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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Opening Remarks

Strategies to create exponential growth in shareholder value

Since we launched the transformation journey at HP in 2013, we have completely reshaped the company and its portfolio, significantly optimized our operations, and positioned the company for long-term success. And, in this process we have made our company more relevant to customers and partners, a better place to work for employees, and created substantial value for shareholders. We undertook this massive transformation as the company at that time was facing significant internal as well as external market challenges. To stabilize the company and then transform for the long-term, we identified and executed on various strategies.
This discussion is focused on those strategies, the lessons we learned in the process, and how we improvised to execute against our plans. This session will also provide a framework for other companies as they face similar challenges and are looking to accelerate shareholder value growth.

Vishal Lall Chief Strategy Officer Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Signal what you stand for: unlocking your brand’s real market power & potential

In today’s business climate, being clear on your purpose and what you genuinely care about is the difference between sustained success and permanent failure. 89% of consumers believe purpose-driven organizations deliver the highest quality — yet only 41% of employees know what their company stands for. Brands experience an 85% increase in sales when they forge an emotional bond with their audience — yet few really know what they mean in the lives of their consumers. Discover the exponential value of unlocking your brand’s true meaning, and unleashing its real strategic power, in this insightful talk on achieving smart, sustainable, brand-driven growth.

Cheryl Farr Founder & Chief Brand Officer SIGNAL.csk Brand Partners

Doing the impossible: corporate strategy that breaks boundaries

Impossible Foods Inc. is a company that develops plant-based meat and dairy products made without animals. The company aims to give people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without the negative health and environmental impacts of livestock products.

Nick Halla Chief Strategy Officer Impossible Foods

Featured start up session intro featuring


Our intention is simple: apply artificial intelligence technologies to achieve extraordinary good—for our customers, colleagues, and communities.

Raj Joshi President and COO

Networking Coffee Break

The triumph of the mediocre

We invest our blood, toil, sweat, and tears into Strategy Development but does our strategy then get the execution excellence it deserves? Probably not. Corporate culture produces a paradox: applying the brute force of capital and other resources enhances careers more than using genuine innovation and brain power to solve the same problems with minimal resources. Mediocre business teams overlook more innovative solutions, deliver grand project recommendations that unknowingly squander resources and generate undistinguished returns. We will explore the elements that foster this waste and identify steps to reverse this paradox and boost returns on your strategy.

David Wittenberg Director of Financial Strategy World Vision US

Strategy AND Implementation – Developing Distinctive Capabilities Through Integrated Strategy Efforts

Lack of effective implementation of strategy is a challenge that affects the majority of organizations, with real financial and competitive impacts. This talk will draw on past and on-going research at MIT to walk through an integrated strategy and implementation cycle that includes strategy formulation, implementation planning, execution, and the development if distinctive capabilities – sources of enduring competitive advantage – through organizational learning. This cycle will be illustrated using a detailed case study of the highly successful implementation of the BMW Group ONE Strategy in BMW’s Engineering Division. It will also highlight areas in the strategy implementation to pay specific attention to.

Eric Rebentisc Research Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Growing A Legacy Brand: Unlocking Winning Sales Strategy in the Digital Age

What does it take to grow a 70-year-old legacy guitar brand like Fender? Join Tammy Van Donk – SVP Sales, Americas at Fender, as she examines key sales strategies involved with growing an organization in the digital age of retail. In this session, attendees will learn about best practices in developing robust sales strategies integrating hybrid and online retailers, as well as tips for integrating consumer-facing B2C sales strategy in traditional B2B businesses.

Tammy Van Donk SVP, Sales Americas Fender

Strategy in a Digital World

Listen to CA Technologies EVP & CTO (and Xbox Founder) Otto Berkes and CA’s Chief Strategy Officer as they share the stage to talk about the tech trends that every CSO needs to be aware of; how to do strategic portfolio management in the digital world; and, a compelling model for internal innovation and incubation to capture emerging market opportunities.

Otto Berkes & Jacob Lamm CTO and EVP Strategy CA Technologies


Panel: leadership & motivating teams

This panel will discuss the various strategies employed by our cross-industry panel of executive strategy leaders to motivate teams and practice effective leadership. Panelists Include:Ruchika (Kumar) Julapalli, Director Commerce Growth, skulIQEzra Kebrab, Director Product Strategy, VISADJ Singh, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Paramount PicturesIf you're interested in joining this panel, please contact Allie at

Ezra Kebrab Director Product Strategy Visa

Integrating new technologies into your strategy

While blockchain has seen a large amount of media attention due to price and ‘get rich quick’ schemes, its promise as a disruptive technology is often overlooked. In this presentation, we will explore some high level benefits of blockchains, tokens and decentralization as well as how Diageo is on the forefront of integrating blockchain solutions into its strategic marketing decisions.

Chris Cable Director Data, Analytics and Strategic Planning Diageo

Networking Coffee Break

How media & entertainment executives are adapting strategy to accommodate futuristic technologies

DJ Singh Strategic Sourcing Manager Paramount Pictures

The AV big shift

We know it is coming – autonomous vehicles and mobility-as-a-service.  But when?  How? What exactly?  In what form?  Wait, is it really happening? Will people let the robots drive?  Of course!  Or maybe, no.   How does a company plan for the future in the face unprecedented change?  How do you build flexibility and resiliency into your products, and profit margins, to adapt and flourish during seismic shifts?  Michelle Avary, VP of Global Automotive IoT Products at Aeris will explain how Aeris is preparing for the future of when our robot overloads take their rightful place.  Or don’t.

