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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Opening Remarks

Jeannette Spaulding Chief Strategy Officer Inveniam Labs

The Role of the Strategist in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Role of the Strategist in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Since the 18th century, technology has propelled human progress at breakneck speeds. The First Industrial Revolution ushered in the mechanization of production. Then, the Second Industrial Revolution brought assembly lines, railways, and telegraph systems, skyrocketing the world’s production, shipping and communication capabilities. The Third Industrial Revolution brought us the internet and digitization of services. Now, we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by a convergence of multiple digital technologies that will eventually blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological realms. As VR break downs the barriers between perception and reality, AI leads us to question the nature of consciousness, and blockchain challenges our relationships with governments and long-established institutions.

As the strategists of our organizations, we are responsible for not only tackling these challenges but also identifying the opportunities that will bring our organizations success in this new paradigm. Concretely, that means: 1) breaking down silos to increase connectivity and collaboration, 2) embracing the rapid changes that converging technologies bring, and 3) adapting to a world in which each individual has more power than ever before. These objectives can appear to be at odds with one another according to widely accepted norms. However, as strategy officers, we must stretch ourselves to find unconventional ways to define and achieve our organization’s objectives—in an environment that challenges the very foundation upon which civilization was built tens of thousands of years ago.

Jeannette Spaulding Chief Strategy Officer Inveniam Labs

Strategically Navigating Through a Dynamic Healthcare Environment

This session will illustrate the importance of understanding your market landscape, with specific reference to the evolving healthcare marketplace, as well as potential business implications. We will discuss ways to navigate through uncertainty in consideration of how the future could tangibly impact an organization’s marketplace offerings, customer focus, and culture.

David Kamenir Vice President, Enterprise Strategy Novo Nordisk

Executing Strategy In Our Dynamic Environment

Your business environment is changing rapidly. In fact, the speed of change is accelerating. The magnitude and variety of the types of changes are increasing. Large organizations are failing more frequently, supply chains are stressed by rapidly rising materials and logistics costs, and then there are tariffs. Meanwhile, currency exchange rate fluctuations are intensifying, products are being virtualized, services are being virtualized, and you just got disrupted by a small undercapitalized team that could envision how all those virtual pieces could be put together to eat your lunch at scale. Globally. For a tenth of the cost.
How do we execute strategy in such a dynamic environment? If your tactics require frequent adjustments, how do you make sure you are actually executing a strategy? How do you know if the strategy remains valid in the current state of the environment?
Eugene will share a simple metaphor he uses to help ensure alignment to strategy, and that the potential side effects of tactical changes are adequately addressed. After providing a few examples of how the metaphor has helped him in the past, he’ll ask audience members to succinctly share their approaches or to ask questions.

Eugene Seagriff Director of Go To Market Strategy LG Electronics

Networking Coffee Break

Profiling the Digital Transformation of a Life Science Company

Life Sciences Overview: Understanding the macro issue and how the sector is being disrupted globally
· Developing an effective transformation strategy and vision: Road map, buy-in, digital focus, investment and change management
· Using digitalization and new technologies like AI to create new, innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers

Melissa Saw Global Head of Digital Partnerships Bayer

Fireside Chat: Data-Driven Insights Delivering Highly Personalized Patient Experience

Attend this session to glean insights into a new world of digitally-powered, highly personalized patient experiences. • Outcome models • Consumer segmentation • Targeted marketing • Varying healthcare technology like devices/ telemedicine etc. to deliver superior patient experience and better outcomes

Rajni Aneja Global Head Digital Strategy & Transformation Novartis
Dr. Belen Carrillo-Rivas Head of Global Clinical Submissions Quality Worldwide Safety and Regulatory Pfizer

An Entrepreneur’s Lessons from Launching the Fastest-Growing Mobile-First Bank

During this session, Luvleen Sidhu will discuss how BankMobile grew from an idea in 2014 to the largest and most successful mobile-first bank in the country. Attendees will learn:
- How the idea of BankMobile came to be and the challenges she overcame to launch it in January 2015
- The ways in which BankMobile leverages technology to create a simple, seamless banking experience
- The importance of a strong mission that drives business decisions
- Why she decided to implement a B2B2C strategy and how it has helped BankMobile’s success

Luvleen Sidhu Chief Strategy Officer BankMobile


Fireside Chat: Big to Small and Back Again: Building Brands at Whole Foods and Beyond

Elly Truesdell shares experiences from her career at Whole Foods Market overseeing Local Brands and Product Innovation, and newer stories as Chief Strategy Officer at Canopy Foods. 10 years spent supporting young companies, for the nation’s largest national and organic retailer, Truesdell saw it all: from craft coffee, to yogurt production, oyster farms to vegan pastry operations. She met some of the region and country’s best food producers and has made a career of supporting and scaling them, big to small.

