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brandchannel launched in February 2001 as the world's first online exchange about branding. It has won a Webby Award for its coverage, is known for its annual Brandcameo Product Placement Awards, and is based in New York with a network of contributors around the world. Powered by Interbrand while operated as a standalone media site with a separate staff and team of writers, editors and designers, brandchannel is committed to providing a global, informed and journalistic perspective on brands and branding. The site covers news, trends and views from the world of branding, challenging readers to think about the critical issues that are affecting brands today and in the future, and inviting their participation in order to shape that future. Its team is frequently quoted in the media and invited to speak at conferences and on panels to share their insights into brands and branding. brandchannel is not a one-way street, encouraging an open exchange on the subject of brands and branding from practitioners through their contributions, suggestions, news and white paper submissions. It's also unique by being global in scope; offering original content, reporting and analysis; maintaining an independent, unique voice; and by being offered as a service to the community of brands and branding professionals with no subscription or membership fees.