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Day 1

Onsite Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Chase Kusterer Director, Advanced Analytics and Research Hult International Business School

Transition from the Brand-Centric Commercial Model to the Customer-Focused Digital Model

Jamie Zhou is senior IT lead consultant for innovation. She is responsible for the implementation of the global Innovation strategy in Great China, driving innovation opportunities within and outside the company to generate new sources of digital revenue and quick testing on new model.

Jamie Zhou Sr. Manager, Innovation Bayer

Scene-driven Big Data Realization

The core strategic position of data in the enterprise is becoming more and more obvious, so as to become an asset, manage data well, make good use of data, empower various business areas, enhance market competitiveness through big data, and realize the value of data assets to produce real The economic value.

In the enterprise, it has been increasingly evident that data is in the core strategic status and becomes an asset. We are supposed to better manage and utilise our data, empowering its function in various business areas and enhancing our competitiveness in the market, which can turn the data asset into real economic value.

Xuewu(Shawn) Wang Head of Data Labs China Eastern Airlines

New Experience in Data Services: An One-stop Commercial Data Solution for New Retail

With the fast development of economy, the Alibaba economy has a variety of formats. It is based on the large data medium and platform, and provides a one-stop and full-link commercial data product service which can drive the business operation ability of the millions of commercial users in the ecological environment. And benefit promotion.

Minghui Lin Head of New Retail, Data Product Alibaba Group

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Reshaping News Media with a Data Mindset

Disrupted by technologies in both the supply and demand sides, the news media industry is at a precipitous inflexion point. All players are experimenting with new technologies to stay relevant in an abundance of noise and news. One key element in play is data. South China Morning Post, the 114-year-old news media company, is revolutionizing its modus operandi, guided by data and analytics. Korey Lee will share his thoughts on how he revamps SCMP’s data operations that impact user intelligence, product and content development, news distribution and reader engagement. 

Korey Lee Director, Data Analytics & Insights South China Morning Post (南华早报)

CIO Panel Discussion: Journey with New Technologies

New topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain have been hot topics for a while. Big Data has been foundations to accelerate the implementations. This panel discussion will focus on the processes of how a new technology can be better implemented and some lessons we need to focus on along the journey.

Daniel Nickle VP, IT Strategy & Architecture Magna
Esteban Remecz Global CIO MAXION Wheels
Chase Kusterer Director, Advanced Analytics and Research Hult International Business School
Tony Lu CTO JUSDA (准时达)

Networking Buffet Lunch

How to Use Knowledge Graph to Build Anti-fraud System in Fintech

Chen is the Senior Director of Big Data & AI department in He has previously worked for eBay China and for 9 years. Chen has more than 10 years' working experience in Big Data area, he is a seasoned expert in Data infrastructure, Data Warehousing and Data application area. He has a strong knowledge in Hadoop ecosystem, and has built up the whole big data platform in陆金所) and拍拍贷)。 Now he is mainly working on using knowledge graph to build the anti-fraud system in fintech industry.

Chen Fang Senior Director, Big Data & AI PaiPai Dai

How Human-Computer Interaction Changes Human Life

Derek is the general manager of Emotibot Bot Factory platform and has over 15 years of experience in IT industry and artificial intelligence development. He has worked at Google. After joining Emotibot, Mr. Li Yaoming is committed to the R&D, operation and business development of Emotibot Bot Factory platform.

Derek Lei General Manager Emotibot

Networking Coffee Break

Smart Chatbots on WeChat

David Collier is the founder of RIKAI Labs, a Shanghai and SF startup building messaging applications. They are building "TeacherBot" which is an AI supported english teacher app that runs over WeChat. DC has started three companies on three different continents, and had two succesful exits. Started his career making CD-ROM games in London, internet games in San Francisco, and mobile social games in Tokyo to making messaging and chat applications now based in Shanghai. In 2015 DC founded RIKAI Labs in San Francisco to focus on the emerging opportunity around chat and messaging applications and networks. He has also authored three books on digital design, and in his spare time founded a community for studying Japanese grammar.

David Collier CEO, Founder Rikai Labs

Artificial Intelligence and Online Education

Founder and chief scientist of Greedy Technology, the company mission is to provide adaptive learning experience for professional training. Before that, Wenzhe serviced as Chief Scientist at multiple big organizations, also worked for Amazon and Goldman Sachs as an Engineer. He is a Ph.D at USC and has published ~20 papers at top conference including AAAI, KDD, AISTATS and etc, and received IAAI, IPDPS-Parlearning best paper award.

Wenzhe Li Chief Scientist, Founder Greedy Technology

Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict the Behaviour of Video Game Players

Always-online mobile games are rapidly transforming the video-game industry. Nowadays, developers are able to collect a huge amount of data in real time while interacting with their players. This has brought about new business models (in-app purchases, free-to-play) and created a fantastic opportunity for trying to increase player engagement and maximize monetization through big data analytics. In order to do so, it is essential to develop suitable machine learning methods to model and predict player behavior, so as to optimize in-game events accordingly. Further, to be useful in an operational business environment, these techniques should scale to large datasets, easily adapt to different kinds of games and players (namely, to different data distributions) and allow intuitive visualization of the results.

