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Day 1

M&A - Accessing Readiness & Key Lessons Learnt

In this roundtable discussion, we will explore what new challenges and opportunities strategy and financial executives are anticipating in the coming year, with an agenda geared specifically towards Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Financial Officers, in addition to executives in Corporate Development, Business Development, M&A, Financial Planning & Analysis, Transaction, and M&A Counsel in leadership roles.

Predictions on how political, regulatory and economic conditions will impact deal activity in 2019

Understanding how the skillset of the modern day dealmaker is evolving

How technology is improving deal identification, sourcing, analysis, and execution

Discussing success metrics for acquisitions

Exploring strategies and best practices for expediting the close process

The role analytics plays in impacting deal sourcing and execution

Yoni Cukierman SVP, Strategy & M&A Toll Group
Rejo Francis Thekkinedath Regional Head Zee Entertainment Enterprise
Kemmy Clarissa Koh Group CFO Chinese Global Investors Group

Networking Coffee

Fintech - Innovation in Payments

In this session we will cover the below 10 questions:

1) What are the main drawbacks of the current payment options?

2) What should be the primary focus of the innovation in payments and why? (speed, cost reduction, transparency or anything else)

3) Name a greatest innovation in payments happened till date

4) Importance of cryptocurrencies in the realm of payments

5) What are the main obstacles that prevent innovation in payments? (regulation, lack of funding, absence of common technology or anything else )

6) What is more important to innovate, online or offline payment systems?

7) How would just a regular payment look in 2028?

Joe Tusin CEO, Founder Chynge
Kelvin Tan Innovation for Treasury & Markets, Technology & Operations DBS Bank

Open Innovation & Ecosystem: Towards Collaborative Innovation

Innovation is a precondition for the success of companies in today's markets to differentiate from their competitors. Particularly disruptive innovations are addressed in numerous research contributions, product contests and advertisements. Corporate groups are often very successful in specialised market segments and with incremental innovations adapted to the needs of their customers. Regarding disruptive innovations, startups and small businesses have better capabilities capturing a new market in a minimum of time.

At this Roundtable, following points will be discussed:
- Frameworks and models for connecting with the global innovation community
- Best practices for engaging a cross-functional technology innovation team
- Insight on how to best launch an initiative to accelerate innovation in your company
- Open innovation challenges:
a. Cultural challenge
b. R&D challenge
c. Business model challenge
- Open innovation in the digital age

Cavan Yu Director, Global Resource Integration Haier
John Erland Østergaard Partner & Co-CEO Blue Ocean Robotics
Lauren Liang AVP, Innovation MetLife
Kok Keong Wong Sr. Manager, Product Innovation Samsung Electronics

End of Roundtable Session

Day 2

Intergenerational and Status Effects on Female Top Management Team Promotions in IPO

This research proposal builds on generational identity and status research to examine when CEO’s and boards promote women to top management positions in IPO firms. Although more women are entering the accounting profession than men, there remain few CFO’s in public firms that are women. We propose to examine the history of board and top management teams during the period 1997-2011 to determine the factors driving the promotion of women to CFO and other top management positions. We test for the impact of women in top management on IPO performance. We also propose a controlled experiment to further test for generational identity and status effects on female promotion.

David Gomulya Professor Singapore Management University
Brandon Fleming Professor University of Washington

Networking Coffee