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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Nicoletta Ruhl Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant IE Guest Speaker

Using language to connect with consumers

Dawn Lerman Executive Director, Center for Positive Marketing Fordham University

Mobile Apps as Vehicle for Driving Brand Loyalty

Marketers today recognize the growing importance of cultivating a loyal customer base. Turns out, a brands mobile app can serve as one of the most effective vehicles for building loyal relationships with their consumers. Come learn from Aaron Austin, as he shares Google's latest research and insights on how mobile apps can drive loyalty, and how you as marketers can make the most of this opportunity.

Aaron Austin Mobile Apps Sales & Strategy Expert Google

The Many Faces of AI: What (Or Whom) Will Consumers Trust – and Obey?

- How does the physical appearance of a robot or avatar sales advisor affect the likelihood that customers will trust and follow its’ recommendations about what to buy?
- How will chatbots and affective computing (where software detects a consumer’s emotional state) impact sales interactions?
- As advertisers use machine learning to generate artificial images for their messages, how will AI influence ideals of beauty and the fashion industry?
- What will be the impact of dating apps, sexbots and other smart devices on interpersonal relationships?
- How will facial recognition and wearable computer technologies meld with AI to create “markets of one?”

Michael Solomon Professor of Marketing & Director of the Center for Consumer Research Saint Joseph's University

Networking Break

Human + Machine: perfect together

-The dynamic nature of deep learning methods
-How can technology address content
-The future technologies that will drive the unprecedented opportunities

Matthew Quint Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership Columbia Business School
Hilary Kay VP Marketing & Communications Wibbitz
Binti Pawa Senior, Director of SEO TheStreet

The Multiverse of Global Marketing

The multiverse is full of parallel universes, each governed by different laws of nature. What does that have to do with digital marketing? Come learn how one of our clients wanted to conquer the global digital content multiverse (markets, cultures, languages) and how we helped them decide how to add local nuance to a global strategy.

Jon Ritzdorf Solutions Architect Senior RWS Moravia

Women leaders in the #MeToo era

-Women leaders at the forefront of being more open about their challenges, and therefore more inspiring
-Gender equality campaigns to increase the effectiveness of brand
-The use of social media to broadcast women’s voices and the voices of marginalized groups

Molly Heffernan Director, Marketing and Digital Tory Burch Foundation
Kendra Newton Marketing Director HarperCollins Publishers
Nina Semczuk Head of SEO Content Fairygodboss
Brooke Hinton Associate Director of Research and Insights Refinery29


Building trust with buyers

- Brand credibility in the "fake news" era
- Consumers connecting with brands from real-life stories from people like themselves
- Keeping the focus that great content is to elicit an emotional response

Christopher Coburn Assistant Vice President, Head Of Annuity, LTC and DI Product Deployment and Marketing Mass Mutual
Paul Tyler Chief Marketing Officer Nassau Reinsurance
Nick Marino Director, Social Change TangoTab
Angela Gruszka Vice President of Marketing and Creative MILLY

The Podcast Phenomenon

- Inside look at the new frontier of brand investments
- Cutting through the noise in a saturated market
- Embracing and maximizing on the Podcast Movement

Peter Costanzo Digital Publishing Specialist The Associated Press
Yu Wong Executive Director, Digital Content & Strategy Morgan Stanley
Kaitlin Keleher Executive Producer America's Test Kitchen
Jennifer Jordan Executive Producer, Content Babbel

Deep Dive: A/B Testing

A/B testing is a must for determining the highest-performing creative content and improving digital marketing campaign results. Join James Horner, Senior Engagement Marketing Manager at New York Life to learn effective strategies for A/B testing with different marketing tactics that you can take back to the office today.

James Horner Senior Engagement Marketing Manager New York Life

Networking Break

Lightning Talk: Where are we headed? 2019 Marketing Trends

Alex Cavalieri Head of Marketing CION Investments

Lightning Talk: Why App Ratings Matter & The Winning Approach to 5-Stars

- The role played by Ratings and Reviews in attracting new app users
- The right approach and segmentation to improve average rating

Mirela Cialai Head of Global Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Zinio

Lightning Talk: Reach

-Building fan communities to engage beyond the content in the emergence of OTT
-Why audiences embrace certain video platforms and creative formats
-Best practices for targeting and messaging streaming audiences

Joe Harrell Senior Director ALL ARTS

Lightning Talk: Embracing innovation to build awareness, loyalty and advocates, in virtual reality

John Hickey Channel Marketing Manager Castrol

The de-brief: Questions for our lightning presenters

Mirela Cialai Head of Global Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Zinio
John Hickey Channel Marketing Manager Castrol
Joe Harrell Senior Director ALL ARTS
Alex Cavalieri Head of Marketing CION Investments

