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Day 1

Registration & breakfast

Welcome & why are you here?

An interactive start to the day to get connected with what you're here to learn, what your priorities are and what you'd like to discuss with peers during the day.

Carmen Scheidel Co-founder and CEO

KEYNOTE: The power of social listening

Social Chain's story is one weaved with passion and determination. Alongside sharing this journey and their learnings along the way, Oliver will be discussing influencer marketing and its power and recognition in 2018. Influencer fraud is the industry phrase of the year after tools that allow follower and engagement manipulation became commonplace within our industry. Social Chain have built a tool to combat this fraud which will also be shared during the session.

Oliver Yonchev Managing Director Social Chain

Panel: Driving user generated content

Our panel of experienced creative content strategists and one of NYC's most highly rated podcast hosts with over 450,000 listeners per month come together to discuss the power of user generated content. Discover the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience, turn loyal customers into advocates on the social networks that are most influential for your campaign objectives & learn how to set specific user generated content goals for increased conversion rates.

Albie Alexander Hueston Creative Director, Experiential & 29Rooms Refinery29
Meredith Ferguson Managing Director Do Something Strategic
Lisa Chudnofsky Head of Content and Customer Engagement The Vitamin Shoppe
Jessica Pearce Rotondi Senior Content Strategist Boxed
Jared Freid Podcast Host U Up Podcast

Coffee break

Blockchain & the future of marketing

Blockchain is the hype and buzzword of 2018. This 101 sessions aims to cut the jargon and explain what blockchain is in relation to marketing and how it is set to disrupt the marketing industry.

Alanna Gombert CEO Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA)

AI for Content Marketing: How machines help you send emails

iAgeTechnologies, Inc. is an U.S.-based company that offers innovative online marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. With over 15 years of successful digital marketing experience, iAge Technologies, Inc. places its primary focus on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in email communications. The company's main product, XR, is an AI-powered solution for publishers who aim at maximizing their users’ lifetime value. XR can help to achieve this aim by maintaining a highly personalized content delivery through one-to-one communications with each customer.

Artem Kukharenko CEO iAgeTechnologies, Inc.

Panel: Disruption, transformation and opportunity with media and martech

Tackle digital transformation and learn what it takes to sustain change, improve internal team’s adaptability, flexibility and digital capabilities and survive and thrive in the age of AI. More panelists to be announced.

Carmen Scheidel Co-founder and CEO
Joel Layton Former Vice President Marketing Technology & eCommerce The Children's Place
Reena Jana Head of Product Inclusion & Content Strategy Lead for Google's People + AI Research Google
Alanna Gombert CEO Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA)
Gordy Cascasco Associate Director of SEO Huge


Case study corner: How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for content marketing

Marketers at LinkedIn have become experts on how to build full funnel, B2B content strategy on the LinkedIn platform. As a content marketer at LinkedIn – Megan and her team have spent years getting early access to new products, testing and refining strategies and learning from both successes and failures. Now it’s time to share what they've learned so every marketer can use the same tactics Megan and her team have perfected to be experts on their own teams.

Megan Golden Head of Content Marketing LinkedIn

The science of subscriptions

Subscription businesses are the way of the future, with consumers offered an ever-increasing amount of subscription options to support their everyday needs. The key to success in this new consumer-marketing model is a finite balance between art and science. Join Jodie as she shares through real life cases studies the journey both News Corp Australia and The Wall Street Journal brands have embarked on to reach a scientific approach to driving subscriptions.

Jodie Osborne Acquisition Marketing Director The Wall Street Journal

Fireside chat: Highlighting innovation, purpose and people in your content

With Virgin since 2009, Greg first joined to write about music festivals and became part of the brand team building Virgin's content, social and digital offerings as Head of Content. Greg has built Richard’s social channels, drove his blogging presence and worked with Richard on his autobiography. Virgin has a focus on driving engagement by shining a light on the best of the brand - innovation, purpose, people - rather than pushing sales with an eagerness to diversify their content by partnering with interesting individuals and organisations and highlight exciting initiatives. Join Greg for an insightful, frank conversation about his time with Virgin working on their channels and his plans to further develop the success of their content strategy.

Greg Rose Head of Content Virgin

Afternoon coffee

Building effective content partnerships for your platforms

This focussed panel discussion will explore the best practice in making brand partnerships with start ups, external agencies, charities and other brands, and how this can help accelerate innovation within organisations. Through debates on challenges, benefits, complexities and finding the right fit, this session is designed to inspire creative thinking behind your organisations future and the company you keep through collaborations. More panelists to be announced.

