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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview


Ci Ci Holloway Head of People & Talent CSM Sports & Entertainment

How to Turn your Strategic Planning into a Powerful Asset for Modern Turbulent Times

Relevant best practices from heading up strategic planning at three different blue chip companies will be shared and discussed to address questions such as typical issues and perceptions about internal strategy teams and processes, key roles and responsibilities of the strategy function and its leader, creating a strategic planning process that facilitates an insightful and engaging dialogue and leveraging internal strategy to instill constant innovation during turbulent times.

Alfredo Sciascia Former Head of Strategic Planning Group American Express

Portfolio Transformation: an Evolving Strategy

Greg Hocking Vice President, Strategy & Portfolio Management PepsiCo

Strategy That Works

In today's economy, strategy requires a capabilities-forward and market-back approach.  In addition to understanding inherent market characteristics, organizations need to assess and find a way to speak about their capabilities - i.e., the people, processes, tools and structures that help them win. Global research from Strategy&  shows empirically that companies with a deep understanding of their differentiating capabilities, and a focus on using that insight to guide their most important decisions, grow faster and are more profitable than those that don't. In this presentation, Strategy& expert Amy Murphy will offer insights into tools executives can use to  step back and consider what really matters to their company's success.

Amy Murphy Director strategy&
Paul Leinwand Principal strategy&

Morning Coffee Break

Building a Successful Strategic Team – It’s More Than Strategy

In this presentation, Suzy relates from her experience at NASA the importance of the “human element” in successful team building. She will share how their team works on Individual Leadership & Teamwork, along with Strategy, to ensure success for their Directorate, now and in the future.

Suzy Cunningham Manager, Strategy Integration NASA

Bridging Strategy, Design and Delivery: What are Leaders doing?

The Brightline Initiative commissioned the Economist Intelligent Unit (EIU) to undertake a research for a better understanding of why many organizations fail to bridge the gap between strategy design and delivery. The research involved a global multimedia-sector survey of 500 senior executives from companies with annual revenues of $1billion or more. In his presentation, Ricardo Vargas, Executive Director of The Brightline Initiative, will provide some insight on the key findings of the research and discuss more specially what Leaders are doing to consistently and successfully deliver their strategic objectives. Ricardo will draw connections between the findings and 10 guiding principles developed by the Brightline initiative to help organizations close the gap.

Ricardo Vargas Executive Director Brightline Initiative

How Comprehensive Design Thinking Can Transform the Patient Experience

When patients go to the hospital, they are often provided with products that are focused on function and not on how they look or make patients feel. Care+Wear, an innovative healthwear company, discusses the importance of working in conjunction with doctors, nurses, patients and designers on products to ensure that the needs of all parties, medically and emotionally, are met. Chaitenya Razdan, Co-Founder and CEO of Care+Wear, will explain Care+Wear’s successful comprehensive design process, which examines both cost and function, while providing patients with comfortable and stylish solutions so that they can have much more positive healing experiences. 

Chaitenya Razdan Co Founder and CEO Care+Wear

Innovation Invigoration: Creating, Implementing and Executing a New Program for Your Brand

At the Mount Sinai Health System, a Same Day Appointment Program was established in 2015 at the Department of Otolaryngology. Presenter Lisa Chase, Director of Marketing and Operations Strategy for the Department, in conjunction with Physician Access Services, established this Program as the first of its kind at an academic medical center on the East Coast. Planning, implementation and execution entailed onboarding and assisting with the development of an online referral app, developing an ops and communication system with Physician Access Services, and devising the operational components and strategy going forward. Learn about the backend details of planning a new program for your brand, the execution and pitfalls associated with it, measuring your success, and how to manage up leadership when told, “Just launch it now!” 

Lisa Chase Head of Marketing & Operations Strategy Mount Sinai Health System


From Friction to Fusion: How Marketers Innovate in Traditional Industries

Monique will discuss the importance of embracing both external customer resistance and internal organizational friction to create new ways of doing business and advancing innovation. Learn how a 130-year old traditional manufacturing company pivoted to adopt innovative B2C ecommerce strategies and technology by infusing a non-traditional approach strategic marketing. Also explore the evolving role of the Chief Strategist and CMO and discuss what new skill sets are valued, how does technology change the game and what new organizational structures are on the horizon.

