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Transforming Data into actionable insights

Data visualization is vital to communicate and showcase data dynamically to better understand and disseminate your data. The potential scope of data visualization stretches further than ever before; using visualization for social sharing and storytelling, the use of real-time dashboarding as well as the introduction of AI and VR tools.


This conference enters its 5th year - bringing together industry leaders discussing key trends and practical tips through innovative formats and inspiring content. You will hear from inspiring speakers on how to effectively use data for storytelling, use real-time monitoring to improve UX and understand how AI and VR will transform the industry. 

Topics covered

The Data Visualisation Summit is the perfect opportunity to share insights and best practices with leaders and experts from across various industries in an interactive environment. With an impressive line-up confirmed, this event will provide the ideal platform for a deep analysis of the need for organisations to not only invest in but understand data visualisation, from breaking down big data and how this is represented.

Key Topics include:

  • The future of visualization - how machine learning, AI, and VR are set to transform the field
  • Utilizing open source visualization tools to make your data more accessible
  • Putting data at the heart of your business to effectively embed a data-driven culture
  • How to create compelling visualization for social sharing
  • Producing a personalized consumer strategy through analytics and visualisation
  • Visualizing open data and using storytelling for effective communication

Reasons to attend

·      Understand how to use machine learning, AI, and VR to personalize your data visualization

·     Realize the power of an analytics-driven organization by aligning strategic aims through powerful data visualizations

·      Learn how to use real-time dashboarding to enhance your customer’s experience

·      Effectively determine the true value of your organization's data and how to turn it into actionable insight

·      Network with 150+ industry leaders cross-industry, bound by a desire to succeed, and form partnerships to open the door to future investment opportunities.

·      Develop best practices for your organization to implement an effective data strategy

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A big thank you to all our sponsors and media partners for making this event possible

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Executive Summary

Up to date information on this event

75% Attendees companies have 300+ employees

85% Attendees companies have $50 million+ turnover

95% Attendees are director level or above

  • 25 Speakers
  • 12 Hours of recorded content (minimum)
  • 67 Companies
  • 20 Presentations


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8 Fenchurch Place London EC3M 4PB