Elly Truesdell Chief Strategy Officer Canopy Foods
Mary Beth Vultee Vice President of Purchasing Whole Foods Market

Panel: Art & Science of Strategy Execution

The strategy officer is responsible for driving successful execution of the strategic plan to move the business forward. Applying and maintaining execution to strategy is paramount to achieve success. Attend this session to learn how the art of execution applies to developing the strategic plan, engaging key business initiatives and teams and managing performance at varying touchpoints along the way. Glean the tools and skills necessary to take strategic plans to fruition.

Richard Calixto Vice President of Strategic Planning and Forecasting Richline Group
Kosha Gada Corporate Executive Director, Strategy Comcast NBCUniversal
Falguni Desai Global Head of Strategy, Equities Credit Suisse
Luvleen Sidhu Chief Strategy Officer BankMobile
Leyda Hernández Chief Executive Officer C'est du Luxe

Networking Coffee Break

How to Achieve People and Culture Change as Necessary Components in Strategy Delivery and Execution

The role of leadership throughout the organization to execute strategy means the role of leaders is to help others move through the transition state of change to realize the future more quickly and efficiently.

Lisa Hanger Project Director GlaxoSmithKline

Prioritization, Strategy and IT

Before the delivery of quality work comes the prioritization of initiatives, and before that is the need for effective communication of a measurable strategy. Senior Leaders’ ability to understand and link work back to the strategy is imperative in ensuring good outcomes for employees and customers. During this session Whitnee will discuss some of the steps JetBlue has taken to link strategy to work and ensure great outcomes for customers and employees alike.

Whitnee Hawthorne Director, Strategic Execution Technology JetBlue

Creating Your Own Future; Yes You Can

Whether you are in an industry facing disruption, or you are with a company that is looking for the spaces where you can be the disruptor, the big question is how to most accurately predict where you should play given many possible paths. Join Maria Ferrante-Schepis, President of Maddock Douglas, Inc., on a journey to explore how behavioral trends, unmet market needs, your core competencies and a healthy dose of science can create a powerful weapon against uncertainty, and help you find a unique path for innovation and long term growth. The session will immerse you in some examples, and provide actionable steps that you can apply immediately with your teams.

Maria Ferrante-Schepis President Maddock Douglas

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Jeannette Spaulding Chief Strategy Officer Inveniam Labs

Networking Cocktail Reception & End of Summit

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Opening Remarks

Thomas Beach Chief Data Strategist United States Patent & Trademark Office

Fireside Chat: Culmination of Strategy, Leadership and Impact

Is your strategy living up to it's billing? Do leaders, those you have entrusted to carry out your strategy have the capacity and capability to achieve the level of impact you are hoping to deliver? During this in-depth conversation with Steve Schloss, Chief People Officer/United States Golf Association and Amy Friedman, CEO/Partners International, Steve will share his insights and perspective as the USGA engage in an intentional transformation as a "124-year old start-up" aligned with their strategic plan and core values. Steve will also share his insights and experience around global and impact-driven leadership through his thirty-year journey as a senior executive who has built, scaled, and helped transform a diverse range of global organizations.

