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Day 1

Registration & Pre-Summit Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Build a Profitable Customer Analytics Agenda

In this presentation, Charlotte will provide case studies of Customer & Channel Analytics and CRM transformation which drive a revenue-centric organization for banking & financial institutions.

Charlotte Tsou SVP, Regional Head of Analytics & CRM HSBC

Creating Happy Customers with Cognitive Computing & Communications

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is transforming the customer experience. In this session, Stephen Epstein, Vice President of Product Marketing at Digital Reasoning, will discuss how Cognitive computing enabled machines are now semantically understanding conversations. Stephen will explain how banks are using this communication data to drive increased revenue and margin by uncovering sales opportunities, competitive threats, and customer churn within email, chat and voice communication data, leading to happy customers and more profitable businesses. 

Stephen Epstein Vice President, Product Marketing Digital Reasoning

Actionable & Scalable Analytics

Matt Cornett will discuss how to ensure business growth in domestics markets and across boarders. 

Matt Cornett Director, Informatics & Governance GAP

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

How to Identify e-Commerce Losses & Opportunities in Real Time with Machine Learning

Few companies can afford to weather a multi-million dollar ‘business incident’ due to a glitch or blip in one of the many e-commerce systems.  And, with millions of business data metrics -- from various back end systems like web analytics and e-commerce platforms and third parties like weather, social networks, competitor prices and ad bids -- it is simply impossible to manually track what is happening. Static thresholds for seasonal data are either meaningless or cause alert-storms. Dashboard technology lags behind. Join Nir to learn how predictive anomaly detection can identify revenue-impacting business incidents in minutes, not days or weeks. He will discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing machine learning anomaly detection, sharing industry benchmarks and customer case studies.

Nir Kalish Senior Director, Solution Engineering Anodot

How Groupon Reaches Targets High Value Customers

The old adage "I know half of my advertising dollars are wasted but never know which half" actually underestimates the wasted marketing spend. This presentation will answer some of these big questions: Why are those dollars being wasted?  Who are the consumers that have their ears open? How do you reach them?  How are they more valuable than the rest of consumers?

Eric Rasmussen VP, Consumer Insights Groupon

How Machine Learning Is Transforming Shopping (And Selling)

The shopper of today looks very different from the shopper of yesterday. But so too do the abilities of platforms, publishers, manufacturers and retailers to understand them. Predictive analytics sits firmly at the heart of all this change. We will explore recent trends in shopper behavior, how winning players have responded in the market, and cast a keen eye toward the future of the retail landscape.

Kevin Hartman Head of Analytics, CG&E Google

Empowering Analysts to Rapidly Optimize Supply Chains

The Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries are continuously looking to maximize margins across all aspects of their supply chain.  Tight competition and increasing distribution costs can exert negative pressures on revenue, sink profits, or force companies to adopt unfavorable pricing strategies to keep pace with ever-evolving markets and consumer demands.  We’re going to review tools and processes we’ve used to deploy agile analytics solutions that help people model their entire supply chain, identify cost and distribution bottlenecks, keep store shelves stocked with accurate forecasting, and model the cost-to-serve a product across dynamic and complex distribution systems.

Razvan Nistor Chief Data Scientist Keyrus


Omni-Channel Measurement - from Digital to the Store

Matt Seitz will discuss the importance of omni -channel measurement, from Digital to the Store.

Matt Seitz Head of Retail Insights & Analytics Google

So, What is a Data Driven Story?

Our job as data scientists is to provide actionable insights that drive change and add value to our organizations.  A successful Data Scientist must be proficient in programming, modeling, and data munging (extracting, cleaning, and feature engineering data).  However, there is another key skill that is often overlooked:  the ability to communicate findings clearly and effectively. The solution is data storytelling: using the power of narrative to communicate your findings in a way that resonates with your stakeholders.  Doing this combines your data science expertise with intuitive visualizations and—most importantly—a story to connect the dots.  

Amy Feltheimer Sr. Data Visualization & BI Leader Caterpillar

Developing a 360-view of the Customer using Insights from Around the Company

Dave will take a look at some of the projects Ancestry are working on to drive enhanced user experience and increase conversion, including looking at journey path, A/B and multivariate testing optimization, content targeting and segmentation, customer engagement and personalization. 

