-Harris, will explore the way in which she leads all aspects of hospitality marketing for this high-growth, technology-driven brand and will take you on a journey on her experience of changing perceptions through first hand case studies.

Brigitte Brady-Harris Vice President of Marketing Mixt Greens

Embracing disruption: How to remodel a legacy brand for a content and digital-first world

Guinness World Records (GWR) has had to embrace disruption to survive and has remodelled its brand strategy to appeal to a whole new audience, growing from a single best-selling book to a multi-platform, global IP brand. In this session GWR shares its strategic journey, offers tips and tricks on how to build an impactful content marketing strategy, and reveals how the company now helps brands to use the unique power of record-breaking to amplify their message and create campaigns that are ‘Officially Amazing’.

Samantha Fay Senior Vice President, Global Brand Strategy Guinness World Records

The future of app marketing

Why have apps become so popular? This talk will cover major trends of the App Store and app distribution strategies for big corporations and small independent developers.

Denys Zhadanov VP of Marketing Readdle

Networking Lunch

Building consumer loyalty 365 days a year

In the dash to capitalize on the latest technology,
marketers may overlook the importance of heartfelt connections with customers.
As Chief Commercial Officer of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Kathleen can discuss
her role as the consumer champion. Drawing on examples of Kimpton’s “ridiculously
personal” experiences, such as tweeting guests pre-check in to celebrate
special occasions, noting when a weary traveler needs a glass of wine, sharing
local insights for dining and entertainment, or delighting in
consumer-generated content, attendees will learn how to forge personal
relationships by listening online and off – a strategy that has made Kimpton
the best-loved hospitality company.

Kathleen Reidenbach Chief Commercial Officer Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Your product is your brand

It’s important to tell a good story about your product. But it’s a heckuva lot more valuable when the product tells that story for you. Whether you’re addressing broad audiences or delivering a specific brand message, building storytelling into your product development process helps your company walk the walk before you talk the talk.

Eric Schlakman Head of Product Content Uber

The Early Days of the Challenger Brand Revolution

Big brands in the consumer vertical are being disrupted at an alarming pace by challenger brands.  The old model of innovate/advertise is dead.  These new brands operate quickly, efficiently, and importantly challenge archaic business models.  They are building a deep 1:1 connection with consumers and finding a unique tone of voice.  A new breed of worker, one that is mission driver, is enabling the success of these companies.  This talk will explore the root causes of the challenger brand revolution and detail ways in which we can all participate.

Adam Simons Head of Emerging Brands The Clorox Company

The Art & Science of Digital Transformation: Behind the Scenes @ Adobe’s Marketing Transformation

The Marketing function is increasingly complex and evolving more rapidly than any other function. The convergence of marketing, technology and data science/analytics is behind this evolution. Despite the plethora of capabilities available today and a marketer’s job is increasingly difficult. Firms across industries need to undergo a major transformation to sustain their competitive edge in this experience-led world.Join this session to hear about Adobe’s own wildly-successful transformation, how to balance the art & the science of marketing and lessons learnt in our journey.

Parthiv Sheth Senior Director of Marketing Technology & Operations Adobe

Networking Coffee Break

The culture of humanization: People marketing to people

Abstract coming soon.

Cat Cvengros VP of Development & Marketing Second Harvest Food Bank

Fireside chat: The good and the bad of using VR as a marketing tool

Join IMAX's ex Head of Digital and Mobile Marketing, Sipra Thakur, who has led multiple digital campaigns for the brand, including their VR ventures. Listen in to an intimate talk with the marketer as she shares her thoughts and insights on the positives and negatives of using VR & AR as a marketing tool. 

Sipra Thakur Former Head, Digital & Mobile Marketing IMAX

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

The biggest marketing challenges of 2018

Join us for a hands on, roundtable session to discuss and solve the biggest marketing challenges of 2018.

Roundtable Session Roundtable Session Innovation Enterprise

How to talk shop with a Nobelist (and other conundrums of working at UC Berkeley)

For UC Berkeley’s first brand campaign, CMO
Ram Kapoor and his team fanned out across the idyllic 1232 acre Berkeley campus
to look for the stories behind the breakthroughs. Their search took them from
Nobel prize winners on campus to researchers scattered across the globe, to
undergraduate students who spent every waking (and occasionally, sleeping) hour
in the labs. This is a story of not just finding the nuggets but also
burnishing them to make them emotive and compelling to the lay public. The
story finds its happy ending on campus as Ram and his team leverage the
campaign to unite a diverse set of stakeholders and their constituents. This
session is packed full of insights and lessons for all manner of marketers and

Ram Kapoor Chief Marketing Officer UC Berkeley

What politicians know about marketing that business owners don't

Businesses aren’t keeping up with the changing marketing landscape, and corporate marketing agencies don’t help — taking advantage of their client’s lack of knowledge with lackluster results. Phillip comes from a different, more cut-throat world of marketing: politics. Working on five presidential campaigns and putting hundreds of candidates in office, Phillip has played the game of marketing on the highest level, battling it out with fierce competition and multi-million dollar budgets. In his keynote, Phillip shares the top marketing strategies influencing elections and how the changing political landscape creates massive opportunities that are still a secret to most business owners. These strategies have already worked in the world’s most ruthless marketing arena - it’s time to bring them to your business.

Phillip Stutts CEO Go BIG Media Inc.

Networking Coffee Break

Driving growth & engagement through triggers and rewards programs

Join Amazon's Ankur Prasad, Head of Marketing from Amazon Appstore, and learn how their team has successfully driven user growth and engagement through triggers and rewards. Hear about their biggest hits and missed and dive into how the Amazon Appstore runs experiments to better understand customers, builds tools to automate programs and adapts as the mobile landscape rapidly changes.

Ankur Prasad Head of Marketing Amazon Appstore

The growth of Shipt: The power of effective acquisition strategies

A focussed discussion on Shipt and its growth through their successful user acquisition strategies, join three representatives from the growing brand as they share their insights.

Kar Paramasivam Head of Growth Marketing Shipt

Networking Lunch

Compassionate content: effectively utilising emotion in your marketing

As Head of Brand Marketing at GoFundMe, Kevin will share his insight into how to best utilise compassionate content to evoke emotion in audiences.

Kevin Platshon Head of Brand Marketing GoFundMe

Introducing the Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging

Did you know that on average, a consumer packaged goods company takes 198 days to make a packaging change? And in a recent study, 36 percent of marketers say they respond to consumer feedback or issues with product packaging within three months. With ever changing government regulations and consumer’s demanding instant gratification, this slow process to implement changes deems problematic.In this session, Danaher's Product Identification Director of Customer Insights and Experience, Danielle Sauve discusses digital transformation of packaging and how using the Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging will allow marketers to increase speed-to-market, develop deeper cross-collaboration between departments such as design and packaging and improve quality and cost position.

Danielle Sauvé Director of Customer Insights and Experience Danaher

Experience is the future of marketing

Retail trends are moving beyond click & mortar and those that manage to find ways to engage with their Customers via Experiences find their Brand Loyalty increasing alongside Sales. Lets chat about these trends and how you can take advantage of them for your customers.

MQ Qureshi Founder & CEO Xoobies