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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Join Jake Annear of Moët Hennessy as he kicks off the 2018
Summit with some opening remarks and a look at what you can expect during the
next two days!

Jake Annear Head of Content & Innovation Moët Hennessy USA

Alexander Wang x Pepsi Black

Join PepsiCo's original and branded content producer for a presentation on the changing marketing and content landscape through a case study on Pepsi Black. Featuring an exclusive digital film created for the brand with award winning filmmakers The Mundo Sisters.

Allison Polly Executive Producer, Branded Content and Original Programming PepsiCo

Brand Communications & Storytelling: How Combs Enterprises Markets With Consumers, Rather Than At Them

Interviewed by: LinkedIn Influencer and Forbes Columnist, Julian MitchellCompared to most media companies and brands, Combs Enterprises differentiates their marketing and engagement strategy by inviting audiences to be part of the journey. From crafting digital content, engaging audiences on social media to hosting tent pole events, CE is at the heart of culture and on the pulse of trends. Dia Simms, President, Combs Enterprises, will share insight on how to create a campaign where fans feel like they are part of a movement that is bigger than themselves.

Dia Simms President Combs Enterprises

Networking Coffee Break

Is Cause Marketing Effective?

In today’s society it seems that ‘Cause Marketing’ is catching on to many big and small brands. In this talk we will discuss the brands that are doing it right, the ones that are doing it wrong, how we are doing it and what your brand can do to make sure it is effective.

Nick Marino Director, Social Change TangoTab

Harnessing Digital Innovations: How, When and Why

From its vantage point as the chronicler of American entrepreneurship, Inc. sees its share of innovators, mavens and mavericks. The business of Inc. tries to co-opt the most promising ones – to walk the talk. Hear how you can navigate the dizzying array of innovations coming out of the digital marketing world, and how to develop a strategy that best fits your business.

Patrick Hainault Group Vice President, Marketing Inc. Magazine

Leadership Speaks: Digital Marketing Trends for ‘18 and Lessons Learned from ‘17

digital marketing landscape is changing at an astounding rate. While some of
these changes catch us unawares, some of them are easily predicted or even
scheduled. So, to stay competitive, digital marketers need to constantly track
the marketing industry fluctuations and predict major shifts in trends on time.Hear
from a panel of leading digital marketing executives on the major changes that
may affect your digital marketing campaign in 2018 and a look back on the year
that was! Moderator:Stephen Jalkut, Head of Marketing, Tokio Marine HoldingsPanelists: Banita Sarwar, Director, Digital Personalization, MarriottLucy Zachman, Former Managing Director - Digital Marketing, Synchrony FinancialAngela Gruszka, Vice President, Marketing and Creative, ABC Carpet & Home   

2018 Panelists Digital Marketing Leaders #DigiMarketing


8 Steps to Getting your B2B Social Influencer Program Going

John Renz Director, Advertising & Creative Services Prudential Financial

Effective Design for Mobile Content Marketing

Ensuring content
marketing efforts, which can be rather operational, stay creative and fresh can
be a challenge. In this session, ideas around organization structure, processes
and creative approaches will be discussed that focus on getting the most out of
your channels. 

Christopher Briseno Creative Director Digital Bloomberg

Networking Coffee Break

233 Years of Improving Lives Through Investing

How do you continue to drive culture of change? With our founder, Alexander Hamilton, as our inspiration, BNY Mellon continues to transform to meet the needs of our clients, employees and communities. See how we leverage Hamilton’s persona to reach our target market in digital and social media arenas with relevant and engaging content.

Aniko DeLaney Global Head of Corporate Marketing BNY Mellon

Case Study: Using Content Marketing to Promote the World’s Leading Performing Arts Center

With thousands of performances and events annually, Lincoln Center is a vibrant, active, and sometimes overwhelming place. There are literally hundreds of stories pirouetting across its stages, costume shops, and backstage areas every day. This case study will explore how Lincoln Center has leveraged social media live streaming, original episodic series and, most recently, podcast episodes to cut through the complexity of the institution and deliver emotionally resonant stories that connect patrons directly to the arts.

Peter Duffin Senior Vice President, Brand & Marketing Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

What Is Your Biggest Challenge of 2018?

The Digital Marketing
Innovation Summit is more than just a conference. We want to give smart ideas
and connections to help you. We’re opening up the floor and want to hear from
you. It’s a time to share ideas, debate, network, and gain insights into
tackling the challenges and maximizing the opportunities in 2018 and beyond. 

Audience Members & Speakers Open Floor Innovation Q&A

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Join Ken Bausch of Welspun for an exclusive look
at Day 2 of our Summit. 

Ken Bausch Vice President, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Welspun

From Content Strategy to Content Creation: How a Killer Combo of Content + Data + Community Will Drive Your Business Forward

The words content and content strategy mean something different to different people in your organization. How do you explain the way content drives customer acquisition and engagement? Or how it builds authentic relationships with your customers? What are key metrics to consider? Then, once you have your strategy, how do you mobilize resources to execute on it, globally and consistently? The steps are simple: have a clear vision, develop a roadmap, communicate and align executives and team members on that roadmap, and understand how to create quality content through relentless user research, design/UX iteration, and data--with a healthy dose of grit and determination. Your ultimate goal is to deliver the right content at the right time on the right platform, while making it sound snappy and fun. In a nutshell: great content brings your brand to life—and evolves as your customers evolve.

