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Day 1


Chair's Welcome

Kinnari Ladha Group Head of Business Intelligence and Data TUI

Using visualisation to place the reader at the heart of the story

The Times uses data to interact and communicate with their readers in a variety of ways. From ambulance response times to general elections, Interactive News Editor Sam Joiner explains how

Sam Joiner Interactive News Editor The Times

Panel: Building the right teams for efficient data analysis

Nikolaos Lampropoulos Global Head of Data and Analytics Hogarth Worldwide
Douglas Penna Lead Data Scientist BBC
Paul Banoub Director, Analytics as a Service UBS

Turning deep analysis into accessible stories and visualisations to grow influence with stakeholders and beyond

As part of an Insights or Analysis team, your influence needs to reach further than your primary stakeholders. The success of your team relies on data stories and insights which are delivered quickly, accurately, and reach far into the organisation. Learn how the Bose Marketing and Consumer Analytics team operates like a Newsroom to share analysis, create engaging stories and influence people.

Liam Butcher Global Visualisation and Reporting Manager Bose Corporation

Networking break

Using visual storytelling within Journalism

Connecting local people to local news is an important challenge, discovering patterns in the data alongside, is a fun one.
Visit this session if you want to partake in an iterative process of discovering how local news can help improve local news experience.

Max Wasylow Full Stack AI Engineer Trinity Mirror

Roundtable Discussions

The Covenant Engine – Democratising machine learning through visualisation

Geyv Kathoke Lead Data Scientist The Pensions Regulator

Networking lunch

Sport analytics - turning the intangible into actionable insights

Football is a highly stressful environment, working with challenging situations and time pressures. Hear how Arsenal FC use visualisation to turn complicated metrics into digestible information to help analyse and improve performance within a complex environment.

Tolly Coburn Data Visualisation Analyst Arsenal FC

Creating a visualisation community at Dyson

Fiona will be discussing her visualisation work within group finance at Dyson
and talking through the journey to create a company-wide vis community

Fiona Halpin Visualisation Analyst Dyson

Roundtable discussion: Ethical data and data privacy

Networking Break

How to create impactful and compelling visualization for social sharing

Alex Selby-Boothroyd Head of Data Journalism The Economist
Marie Segger Data Journalist The Economist

From reporting to self-service analytics with dynamic visualisations

A fundamental goal for a successful analytics practice is enabling stakeholders to achieve greater understanding of their products, projects and businesses. Learn about how introducing drill-down and drill-through capabilities in your reporting suite can reduce ad-hoc efforts and free the team for higher-value tasks.

Jose Naranjo Senior Manager - Analytics GSN Games

Chair’s summary and close of day one

Kinnari Ladha Group Head of Business Intelligence and Data TUI

Networking drinks

Day 2


Chair’s welcome

Lyndsey Pereira-Brereton Data Visualisation Editor Bank of England

Bringing data to life at the Bank of England

Data visualisation brings data to life. From being able to ‘see’ patterns in your data that you couldn’t before to enabling you to tell compelling stories with data. This session outline's the Bank of England's visualisation journey - spanning from Mark Carney’s speech at the IMF, to revamping their Inflation report and getting better insight from their internal data. Lyndsey will also show how the Bank is making charts more accessible to the general public, using them to explain the Bank's work and understanding of the economy.

Lyndsey Pereira-Brereton Data Visualisation Editor Bank of England

Panel: Custom vs stock data visualisations

Custom data visualization can be described as anything you can’t do in an off-the-shelf tool, so why should we create them and what are the business scenarios when it worth spending time and resources to create them over stock visualisations

Amit Ratanje Data Analytics Manager HSBC
Ewan Nicolson Principal Data Scientist Skyscanner
Elizabeth Holloway Senior Data Analyst AutoTrader

Impact of data visualization on decision-making

Visualisation is key for communicating insights across the business, but how can it influence and drive business decisions? Hear from Ikenna as he showcases how their internal visualisation tools have helped to inform key decisions across VisitBritain.

Ikenna Uzoh Global Head of Analytics and Data Science VisitBritain

Networking break

Visualising marketplace effectiveness

Using Auto Trader’s vast analytics, and innovative data visualisation, we created a tailored tool that helps provide answers to car brands challenges, using a real life view of consumers path to purchase and consideration sets.
During this session we will show you the steps we went through to develop a tool that is insightful, easy to use and helps facilitate commercial conversations with actionable insight.

Stefano Figoni Data Analyst AutoTrader
Elizabeth Holloway Senior Data Analyst AutoTrader

Implementing visualisation with a limited budget

Data visualisation is an excellent way to communicate complex ideas but requires a large commitment to get it right. This session will look at how the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has developed its data visualisation services and products over the past five years, from spreadsheets to interactive tools. Hear from Andrew on how to develop an in-house data visualisation service on a small budget.

Andrew Aiton Data Visualisation Manager Scottish Parliament Information Centre

Networking lunch

Roundtables: Driving organisational change through Data Visualisation

Machine learning for data visualisation

This talk will show how machine learning can be used to uncover the hidden meanings of data and provide users with the information they need in a form that they can interpret. The value of this approach will be demonstrated by applications to problems in drug design and bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, helicopter condition monitoring, and oil exploration.

Ian Nabney Head of School University of Bristol

Coffee and end of day 2