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Women in AI

The moniker "women in data" can refer to any number of phenomena, ranging from how women are represented in (or algorithmically excluded from) particular historical accounts, to how women participate in (or are excluded from) data-driven enterprises.


This lab will be an open discussion where we will dive into examples, discuss ramifications, and examine strategies to minimize bias, both in algorithms and in the AI workforce.

Day 1 - 03.30 PM
Hosted by
Sadie St. Lawrence Women in Data
Alissa McBain Women in Data

Pillars of Analytics Engagement

Data collection and analysis skills are easily accessible, but their effective application to decision-making – and the identification of decisions that merit the effort – are still very much up to the personalities involved. This session attempts to build a framework within which an analytics team can integrate closely with the dev team and work as one coherent, effective unit

Day 2 - 02.00 PM
Hosted by
Andrei Muratov WB Games

Democratization of AI

Democratization of AI both from an organizational and community perspective is becoming ever more pervasive. This lab will discuss:

1. Responsible Use of AI (Understanding limitations, causal inference, training workforce)

2. Access to data, and the role of democratization of data itself (bias in, bias out, open data,  privacy and legal concerns, etc.)

3. Democratization of AI in the office (enabling large non-technically acclimated office staff, and integrating a smaller data team into their every day processes)

Day 2 - 11.00 AM
Hosted by
Alaa Moussawi New York City Council