Theresa DiMasi Vice President, Head of Content/Editor in Chief, Digital and Print WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Millennials ​in the Digital Sphere -​ Know this Audience Today and You'll Own Tomorrow

Millennials have taken the world by storm by driving today's and tomorrow's culture with their ever changing interests and ability to keep up with technology trends. They can make a story, campaign or product a monster hit or a megabomb — with a click or a swipe. Understanding the fundamentals behind their minds and connection to digital trends is the first step in creating a successful connection with Millennials. This session will teach you how to utilize digital media and tools in order to reach this audience in the Digital Age.

Bonnie Fuller President and Editor-in-Chief

SEO & Search Marketing Strategy

How to maximize your efforts Demand gen and lead gen. How various content, technical and planning techniques can be applied to improve SEO & Search part of marketing strategy. What do you review, how do you review your SEO results to get started. See tips and tricks to help improve overall effectiveness of website or landing pages.

Amit Pandya Director, Head of Digital New York Life

Networking Coffee Break

Innovating Culture

How does one innovate corporate culture? A probing look at how one team brought cultural innovation to over 25,000 employees in a complex, matrixed environment with over 17 years of tradition; compounded by multiple acquisitions and rapid organic growth.Learn how they got it done and what they would do differently the next time. 

Lloyd Balman Head of Marketing, Retail Innovation TD Bank

60 Day Test: 24/7 Live Chat Bots & the Remarkable Impact on Consumer Marketing

For 80 years, Olympus has been manufacturing and marketing cameras and lenses to consumers around the globe. With the ever-changing needs of the customer, we find ourselves in a myriad of traditional & digital strategies. In the pursuit of efficiency and excellence sometimes a chance comes along to pause and test the status quo.
Michael will share a 60-day initiative into a pre sales live chat on for the Americas. He will share insights into ecommerce, customer intelligence, value creation & delivery and the remarkable impact on the organization.

Michael Vorel Head of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Digital Transformation in a Risk-Averse Industry

More than ever, marketers need to work with technology to drive critical changes in the digital experience.  This is especially challenging in a highly-regulated industry like financial services.  How can you drive digital marketing innovation even when you’re in an industry known for risk aversion and careful decision-making?

Tim Lewis Vice President, Digital Marketing M&T Bank


MaaS: Marketing-as-a-Service

MaaS is based on a simple yet fundamental idea: that is possible to share capabilities horizontally across different businesses. This is also the main value proposition around MaaS: deep expertise, productivity and a better cost equation. MaaS has a strong focus on generating, capturing demand and helping the commercial teams grow top line.

What started as a pure support for campaign execution transformed into a full-bloom offering around digital marketing. Not purely people providing a service but instead, capability. Because it goes beyond people. It is the combined people + processes + tools providing support and data analytics back to the businesses that generates more value. Being part of the same company makes it easier to partner with the Marketing and Communications teams and really be embedded into their operating rhythms.

Marcelo Prado Customer Operations GE

Branding Masterclass, Uncensored

Think about what happens when you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world and everything is working out the way you hoped it would. Strong brands help create that feeling in their customers by helping them solve problems, present a positive image to the world, feel empowered, feel accomplished, and feel like the hero in their own personal stories.
Sol Marketing CEO Deb Gabor will teach you to create a powerful brand that creates irrational loyalty in your most important customers – the ones most highly predictive of your success — by understanding their needs and connecting with them deeply.
You'll walk out of the session with a clear understanding of how to figure out your real customer avatar, where you fall on the brand values pyramid, and how to apply the foundations of brand strategy in your business.

Deb Gabor Author Branding is Sex: Get Your Customer Laid

The Past, Present and Future of Social Media

The social media landscape continues to be the most rapidly changing marketing channel with new platforms, features, and strategies popping up every day. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have dominated the market with their focus on video and messaging, augmented/virtual reality, and hyper Ad targeting. But, what’s in store for the future? In this session, we will tackle the big trends in social and how your business can capitalize.

Alex Cavalieri Head of Marketing CION Investments

Networking Coffee Break

The Evolution of Search Marketing and Impact on Brand

The past decade has seen incredible change in the search marketing landscape. We will review the evolution of Search Marketing, discuss the continued opportunity to drive profitable sales via this channel and explore more nuanced approaches to Brand building beyond last click attribution.

Ken Bausch Vice President, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Welspun

Who are your Micro-Influencers, and Why Should you Care?

In this
presentation, find out why digital marketers are starting to invest resources
in growing their “micro influencer” capabilities and are shifting focus from
social media super stars to the kid next-door. Also, discover how Penguin Teen
tapped into a niche community on YouTube to create a robust influencer database
for book publishers. This is a great presentation to attend if you’d like to
learn how and why to identify micro influencers for your brand or business. 

Rachel Cone-Gorham Former Executive Director of Digital & Social Marketing Penguin Random House