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Nicoletta Ruhl Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant IE Guest Speaker

Z the future

-Gen Z’s habits, motivations and expectations from today’s brands
-Marketing strategies that have resonated with Gen Z
-Digital destinations Gen Z looks for and engages with

Karen Goldfeder VP, Business Development Do Something Strategic

Influencers’ value with business performance

-Measuring influencers' value to consumers
-Unlocking influencers’ full potential to marketers
-Quantifying influencer marketing business performance

Elina Vaysbeyn Associate Marketing Director Penguin Random House
Donna Vallario Internet Marketing Expert Blue Circle Marketing
Michael Pomposello Managing Partner, Co-Founder Blue Polo Interactive
Kristin Fassler Vice President, Director of Integrated Marketing Simon and Schuster
Jake Bronstein Head of Partner Innovation BuzzFeed

Consumers wanting brands to have beliefs

Tod Plotkin Executive Producer: Broadcast + Branded Video Green Buzz Agency
BJ Barretta Head of Video Upworthy

Networking Break

Break through the noise and inspire organic innovation

- Examples of a brand-led innovation process
- Understanding that disruption does not mean innovation
- Organizations coming together to share unique perspectives and ideas

Nick Marino Director, Social Change TangoTab

Distributed Experiences - Scaling Your Audience Contextually

-Finding the right partner to develop innovative ways to build mind share and shape the user's opinion at the top of funnel that is authentic to the brand and value proposition
- How to seamlessly handoff from marketing to commerce by integrating commerce APIs & dynamic user based creative media
- "Fishing where the fish are" by leveraging a captive audience that has intent to purchase & engage in commerce

Michael Rotella Senior Manager - Digital Product Innovation & Strategy Verizon

Digital metamorphosis: From caterpillar to butterfly

Caterpillar stage:
Outlining the start of the journey

Beginning to understand baseline
Building processes and governance
Cleaning database
Creating dashboards
Tracking and analytics
Fixing salesforce and sales processes
Understanding digital experience from customer point of view
Creating roadmap with customer and brand story at center

The Butterfly Effect:
What the transformation looks like and the current results and growth metrics
How the next stage of evolution is starting to take place.

Waseem Kawaf Senior Digital Marketing Manager STANLEY Healthcare


Mission Pine Tree: Case Study on Optimizing Evergreen Content

Description: Find out how evergreen content can be a valuable source of sustainable traffic. Steps to optimize and refresh your evergreen content. Get the full case study on how Conde Nast optimized evergreen content, how long it takes and how they acheived 400+% increase in traffic.

John Shehata Vice President - Audience Growth Condé Nast

Business Messaging: Meet Consumers Where They Are

Millions of businesses rely on SMS to communicate with mobile consumers. Credit card fraud alerts, flight status updates, and package delivery notifications are common examples of business-to-consumer SMS. Though SMS meets the consumers needs for instant notification, it lacks the interactivity and personalization consumers expect.

RCS Business Messaging upgrades SMS with branding, rich media and analytics that lead to better consumer engagement. With RBM, businesses can bring branded, interactive mobile experiences, right to the default messaging app. By 2020, 86% of smartphones will be RBM-enabled. Join a Google expert to learn about the future of messaging and how major brands like Subway and are already using this technology to reach their customers.

Todd Parker Global Head, Business Development, Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) Google

Join the rebrand revolution

- From new names, logos, and missions hear examples of brands that took on a new identity
- How social media plays its part
- Redefining or growing your relationship with consumers

Amit Pandya Director, Head of Digital New York Life
Myra Lee Head of US Marketing Conning
Maria D'Errico Marketing Leader Brand Innovator
Rafael Sulit Head of Marketing, National Grid Partners National Grid

Networking Break

Attracting Legions of Irrationally Loyal Fans with Your Brand

The best brands in the world are those that create conditions of Irrational Loyalty. Irrational Loyalty is the condition in which customers are so strongly bonded to your brand they would feel they were cheating on you were they to choose an alternative.
In this engaging and action-packed 90-minute workshop, Deb Gabor works with audiences to help them understand how to make their customers the heroes of their own stories to attract legions of fans who will buy from you again and agin.
While many branding speakers drone on about abstract principles, Deb speaks in practical terms that lead audience members to walk out of the room and call their colleagues to implement her ideas.
• How to create audience avatars that capture what really matters
• Where they fall on the Brand Values Pyramid, and how to get to the top
• Why classic story archetypes should be the core of your branding

Deb Gabor Author Branding is Sex: Get Your Customer Laid

Summit closes