Michelle Avary Vice President of Products and Strategy, Global Automotive IoT Aeris Communications

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Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Opening Remarks

The Art of Stratecution

In addition to developing the discipline of forward-looking strategies, the strategy office is responsible for driving successful execution of the strategic plan within the business. Andrew Pohlmann and Rajiv Rattray will describe their perspective on what they’ve learned applying “stratecution” to drive progress within organizations. They’ll discuss how this discipline applies to the development of the strategic plan, engagement in critical business initiatives, and ongoing performance management. Their goal is to help ensure strategic plans end up being more than just pretty PowerPoint pages to admire!

Andrew Pohlmann SVP, Head of Consumer Strategy SunTrust

Employee advocacy and how we changed forever

MGM Resorts introduced a massive transformation in 2016 that had long-lasting impacts on company culture.  Hear how employees and internal communications made it all possible.

Kelley Tucky Vice President Events & Communications MGM Resorts

From diesel engine company to global power leader - embracing the challenge of new growth

The Cummins Engine Company was founded in Columbus, Indiana, in 1919. Cummins has spent the bulk of its 99-year history developing and improving diesel engine technology. Over the past three years, we have embarked on a journey to grow outside of our traditional business. Since we embarked on this journey, Cummins has made meaningful, industry-shaping moves towards becoming a leader in power technologies for on-highway and off-highway applications. We are pursuing two major avenues of growth: First, through a Joint Venture with Eaton, a leader in commercial vehicle transmission technology, Cummins is growing beyond the engine into the space of fully integrated commercial vehicle powertrains. Second, with the acquisition of Brammo and Johnson Matthey’s Automotive Battery Systems Business, Cummins is expanding its electrification and energy storage capabilities. I am looking forward to sharing how we first shifted our mindset towards growth outside of our traditional business, and then acted on our new strategy.

Robert Cochanski Director of Strategy Cummins

Networking Coffee Break

The doctor is in ... using intent-based marketing to diagnose & predict your buyers purchasing decisions

Doctors care for patients by listening to the symptoms they
are experiencing. But do companies’ truly ‘listen’ to their audiences based on
the data breadcrumbs they are leaving? Or do the instead ‘speak at’ the
prospect, the member, the patient? A leading health insurance & technology
enterprise will discuss how it has built a MarTech structure that is utilizing
intent-based marketing to identify and listen to potential decision makers. Through
the analysis of data, content and site consumption from its digital ecosystem,
this marketing team is architecting best-in-class digital & content
campaigns to generate better sales leads and improve ROI.

Topics to be covered:· 
Challenges to Implementation· 
Partnering with Sales to Achieve Better Results

Customizing Content based on Buyers Intent

Kelly Kimberland Senior Director, Marketing Strategy & Campaign Planning UPMC Insurance Services Division

Workshop: Mind The Gap - 10 Principles To Successfully Bridge Strategy Design and Delivery

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, participants will discover the 10 Brighline principles developed to help organizations bridge the costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the principles on a practical example.

Tahirou Assane Oumarou Director of Operations Brightline Initiative

NexGen Strategy: Leveraging AI/Voice to go make sure your strategy delivers results

Imagine if you could measure, in real-time, the adoption of your new strategy across an organization. AI/Voice technology is 20 years old, but it's only finally ready to be useful for day-to-day management. At we're using the latest in natural language processing and our proprietary team science AI to develop tools that enable managers and their teams to execute strategy, and give businesses early warning on the effectiveness of their strategic shifts.

Thomas Igeme Co-founder & Head of Product


How to plan, measure, and optimize for customer loyalty

In a world of instant communication, premeditated purchasing, and a demand for customer-centric businesses, company strategies must explicitly plan for customer loyalty. A customer’s lifetime value (LTV) trumps almost all other performance indicators when determining ROI and prioritization but it rarely includes constant input from the actual customers. Let’s learn how to conduct constant user research, weight customer happiness, and get buy-in using customer feedback.

Kevin Hawkins Senior User Experience Consultant, Customer Loyalty Lead Gap Inc.

Unlocking a big black box… and thoughts on selling toothpaste

In this session, Liz McMillan, CEO of will
discuss how the company has defined measurable SEO metrics, the importance of
tracking real time benchmarks, the depth of understanding gained about the
google landscape for its properties and the opportunities that have been
unveiled through this data. Topics include:

 Identifying the key revenue drivers in your business and how to
control those in-house

·  How to
gather data to uncover patterns to understand this “black box” – and how to
automate processes to do so

·  What to do
with uncovered data, including segmentations, benchmarks, aggregations, and

·  What was able to discover from this deep dive, including shift of
market share, what products to focus on, and where there is opportunity to
expand market share

Elizabeth McMillan CEO

Disrupt yourself: preempting the disrupter

Arsham Hatambeiki has served as Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Product Development at Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI), since 2014, where he is responsible for developing and overseeing corporate technology and product roadmaps, as well as product development of strategic platforms, such as QuickSet Cloud™. Hatambeiki joined UEI in 2004 as a lead system architect for home connectivity, where he developed an ecosystem of products leveraging multiple connectivity solutions such as Z-Wave, ZigBee and Wi-Fi. In 2008, he became Director of Advanced Technology, responsible for innovation in advanced communication and technologies. During this time, Hatambeiki played a critical role developing numerous groundbreaking and trend setting products and contributed to multiple wireless standards alliances including the ZigBee® Alliance and the Wi-Fi Alliance®.

Arsham Hatambeiki Senior Vice President, Product & Technology Universal Electronic

End of Summit