Amy Friedman CEO & Founder Partners International
Steve Schloss Chief People Officer United States Golf Association

Panel: Building, Training and Maintaining Strong Teams

Join this panel to glean key strategies and facilitation techniques for building, training and attaining great teams and creating successful team dynamics. • Learn to develop skills that enhance communication and trust • Align teams around common goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute, and deliver • Cultivate productivity while navigating the various stages of development, process and execution in addressing your organization's talent pipeline
• Plan and organize for talent pipeline success
• Develop practical skills for leading and motivating team members
• Build strategies for coping with team challenges
• Partnering with different functions outside to develop the skills of existing teams
• Addressing training and development challenges for these new skills
• Creating organizational changes around employee engagement to create long-term development of talent and align business objectives
• Efforts impacting retention rate
• Hiring differently in the age of the millennial - how organizations are adapting to better accommodate

Arvin Bansal Director, Cyber Governance, Strategy & Risk AmerisourceBergen
Dr. Anne G. Robinson Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Strategy, Analytics and Systems Verizon
Eddie Revis Senior Director of Marketing & Media Chobani

Networking Coffee Break

Creating a Transformational Roadmap

This presentation will outline strategies, best practices on how to roadmap and focus on key messaging, development and rollout to achieve your transformational goal.
•  Outline drivers, specific goals and strategies for the transformation program
•  Develop a transformation roadmap across multiple areas of the business
•  Push for continued IT enablement: simplify, automate and streamline
•  Identify areas/key strategic programs to invest to make a difference

John Callery Managing Director, Global Head of Workforce Strategy BNY Mellon

Driving Effective Data Strategy at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

In order to get ahead, organizations must leverage their many streams of data to anticipate consumer needs all along the value chain. Attend this session to learn the many opportunities and challenges that arise when leveraging advances in data analytics to improve connectivity to your customer.
• Challenges to implementation • How to partner with key teams to achieve better results, faster • Leveraging advanced solutions, frameworks, models to get closer to the customer and anticipate their journey

Thomas Beach Chief Data Strategist United States Patent & Trademark Office

Bridging the Gap Between Speed and Agility

In the last decade we have seen a significant shift in macro trends and consumer habits. Aging population in developed markets and population growth in emerging markets, technology explosion, activism of governments and consumer groups are factors leading to channel disruption and much needed changes in the way CPGs conduct business. Regulatory landscape, environmentally conscious consumers, small and fast moving players, a plethora of choices and diminishing brand loyalty are accelerating the need for innovation and stewardship agility.
Large corporations, constrained by margin requirements and large overhead and assets, are fighting a novel threat. Within a classic set up created to deliver scale, speed to market, breakthrough innovation and quick response to a changing business environment are not only serious challenge but also a great opportunity.
This presentation shows how PepsiCo is taking on the challenge of agility in a scale environment, responding to increasingly complex consumer demands.

Lucia Ponginebbi, Ph.D. VP, Global Snacks Platforms, PepsiCo R&D PepsiCo


Fireside Chat: Mapping to the Customer

In order to get ahead, organizations must leverage their many streams of data to anticipate consumer needs all along the value chain. Attend this session to learn the many opportunities and challenges that arise when leveraging advances in data analytics to improve connectivity to your customer.
• Challenges to implementation
• How to partner with key teams to achieve better results, faster
• Leveraging advanced solutions, frameworks, models to get closer to the customer and anticipate their journey

Jonathan Chin-Shepard Vice President, Media Strategy & Partnerships Viacom
Thomas Beach Chief Data Strategist United States Patent & Trademark Office

Defining & Building Effective Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed brand strategy trickles down to consumer needs, all the way down to the intangibles - separating the signal from the noise. Attend this session to understand the art & science of progressive & effective brand building and sustaining techniques to boost your business and retain consumer value for years to come. Components for a comprehensive brand strategy to include: • Defining purpose, vision and differentiation to evoke brand loyalty.

Will Roth Vice President of Content + Strategy The Foundry

Fireside Chat: Future of Retail: How Companies Must Adjust to How Consumers Like to Shop

Retail’s Pivot: How Companies Can Adjust to How Modern Consumers Shop
This discussion will explore why the modern consumer increasingly has a preference for experience and access over ownership, with companies from NetJets to Volvo/ Porshe providing salient examples. As a result of this shift, the brands that will thrive will be those that adapt a "digital first” model built upon immersive experiences such as augmented reality, 3D imagery, video and artificial intelligence. Retail’s Pivot will also dive into the ways in which digital first brands can offer high-touch experiences through various sharing economy business models that in many cases must still encompass brick and mortar footprints.

Chris Huston Editor-in-Chief
Christine Philip Strategic Director Flont

Networking Coffee Break

End of Summit