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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Consumers wanting brands to have beliefs

-Brands expressing themselves through purpose, activism, political, and cultural issues
-The risks and potential payoffs
-Brands overtly challenging its traditional narrative

Marketing with Meaning #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Brand innovators who are wowing consumers

-Brands embracing innovation and broadening their minds to new phenomena in data-driven creative, AI, & VR
-Understanding the differentiated features of most leading brands
-Disruptor brands changing up the game both operationally and culturally

Brand Innovators #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break

Women leaders in the #MeToo era

-Women leaders at the forefront of being more open about their challenges, and therefore more inspiring
-Gender equality campaigns to increase the effectiveness of brand
-The use of social media to broadcast women’s voices and the voices of marginalized groups

Diversity & Empowerment #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise


Human + Machine: perfect together

-The dynamic nature of deep learning methods
-How can technology address content
-The future technologies that will drive the unprecedented opportunities

Human + Machine #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Marketing Masterclasses

10 minute masterclasses that cover most important areas of digital marketing:
-Search Engine Optimization
-Artificial Intelligence
-Analytics and Attribution
-Content Marketing
-Marketing Automation

Marketing Masterclasses #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Rebrand revolution

-From new names, logos, and missions hear examples of brands that took on a new identity
-How social media played its part
-Redefining or growing your relationship with consumers

Rebrand revolution #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break

The Podcast Phenomenon

-Inside look at the new frontier of brand investments
-Cutting through the noise in a saturated market
-Embracing and maximizing on the Podcast Movement

The Power of Voice #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise


-Building fan communities to engage beyond the content in the emergence of OTT
-Why audiences embrace certain video platforms and creative formats
-Best practices for targeting and messaging streaming audiences

Stream Smart #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Influencers’ value with business performance

-Measuring influencers' value to consumers
-Unlocking influencers’ full potential to marketers
-Quantifying influencer marketing business performance

Influencers Impact #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Z the future

-Gen Z’s habits, motivations and expectations from today’s brands
-Marketing strategies that have resonated with Gen Z
-Digital destinations Gen Z looks for and engages with

Genz #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break

Storytelling for a new age

-Methods of storytelling, from the newsroom to the film studio
-How brands can monetize content and use social platforms to reach younger audiences
-The role technology & data in the art of telling great stories

Storytelling for a new age #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

How AI will pull content marketing back from the brink

-Learn how brands are putting the latest technology, automation and targeting tools to work
-Targeting the right audience with AI
-The potential for robots and other technology to threaten creative
-Trust and transparency in a post-GPRP world

Back from the Brink #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Ways to survive and thrive in the age of disruption

-Being data led, not data driven
-Preparing and managing a crisis
-Supporting cause, not because it can make customers loyal but because it's the right thing to do
-Finding your ‘aha’ moment in your data

Ways to Survive #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise


ROUNDTABLES: Digital innovation circles

-Evolving from buzzwords to action
-Break Through the Noise and Inspire Organic Innovation
-Q&A with the Innovators

Digital Roundtables #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Content Cinema

A review of the best and worst content campaigns from Q1 2019. Sit back and relax (popcorn will be served!)

Content Cinema #DigiMarketing Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break