Meera Patel Senior Brand Strategist Refinery29
Nicole Brown Senior Director, Brand Marketing Partnerships TripAdvisor
Thom Allcock Former Vice President of Brand Marketing Diply
Kendra Newton Marketing Director HarperCollins Publishers
Paul Tsigrikes VP of Marketing & Branded Content The Washington Post
Jacqueline Loch Board Member The Content Council

CINEMA SCREENING: The best work from 2018's leading content marketers

A close look at successful work from top content marketers from the past year. Understand approaches, why they worked and the thinking behind 3 of the most creative content marketing campaigns. Sit back and relax (popcorn provided).

Cinema Screening The most successful campaigns of 2018 The Content Council
Zack Bryant Board Member The Content Council

Drinks reception

Day 2

Registration & breakfast

Roundtable: Your SEO issues uncovered

Start the day with open table discussions to explore and address your SEO issues. Each table will have an SEO expert to help drive the discussions through a series of talking points and answer questions, before they take to the panel.

Cathy Ma Direction of User Acquisition Thomas

Ruling SEO

Join our panel of SEO experts as they discuss optimising search to maximise consumer insights, the tools to use, how to stay cost effective with your investments and the best ways to ensure you have healthy content on crowded results page.

Susan Wiker Director of SEO Huge
Binti Pawa Senior, Director of SEO TheStreet
Patrick Reinhart Senior Director of Digital Strategies Conductor: a WeWork company
Simon Heseltine VP of Audience Growth Cycle Trader
Nicole Millsfield SEO Director New York Post

Morning coffee

Impacting diversity at the intersection of marketing and advertising

As an established author and expert in market development, Ty Heath is passionate about connecting people to information needed to make intelligent decisions. In this insightful talk, Ty will address the responsibility the marketing world has in advocating inclusivity, driving diversity and representing minorities through advertising content.

Ty Heath Global Lead, Market Development LinkedIn

Panel: Recruiting leaders who truly understand their audience

Our panel will explore the importance of authentic representation of race, gender, class and culture within companies, and within the audiences they reach, debate the best way to keep users at the centre of decision making and ways in which to foster a culture of inclusion. The session will also cover the need to understand the importance of creating an inclusive workforce to reflect our communities and customer base and implement initiatives to improve diversity in teams and level the playing field. More panelists to be announced.

Cathy Ma Direction of User Acquisition Thomas
Ty Heath Global Lead, Market Development LinkedIn
Nina Semczuk Head of SEO Content Fairygodboss
Allison Kade Editorial Director & Head of Content Marketing Fabric Technologies, Inc.
Kendra Newton Marketing Director HarperCollins Publishers


How to get GenZ right (and why it matters)

What content actually resonates with the next generation of consumers? From message framing to imagery, through interactive games such as 2 truths and a lie, we'll dive into the insights we've learned from over 25 years of engaging 6 million young people in 131 countries. We actively text with 3 million people aged 13-25 every week. We've made a lot of mistakes along the way, but we've also learned a ton about what works. We'll share best practices for engaging with GenZ via text, email, and social media platforms. This isn't about awareness, it's about activation. Learn how we utilize content to get young people to take action on causes and brands they believe in.

Meredith Ferguson Managing Director Do Something Strategic

Workshop: Winning in the attention economy

The world’s best-loved brands are able to attract legions of irrationally loyal fans. Irrational loyalty is the condition in which customers are so fiercely loyal to a brand that they'd feel they were cheating on it were they to choose an alternative. During her session, Deb will guide audiences through a thoughtful and actionable process to build a strategic foundation that builds strong bonds through branding, content and marketing activities.

Deb Gabor Author Branding is Sex: Get Your Customer Laid

6 tips content marketers can't afford not to steal from journalists

When content marketing borrows from the principle elements of journalism, everyone wins: readers get content as relevant as informative journalism, while content marketers bring credibility to their work by mirroring the practices of the industry. In this session, a nationally published journalist- turned content marketer will dive into six principle elements of journalism content marketers would do well to mirror in their own work, as well as deliver specific tips savvy content marketers can snag from journalists about how they work. Attendees will leave armed with fresh, strategic advice on how to make their content more journalistic—and an understanding of why it makes good business sense to do so.

Jaime Netzer Journalist USA Today Network

Lessons learnt

Revisit what we were here to learn and collate the actionable insights uncovered over the two days.

Cathy Ma Direction of User Acquisition Thomas

Afternoon coffee