In this talk, after summarizing the state of the art of Game Data Science, I will discuss such techniques. I will focus on cutting-edge deep learning methods that help to predict individual-player actions in mobile games, e.g. the time up to the next in-app purchase, type of item that will be selected, and churn, which is decisive to increase player retention and raise revenues.
The proposed methods do not need prior manipulation of the data, can deal efficiently with the temporal nature of the player-prediction problem, and are robust and flexible enough to make predictions in a realistic business setting.

Dr. África Periáñez CEO Yokozuna Data

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Day 2

Onsite Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Esteban Remecz Global CIO MAXION Wheels

Data Meets Design: How Advanced Analytical Tools are Reshaping the Built Environment

Access to data and the interpretation of it is transforming industries across the globe. But the use of data is especially impactful in architecture, arming designers with new information that shapes how we work, heal, live and play. In his talk, NBBJ Partner Eric Phillips outlines how data affect our built world in both beautiful and profound ways—from new corporate headquarters for giants like Tencent, Alibaba, Samsung and Amazon—to the hospitals where we heal.

Eric Phillips Partner nbbj

Exploring User Profiles of Audio Audiences via Big Data

In 2015, Jingsheng joined Qingting FM and led the architecture and implementation of Qingting FM commercialisation related products. Currently, he is responsible for product development of full platform. Jingsheng graduated from Tsinghua University. Before joining Qingting FM, he worked at Microsoft China and was responsible for a series of product development for Internet developers on the cloud computing platform.

Jingsheng Yang Head of Technology Qingting FM (蜻蜓FM)

World Class Manufacturing with IoT and Digital Transformation

Esteban is the Global CIO for IOCHPE MAXION a global leader in Automotive Structural components and the World Largest Manufacturer of Steel and Aluminum Wheels. His duties include: - Corporate IT Definition, Development and Deployment (IT DDD) as well as Corporate IT Governance to support IOCHPE-MAXION’s Global Digitalization Strategy focusing on IoT in industry 4.0 leveraging on new and existing Best Practices for the Automotive Industry. - Leading the Due Diligence Process for the strategic acquisitions and Mergers as well as establishing the Integration Process to obtain aggregate value and competitive advantages through ICT.

Esteban Remecz Global CIO MAXION Wheels

Networking Coffee Break

OneGraph-A New Generation of Business Intelligence Engines

Knowledge Graph has been widely concerned in AI applications, and its role is becoming more and more important. From data to knowledge, and from knowledge to wisdom is the inevitable trend of the development of AI in the future. The data is connected and re-organized through the knowledge graph can make data itself has more useful information so as to maximize the value of the data. In order to adapt to the development trend of AI in the new era, we have proposed a new generation of business intelligence engine -One Graph, which provides a full set of solutions for graph building, graph computing and graph application. In the future, we hope that any business can quickly build its domain knowledge graph through our system-OneGraph, and achieve AI services such as vertical search, automatic question answering, classification prediction, personalized recommendation and so on through the system's power of graph computing and graph-based machine learning framework.

Xiaoxiao Xu Senior Algorithm Engineer Alibaba Group

Panel Discussion: How to Drive Growth of the Enterprise Digital Users

The key to the survival of enterprises is to create income. In different eras, mastering different core elements will bring different benefits to the enterprise. From consumers, traffic, active users to digital users, all companies want to maximize their ownership, all of which are in different eras. Having these core elements means that companies can create greater benefits.

Mastering the core elements means having the potential to create new business models and having the tools to upgrade existing business models. Matching changes in core elements is the change of business model. Providing consumers with goods and services, realizing cash flow, realizing data, etc. is a new business model derived from the changes of the times. At the same time, the productivity brought about by the emergence of new eras The changes are also providing tools for upgrading the original business model.

Wei Guo CTO Analysys
Quanwu Xiao Director, Big Data Ctrip
Jingsheng Yang Head of Technology Qingting FM (蜻蜓FM)

Networking Buffet Lunch

Forget "Big Data" - The Foundational Challenges of Conquering "Little" Data Remain "Big" for Most

In the past few years, “Big Data” has captured the imagination of Corporate Boardrooms as a promised panacea for improving business performance. Especially for mass-market consumer oriented companies, the tools and techniques of “Big Data” are touted as a way to harness the mother lode (petabytes) of cross-channel data (Customers + prospects) to achieve sustained competitive advantage.
What is often lost in the rush to the new, is that most corporations are still grappling with the fundamentals – building a core data infrastructure, establishing disciplined best practices, and deploying strategies to leapfrog legacy systems.

Yingjie Hu Head of Big Data Analytics & Mining Ping An Insurance

6 Challenges to Consumer-Centricity...and How to Overcome Them

Christopher Kong is the Data & Business Intelligence Director at Danone Nutricia China, leading digital transformation to drive consumer-centricity.
Before joining Danone, he advised 30 multinational Consumer Packaged Goods companies, as Senior Director at Nielsen China. He previously held leadership positions at Cadbury / Kraft, where he navigated a turnaround business in China to achieve its first year of profitability, and launched a new brand.
Christopher is a thought leader in the application of behavioral economics in China, writing regularly on the topic. He has previously co-delivered the Behavioral Economics Immersion Program with Professors from Yale School of Management.

Christopher Kong Director, Data & Business Intelligence Danone Nutricia

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