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Topics covered

The 2018 Chief Strategy Officer Summit, San Francisco, brings together a curated cross-industry lineup of leading strategy executives from Fortune 500 companies and today's most innovative startups to share best practices, inspire collaboration and learn how to thrive in uncertain times.

Topic Areas Covered Include:

  • Harnessing the power of emerging technology. Using A.I. and data to deliver real and meaningful change
  • How to stay agile and incubate innovation within a large corporation
  • Leading the charge for sustainability while ensuring profitability
  • Communicating and implementing a strategic vision that employees can get behind
  • Collaborations and partnerships that can drive innovation forward

Who Attends Our Events

We bring the world's data community together

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A Little Lean Goes a Long Way: SF Ballet's Lean Ops Transformation

Kimberly Karim, Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco Ballet

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Executive Summary

Up to date information on this event

75% Attendees companies have 300+ employees

85% Attendees companies have $50 million+ turnover

95% Attendees are director level or above

  • 75 Speakers
  • 100 Attendees
  • 67 Companies
  • 39 Presentations


San Francisco