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Deep into the science of data

Machine Learning Innovation brings together the data science leaders of today to present the technical solutions of tomorrow.


Two full days of insightful, practical content and masterclasses delivered by engineers and data scientists passionate about leveraging AI and machine learning for the real-world business impact.


Learn actionable takeaways from leading data scientists who are applying the latest machine learning models to solve problems.


This event is part of the DATAx giving you access to over 100 speakers and 5 stages of content across the festival.

"DATAx stands in a unique place – industry-focused yet academic, emphasizing real-world solutions while eschewing advertising pitches. The organizers curate a great mix of topics, from novel applications of Machine Learning to the musings of industry leaders on the future of data science education. "  Francesca Lazzeri, AI & Machine Learning Scientist, Microsoft



Reasons to attend Deep Learning Innovation Summit:

  • Learn how the world’s most innovative brands are using ML and Deep Learning to solve real business challenges
  • Technical masterclasses in machine learning tools, algorithms and techniques
  • Roundtable discussions to network and problem-solve with data scientists in other industries
  • How to use deep neural networks for image recognition, NLP and text-based sentiment analysis
  • Rethink product development in the age of AI and Machine Learning
  • Take predictive analytics to the next level - strategies for adding AI to your analytics toolbox

Who Attends Our Events

We bring the world's data community together

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Executive Summary

Up to date information on this event

75% Attendees companies have 300+ employees

85% Attendees companies have $50 million+ turnover

95% Attendees are director level or above

  • 75 Speakers
  • 125 Attendees
  • 67 Companies
  • 39 Presentations


Convene 225 Liberty Street
225 Liberty Street
New York
NY 10080