Monique Elliot Global Head of Digital Commerce GE Power

Session Introduction featuring Hartford Consulting


Michael Cocca President Intellagents

Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned in Strategy Implementations Gone Wrong

How do you ensure that strategy is executed well? What are some challenges you have experienced with bad execution? Is there any advantage to having a closer relationship with the finance function? What are the most important issues facing strategists today? Have you encountered a lack of internal support for your plan? How have you addressed this? How does the external environment affect the plan and your approach? What tools and metrics do you use to assess success? Panelists Include:Donnetta Campbell, Founder, Social Architects Mishu Rahman, Executive Office of the President, Change AgentAlex Cavalieri, Head of Marketing, CION SecuritiesPanel ModeratorThierry Van Landegem, Former Vice President Innovation, Bell Labs

Thierry Van Landegem Former Vice President Innovation Bell Laboratories

Afternoon Coffee Break

Incorporating Social Good into your Strategy

Hear how one organization has incorporated social good and giving into their brand, strategy and sales incentives over the past 8 years. Cami Boehme, COO at Viridian Energy, shares her insights and how giving back has helped grow this brand.

Cami Boehme Chief Operating Officer Viridian

Keynote session featuring Rutgers University

Gene Slowinski, Ph.D. Director, Strategic Alliance and Open Innovation Research Rutgers University

Keeping your Knees Bent: How to Build a Sturdy Digital Foundation for Rapid Change

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point. With challengers entering the space from every corner of the tech sector, to the uncertainty in Washington around our insurance markets, it’s more critical than ever for healthcare to complete its digital transformation with agility and an open mind. Learn how Northwell Health retooled its digital capabilities to give itself the flexibility it needed to weather this time of change.

Emily Kagan-Trenchard VP of Digital & Innovation Strategy Northwell Health

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Ci Ci Holloway Head of People & Talent CSM Sports & Entertainment

STAR: An Effective approach to ensure successful launches through outstanding implementation

This is an approach to align all members of a launch team to be prepared, ready to plan and implement an outstanding program. New products are the ones that sustains a company growth and future expansion. It is key to be sharp on the planning as well as flawless in the execution. Diego will present an example of how working with the right tool, can ensure alignment across areas and functions, increase commitment towards the execution, create environments of strategic discussions and provide visibility to the process across all involved stakeholders.

Diego Grauman General Manager Novartis

Communicating Strategy: The Dos And Don'ts

Traci will discuss how best to communicate strategy across all levels so that it achieves effective buy-in. 

Traci Spero Sr. Director, HR Strategy & Analytics Canon

How Iconic Brands Can Remain Relevant And Authentic Amid Evolving Consumer Preferences

The food industry is facing a remarkable challenge: how to satisfy consumer demand for great taste, while addressing health concerns related to the consumption of calories and sugar. This endeavor is especially poignant for established global food companies like Mars Wrigley Confectionery, which has been manufacturing beloved treats such as M&M’S for 75 years. While consumers enjoy the iconic sweets they’ve grown up with, they also want more options to meet their evolving personal health needs. That is why Mars Wrigley Confectionery has implemented several new strategies to ensure they are addressing the refining tastes of their loyal consumers. At the Chief Strategy Officer Summit, Matt Lloyd, Vice President of Business Development for Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S, will discuss how Mars Wrigley Confectionery has taken new actions that offer choice and transparency, representing millions of dollars and investments and thousands of hours of research. Innovating to lower fat and remove artificial colors are just a few of these actions – which have already been met with resounding enthusiasm. Matt will also offer recommendations and specific steps other brands can take as they innovate to offer more choice, while continuing to remain authentic to their iconic products.

Matthew Lloyd VP, Business Development and Strategy Mars Chocolate North America

Morning Coffee Break

Workshop: Mind The Gap - 10 Principles To Successfully Bridge Strategy Design and Delivery

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, participants will discover the 10 Brighline principles developed to help organizations bridge the costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the principles on a practical example.

Ricardo Vargas Executive Director Brightline Initiative

Corporate Innovation within a Fortune 100 Company

For many today, the term “corporate innovation” conjures up names of West Coast technology companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, as well as images of “The Valley”, and hungry startups with large unicorn visions. As most Fortune 1,000 companies confront the challenges of innovation, exchanging ideas around various mechanisms employed by non-technology firms can provide instructive models. In this presentation, Roger and Maddie will discuss the challenges and the practices for innovating within large companies, highlighting how TIAA – a 100-year old financial services firm –  is approaching these issues. They will focus on the interconnections between innovation, strategy, and execution, discussing the ways in which large corporations can organize themselves and leverage their corporate strategy teams to help drive innovative culture.And Madeline Gray- Analyst, Corporate Strategy and Develpoment

Roger Marinzoli Senior Managing Director, Head of Corporate Strategy & Development TIAA
Madeline Gray Analyst-Corporate Strategy and Development TIAA

Departure Lunch