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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview - CiCi Holloway

Utilizing Scenario Based Planning to Drive Results

Mike will explore how you can utilize Scenario Based Planning to Drive Results. Using a case study approach he will reveal the key components that were used when this was undertaken at UPS.

Michael McLary Vice President, Strategy UPS

Morneau Shepell’s One2Team Success Story: Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution

Learn how Morneau Shepell moved to an agile execution framework to sustain growth, improve processes and sharpen execution time. Justin Horning, Strategy Lead, will walk through how Morneau Shepell became a “nimble hippo” and a shining example for internal operational excellence. A well-executed RFP process and rapid implementation led to a scalable One2Team platform and a host of benefits, while the biggest gain was to tie their core values to the agile execution framework for strategic initiatives.

Stephan Schirrecker Chief Product Officer One2Team

A Path to Total Health

KP has been exploring Total Health for several years, a holistic approach to address the health – mind, body and spirit – of members and communities, including a focus on the underlying determinants of health beyond medical care including family history and genetics, personal behaviors and environmental and social factors. Paul will share how KP’s vision of Total Health shapes our strategies and our work to improve the state of physical, mental, and social well-being for our members and the communities we serve.

Paul Swenson Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer Kaiser Permanente

Coffee Break Introduction

Moovila is an enterprise execution platform that allows teams to easily collaborate around shared visions and projects. The platform enables accountability, boosts team and personal productivity, improves communication and drives bottom-up engagement around critical objectives. Learn more about how you can experience a smarter way to engage at

Mike Psenka CEO Moovila

Coffee Break

Translating Customer Insights into Innovation

What do customers want and how do we give it to them? In this session, Ravi will discuss how an investment in customer research has driven innovation and sustainable growth for the New Jersey Devils, Prudential Center, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Ravi Shah Vice President, Strategy New Jersey Devils

Achieving Strategic Agility - Bend but don’t Break

In a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, many strategies simply don’t work. They are quickly overcome by change, disruption, or other unforeseen circumstances. More often than not, however, it’s the inflexibility of the strategy itself, rather than ensuing circumstances, that result in its demise. During this session, we will question, observe, and examine four key principles in achieving strategic agility.

Patrick Conway Chief Knowledge Officer US Army

Digital Disruption - What's Next

How is digital disruption changing the competitive landscape and "what's next"? In today's business climate where the speed of innovation is accelerating, revenue and product adoption challenges are becoming harder, how do we as leaders of strategy functions adapt / change and add value. Additional lines if you wane to add / if time permits: Why is today a great time to be in strategy and how we can make our companies successful in the future. 

Abhinav Bhatnagar Director, Global Cloud Operations & Strategy Google

Corporater Introduction Speach

Abstract To Follow

Tor Inge Vasshus Founder & CEO Corporater


Prioritizing Customer Lifecycle Managment

Griselda specializes in creating more value for users and future-proofing growth by prioritizing Customer Lifecycle Managment. Here she will share her thoughts on how Yahoo manages to achieve this.

Griselda Fernandez Senior Director, User Planning Yahoo

Will Software Eat Management Consulting?

Management is among the few fields that won’t be automated out of existence. Big data and Artificial Intelligence still can’t anticipate or adjust to organizational behavior based on figures and past data alone. But a new era of technology may replace consultants as a source of insight amid organizational transformation.

What can management theory learn from advances in AI that bring us robotic surgery and self-driving cars?
How can sentiment analysis tools created by politicians enable busy executives to spot problems early, and correct course during strategy implementation?
How are companies like Johnson & Johnson, Staples, and Walmart applying the concept of structured dialogue to business transformation initiatives?

CorpU founder and “management tech” pioneer, Alan Todd, will explain why the convergence of emerging technologies and analytics is beginning to challenge management paradigms from Taylor to Drucker to Kotter, and may soon trigger a step change in management theory and practice.Translating strategy into action is crucial to achieving organizational objectives. However, the complex nature of organizations makes strategy implementation an extremely challenging process. Academic research and anecdotal complaints from managers show that most companies struggle with strategy implementation. Common obstacles to strategy implementation that have been reported in the literature include problems with planning, resource management, conflicting priorities, and communication. However, these barriers might be the symptoms to deeper and systemic problems.

Alan Todd CEO CorpU

Make to Think: Using Design Thinking to Innovate.

Corporations have to be on their toes and innovate in a highly competitive industry. I'll share the mindset and process for running a quick timeboxed design thinking exercise that we call Discovery sprints. We have learned that discovery sprints help us move fast and focus on the most important problems in an agile environment.

Pree Kolari Senior Director, Design Strategy & Research eBay

Coffee Break

Innovative Strategies: Building the Country’s Largest Digital Bank

Thirty-one-year-old millennial Luvleen Sidhu co-founded what has become the country’s largest and fastest-growing mobile-first bank: BankMobile. In January 2015, she launched the company alongside her father, Jay Sidhu, in order to offer a unique banking experience all through a smartphone or tablet device, utilizing cutting edge technology to make banking seamless. And Luvleen had one main mission: to financially empower millennials and the underbanked. A short 18 months after launch, Luvleen spearheaded the growth of the bank’s customer base to approximately two million customers, through a unique customer acquisition strategy. BankMobile became part of the Top 25 Banks in the country and continues to grow exponentially today.