Dave Rogers Former Director, Customer Optimization Analytics Ancestry

PANEL - Leveraging Digital Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Panelists Include:

Charlotte Tsou, SVP, Analytics & CRM, HSBC 
Allison Wentz, Manager, Data & Analytics, FMG & The Onion
Pavan Konanur, Former, Head of Strategy, Insights & Analytics, BlaBlaCar

Allison Wentz Manager, Data Engineering Fusion Media Group

Evolution - From Insights - to -Story Telling - to - Value Proposition

I would like to share perspectives on journey from converting insights and complicated data into business relevant story telling and a best in class approach to guide it towards developing tangible value proposition

Yogesh Khadilkar VP, Customer Strategy and Analytics Zurich Insurance Company

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Day 1 round-up - 1 thing you have learned today

How Analytics Helped Drive our 10-Person Team to an Acquisition

As a lean 10 person startup, Jobr had to compete against massive job search companies ingrained in the job search space to stay competitive. Jay, the lead data scientist at Jobr, will present on how to focus on core analytics metrics, machine learning and chatbots to drive growth, and ABtests to increase conversion that eventually led to a successful exit in an acquisition.

Jay Feng Lead Data Scientist Jobr

Optimize your Omni-Channel Strategies

Pavan will discuss how to optimize your omni-channel strategies. 

Pavan Konanur Former, Head of Strategy, Insight & Analytics BlaBlaCar

Recoding Culture

Millennials have the desire to be radical which has created a dramatic shift in culture. Throughout the past year BuzzFeed has been doing massive research to see where culture is headed and what it means to the media industry. This study, Recoding Culture, takes a close look at where culture is headed, with more than 1000 interviews across 5 markets, comprehensive ethnographic research and understanding a day in the life, media habits, and identifying the truths. What we found is that marketers needs to stop targeting and start understanding its audience. 

Nick Lanzafame Director, Strategic Insights & Data Standards BuzzFeed

Networking Drinks Reception

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration & Pre-Summit Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Insights & Analytics: Harnessing the Power of your CRM

Is your CRM working hard enough for you?
Learn how J&J partnered closely with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to deliver
a Sales Effect analysis to better understand which CRM tactics were driving the
highest sales response. This high caliber CRM analysis resulted in 3

Provided the Healthy Essentials team with a
baseline to continue to measure sales response of the CRM program based on
optimizing personalization tactics

Led to the development of new priority
targets for Healthy Essentials

Helped evolve the measurement plan for all
the behavioral attributes that roll up into the Customer Engagement Score

Cristina Marinucci Associate Director, Global Strategic Insights Johnson & Johnson

Essentials for a Successful Analytical Environment

Analytics has evolved. So have the titles of analytics professionals and conferences on analytics.  With the Big Data adjective, analytics is being embraced by more and more organizations and being embedded in the decision-making processes not only at operational levels but also at strategic ones. This presentation attempts to examine the essential building blocks for a successful analytical environment.

Zhongcai Zhang Chief Analytics Officer New York Community Bancorp

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Sashi will talk about machine learning and predictive analytics. 

Sashi Gandavarapu Data Scientist The Home Depot

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Pinball, Marketing, & Analytics: Keeping the Ball Moving

Andy Curtis will discuss 'Pinball, Marketing, and Analytics:  Keeping the Ball Moving'

Andy Curtis Senior Vice President, Business Analytics Northern Trust

Case Studies from Retailer-Supplier Collaboration with TLog Insights & Machine Learning

Jason and Lea will discuss 'Case Studies from Retailer-Supplier Collaboration with TLog Insights & Machine Learning'.

Jason Lobel CEO SwiftIQ

Customer Listening

How to improve relationships and engagement with customers by proactive listening, using both structured and unstructured data.

John Ahrendt SVP, Enterprise Data & Analytics Wells Fargo


In-Line Predictive Analytics: Amping Up Embedded Apps

By integrating predictive analytics into the flow of embedded business applications, development teams can accelerate deployment and deliver insights to the business more effectively.  Srikanth Victory will share how in-line predictive analytics can increase adoption of analytics products and create new competitive advantages for your organization.  

Srikanth Victory Director of Pricing & Space Optimization Walmart

Customer-Centric Marketing

Banita will walk through a customer-centric marketing approach which utilizes first party customer data to drive incremental revenue and greater guest engagement. She will dive into learnings of personalization and resulting nuances in performances by platforms. Will also discuss best practices and tactics that have helped align company initiatives as well as eCommerce goals. 

Banita Sarwar Director, Global Digital Personalization & eCommerce Marriott International

End of Summit