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Day 1

Registration and Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Keynote ft. Amazon

Shubham Garg Research Data Scientist Amazon

Data Visualization From a Pragmatist’s Point of View

As data visualization tools mature, they are getting easier to use and implement and in many cases, the business are rolling things out directly and bypassing the IT function. This leads to a proliferation of multiple tools being present with conflicting data being presented to users. This presentation will cover the challenges being faced and approaches used to address these challenges. Specifically how to align business units to the Enterprise Architecture, re-align the business to work from a common data repository without stifling the creativity of the business or compromising agility. There is no silver bullet out there and IT needs to be able to ensure that data visualization is a positive experience by ensuring that users are presented with appropriate context so that they are not misled in conclusions or decisions made.

Ryan Ackerman Manager of Business Intelligence North America Puma

Using Anonymous Data to Improve the TripAdvisor Hotels Booking Experience

TripAdvisor helps millions of people every year book the perfect hotel room. See how we gathered and visualized the data necessary to create a better user experience by deep linking our users directly into partner applications.

Justin Ehlert Software Engineer TripAdvisor

Morning Coffee Break

Using Data Visualization to Reveal Signal Amongst the Noise In Data

Rania will discuss some of the challenges (and surprises) of using data visualization to transform data into insight in order to increase cognitive performance and enhance decision-making.

Rania Masri Former Data Visualization Designer UnitedHealth Group

Leveraging the synergistic relationship between AI and Visualization

Data science has emerged over the last several years as an interdisciplinary field responsible for accessing data, processing it through various algorithms, and ultimately converting raw numbers into actionable results. Visualization is now a key tool of the data scientist’s arsenal, primarily for communicating results to decision-makers. However, on a more fundamental level, the relationship between visualization and artificial intelligence has become increasingly inter-dependent as the scale of data has increased. Visualization is now critical for guiding the analysis and correctly interpreting the nuances of data. Artificial Intelligence approaches are usually required to view data within the constraints of dimensionality and human cognition. This talk will provide examples of how the inter-dependence can be effectively leveraged.

Peter Henstock AI & Machine Learning Technical Lead Pfizer

Driving a Data-Driven Culture

At many large companies, hundreds of people can have access to dozens of data sources, but decisions can only be made if they're all looking at the numbers the same way. Danielle will share how Conde Nast integrated it's data sources into a single platform so everyone is speaking the same data language. She will also show how they promoted data literacy throughout the organization by creating a unified data platform, socializing key data points across teams and partnering with the brands.

Danielle Carrick Data Visualization Designer and Developer Condé Nast


Panel: Using Data Visualizations to Invoke Emotion

How do you get your audience engaged in your visualizations? Can a design with emotional elements increase engagement? This session will explore a series of dashboards designed to make an emotional impact on the audience without deviating from visualization best practices.

Alice Zhao Senior Data Scientist Metis
Lily Boyce Data Visualization Specialist Innovation Enterprise
Amarendranath Donthala Data Visualization Analyst Comcast NBCUniversal

Afternoon Coffee Break

How Data Visualization Can Help Media Companies

The topic reviews how data visualization can make a company more efficient, with a focus on publishers and media companies. Due to the rise of programmatic advertising, media companies usually have multiple monetization partners. As a result, analysts within media companies need to spend a large amount of time on conducting different kinds of reports each day. The automation of data visualization can free the analysts from manual reporting and give them more time to focus on analyzing data and identifying new opportunities. The example of this topic would be how data visualization affects Daily Mail commercial operations.

Feifan Chen Manager, Programmatic Data & Yield Strategy MailOnline

Telling a Story to Tell a Story

Samuel will discuss telling a story through the art of data visualization, to improve processes to understand what stories to tell.

Samuel Granados Former Graphics Editor The Washington Post

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration and Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Zero to Viz in 30 minutes: Answering Questions with Data Visualization

Business users need insight and they want it fast. In this session we’ll look at sample inquiries from the heavy-duty truck aftermarket industry and step through a quick demo of charting data to provide insight. Building a data visualization should be an iterative process of working with people and tools to gather the right information, model the data accurately, and select a presentation style that effectively communicates answers or, even better, generates more questions. This presentation will show you how easy it can be to start graphically representing data for business advantage.

Katherine Fraser Manager, Data Analytics & Visualization Volvo Group

Cinematic Data Vision

Harnessing the world's complex information to make public spaces more interesting.

Adam Jenkins Executive Producer Framestore

Keynote ft. NYU

Alexander Bock Data Science Fellow New York University

Morning Coffee Break

Panel: Tools & Practices for the Data Visualisation Process

This panel will look at what's available on the market in terms of tools and the best practices utilised by data visualisation experts today. We will be joined by today's speakers and the audience will have chance to pose questions to the professionals. Interested in being on the panel? In this session we'll talk about when to use D3 versus Tableau and why?

Heather Hall Lead Modeler & Data Visualization Engineer GNS Healthcare
Adam Krebs Data Visualization Engineer Uber

How my background gave me an edge with Data Visualization Development

Before getting into Web Development and Data Visualization, Ileana studied Linguistic Anthropology. She used her multilingual abilities to do research and work in different parts of the world. Along the way, she added coding as a new language and skill. When she entered the tech field, her background gave her an edge to incorporate her soft skills in research and storytelling for data visualization.

Ileana Ordonez Data Visualization Developer New York Education Department


The Big Reveal: How visualization can unearth the secrets of data

What’s the relationship between human and computer-recorded numbers? When we talk about data, data is not just numbers, behind every single number is human behavior. In my talk, I am trying to answer the following questions: How can data visualization design help us see the unseen faces of culture? How can we use open data to explore the differences between design and art colleges around the world? And how can we use data visualization to unlock the secrets of winning art awards? I will cover all the process of collecting data to process data.

Ying He UX Designer Metropolitan Museum of Art