Luvleen Sidhu Chief Strategy Officer BankMobile

Panel - Aligning Your Strategy to Customer Expectations

A corporate strategy needs to bare the core values of customer needs however this can often get lost in the implementation phase. This panel will explore ways you can effectively engage with consumers to fufill their expectations.PanelistsRob Gegenwarth, SVP Strategy Weath and Investment Management, Wells FargoMike McLary, VP Strategy, UPSPree Kolari, Senior Director, Design Strategy & Research, eBayIf you're interested in joining this panel, please contact Allie at

Rob Gegenwarth SVP, Strategy Wealth and Investment Management Wells Fargo

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview - Alan Leeds

Strategic Planning for an Accelerating, Connected, Purpose-Driven World

In today’s hyper-connected business context, how can we design our strategic planning process to cut right to bigger, disruptive strategies? In this session, Claudio Ludovisi will lay out a process to zoom out past the typical 5 year horizon to disconnect from the way you do business today, and zoom back in to an action plan to get into action faster. He will also cover techniques to leverage the “whole organizational brain”, not just the typical left brain analysis, but advanced right brain collective techniques to energize and create from a clear vision of the future.

Claudio Ludovisi VP, Head of Strategy & Business Planning Disney ABC Television Group

GE’s Digital Sales Transformation Journey

At GE, we are transforming the way our 25,000 field sales professionals in 180 countries work, so that we can transform the customer experience. I will share the key learnings from GE’s Digital Transformation journey, as we work to enable new organic growth by delivering insights and enabling rapid collaboration between businesses and functions to dramatically improve our customer’s experience

Cate Gutowski Vice President – GE Digital Thread GE Digital

Corporate Innovation Strategy: From HiTech to FinTech, and Innowashing to the Real Thing

Innovation, within and between individuals, teams, organizations and companies is challenging, frustrating, energizing, disappointing, inspiring, rewarding and many other things. Establishing and moreover executing an effective corporate innovation strategy is crucial to helping companies not only maintain momentum but ultimately grow through meaningful differentiation. In this brief plunge, Michael will illustrate how a myriad of dynamics and elements can be exploited to create astonishing value or to waste precious time, resources and money.

Michael Flynn VP Strategy & Innovation Bank of the West

Coffee Break

Corporate & Brand Social Strategy - The Power Earned Influencer Peer to Peer Networks

Cause-driven social networks unite women around the world. This practical demonstration will show how a collaboration between a leading #WomensEconomy Professor, a social media brand builder, and a major multinational corporation is driving global change. Case History: #PowerShiftForum The Annual Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy.

Donnetta Campbell Founder, Principal, and Lead Architect TheSocialArchitects

Panel - Adapting Your Strategy To The Global Consumer

This panel explores how to adapt your corporate strategy to the global consumer.Panellists Michael Flynn, VP Strategy & Innovation, Bank of the WestClaudio Ludovisi, VP, Head of Strategy & Business Planning, ABC DisneyAshley Hayslip, VP, Strategic Initiatives, Umpqua Bank

Ashley Hayslip VP Strategic Initiatives Umpqua Bank


Strategy? You don't know what the hell you're talking about!

Ask 10 Chief Strategy Officer Summit attendees what "strategy” is, or ask 10 Strategic Planning Innovation Summit attendees the role strategy plays in their business, and you’re likely to hear 20 different answers. That's because when it comes to strategy, most of us are posers — we act like we know what strategy is and where it lives in our businesses and efforts, but at the end of the day we really don’t know what the hell we're talking about. In this talk, business journalist and book author Mikal E. Belicove settles the matter once and for all. Belicove — who launched and sold a Boulder, Colo.-based Internet startup and co-authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook — has spent the last five years researching planning and execution protocols to understand what strategy is, where strategy lives in any effort we may undertake, and why strategy matters in the first place. Belicove's next book, which focuses on this topic — Strategy? You don't know what the hell you're talking about!— is scheduled to be published in early-2018.

Mikal Belicove Chair: Institutional Planning — SCU Board of Regents Southern California University of Health Sciences

Blockchain: $77B Hype or the new reality towards $400 Trillion

Over the last 9 weeks, 100 Blockchains were doubling in market cap every 2 weeks. Now at $70Billion. According to IMF the global economy is estimated @$1400 Trillion, if the blockchain is truly disruptive to the global economy it will have an impact of at least 30% over the next 5 years or $400T
Toufi will also discuss Distributed Technology VS Decentralized and their impact on every business, every government and every human in the next 5 years. Highlight 90% of existing hype and the 10% of real opportunities in increasing global wealth by at least $400 Trillion in 5 years.

Toufi Saliba CEO Operations Guest Speaker

End of Summit