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Day 1


Host Opening Remarks

Measuring the True Business Impact of a Brand Campaign

Measuring the impact of a brand campaign has been a challenge for decades -- especially when it comes to measuring both “sentiment” metrics and “business” metrics. The goal remains elusive even as measurement of marketing direct response has become increasingly sophisticated. When Uber decided to launch a massive brand campaign in May 2018, we had to come up with a way to measure impact that met Uber’s high analytical bar, and could win over skeptics by showing a quantified indisputable business impact. This talk explains the multi-pronged measurement approach we developed (it’s still in market!), it’s pros and cons, the challenges we had, and what we have learned so far.

Kevin Frisch Head of Performance Marketing and CRM Uber

Move Through the Marketing Funnel from Trial to Adoption to Loyalty

Ankur Prasad Head of Marketing Amazon Appstore

Disruption Through Adaptation: How to Make Existing Technology Work For Your Business

This session will explore how to create disruption by adapting existing technology and utilizing it in an effective and innovative manner in your industry. Learn best practices on how to identify which tech may be worth pursuing and explore case studies on how to leverage these technological developments to work best for your business.

John Passerini Global VP Interactive Marketing Sotheby's International Realty

Networking Coffee Break

Marketing in the New Audio Age

NPR's CMO shares research and other data examining how voice-driven technologies like Alexa and Google Home are changing consumer behavior and what that means, not only for businesses and marketers, but for society as a whole.

Meg Goldthwaite Chief Marketing Officer NPR

The Art & Science of Digital Transformation: Behind the Scenes @ Adobe’s Marketing Transformation

The Marketing function is increasingly complex and evolving more rapidly than any other function. The convergence of marketing, technology and data science/analytics is behind this evolution. Despite the plethora of capabilities available today and a marketer’s job is increasingly difficult. Firms across industries need to undergo a major transformation to sustain their competitive edge in this experience-led world.

Join this session to hear about Adobe’s own wildly-successful transformation, how to balance the art & the science of marketing and lessons learnt in our journey.

Parthiv Sheth Senior Director of Marketing Technology & Operations Adobe

Innovative Mobile App Features Drive Customer Actions

Solving our customer’s biggest pain points in a meaningful way with emerging and proprietary technology drove increased app installs, engagement and revenue while establishing as an innovator and disrupter.

Lisa Sullivan-Cross Chief Marketing Officer


How to Engage Customers and Deepen Relationships: What Startups Can Teach Enterprise About Transactional Email

Join Dyspatch CEO Matt Harris in a discussion about the serious wake up call Enterprise marketers need regarding the creation of exceptional transactional email experiences. Learn how these crucial communications can help you realize the full revenue potential of your most important customers — those you’ve already won. Using real-world examples — from order confirmations to abandoned shopping carts, dunning emails to app notifications — we’ll explore the significant lessons that startups can teach Enterprise about optimizing transactional email to maximize growth.

Hear from CEOs, CMOs, and marketing leaders who have a story, a product, and the task of finding the most effective ways to reach consumers, as well as a solution provider whose product enables just that.

Matt Harris CEO Dyspatch

Creating a Compelling Content Strategy: How Multiplatform Storytelling Can Build Relationships that Lead to Sales

Marketing is now an ecosystem. We need to embrace all the different ways our audience wants to connect with our brands. Consumers are asking more of us as storytellers than they have in the past. We need to create content experiences that come to life on multiple platforms, are uniquely discoverable, shareable, immersive, and ultimately build trust and connect emotionally.

Erica Kaufman Director, Global Content Strategy Mattel

Bridging Gaps in Digital Experiences to Improve Customer Experience

Learn how Autodesk has integrated a supportability process into its go to market planning to launch products with a better experience as well as how Autodesk is optimizing its operations to scale to help more customers.

Heather Simon Director of Service Design Autodesk

Networking Coffee Break

Is your Video Content Playbook Outdated? Learn the Latest Techniques that Work

Video is on the rise, however, the format has gone through innumerable changes and the attention span of audiences have dropped drastically. How do you produce video content ( ads, etc ) that drive measurable results? Learn a few of the processes that Molekule employs, that has significantly delivered and scaled.

Gaurav Agarwal VP Growth Molekule

Behind the Music…Marty Music

Marty Schwartz may not seem like a household name– but if you’ve looked for a guitar lesson on YouTube, you’ll immediately recognize Marty and his famed “Marty Music” channel. As the #1 guitar instructor on YouTube, Marty has become known by millions around the world for his guitar skills and teaching guitarists of all levels their favorite songs. Guitar amateurs and novices alike seek out his channel and subscribe to get a regular dose of the best guitar instruction on YouTube.

But what’s behind the music and the strumming? A collaboration with video-first agency Made In Network, which helps bring Marty’s tutorial content to life. In this session, attendees will get an insider look at how the tutorial gets made, including how it builds its following, and have a chance to join in on the demonstration process. Marty and Made In Network CEO Kevin Grosch will not only show brands and innovators what goes into Marty’s lessons, but also how he produces his videos and decides what gets shared – and learned – by the guitar music lovers of the world. Marty and Kevin will tape the lesson, include highlights in an upcoming episode of Marty Music, and livestream the event for Marty’s Music followers to get in on the action. They’ll share actionable tips on what brands can learn from a creator like Marty and engage their YouTube followers.

Kevin Grosch & Marty Schwartz Speakers Marty Music

TREND BRIEFING: Brand x Consumer: Exploring the Science Behind Social Engagement

Social media engagement and ad revenue have been up for years, but what’s really at play once we move past technology, targeting and the sheer scale of it all? Join Menaka Gopinath as she explores what’s really at play in social media – including the intersection between brand and consumer experiences and the mechanics behind today’s ever-shifting rules of engagement. Through the lens of behavioral and data science, advertising research and storytelling, Menaka will discuss how innovative schools of thought can help shed light on the true potential of social media for both brands and consumers as we move deeper into the digital age.

Menaka Gopinath President, Ipsos Social Media Exchange Trend Briefing

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Day 2


Host Opening Remarks

Your Friends & Family Don't Even Trust You. And Why Should They?

Now that you have all of the data, and think you know your customer better than ever... guess what? They might not trust you. It starts with stopping calling them customers, they're your community, and it ends with assuming that data will do everything for your organization. Trust just might do it though.

Jon Akerman Global Digital Director Movember

PANEL: The “Born Digital” GenerationThe 2019 Digital Media Forecast as (Fore)told by Forbes 30 Under 30 Honorees

Nina Yiamsamatha Product Marketing Manager Instagram
Lauren Kolodny Partner Aspect Ventures
Kylan Nieh Senior Product Manager LinkedIn
Janett Haas Vice President Sales Forbes

Networking Coffee Break

Shifting Digital Marketing in the Age of Gen Z and the Transformation Economy

As Generation Z takes over the market place, we find ourselves asking what changes in digital and content marketing are needed? The shift from an experience economy to a transformation economy provides these change insights.

Sheetal Patel Head of Content and Educational Design Stanford University

Making the Most of Magritte: Increasing Visitor Engagement with AR

How SFMoMa turned Magritte paintings into a virtual world.

Jennifer Northrop Chief Marketing Officer San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

Finding Deeper Emotional Connections in Messaging

It is not enough to know what customers think – brands must figure out how they feel. Emotional connection is the key to successful customer relationships and drives brand loyalty. In this session, Travis will outline the tactics needed to understand the modern consumer’s emotions. Particularly, he will expand on the importance of creating unique, expressive content, engaging directly with consumers where they share the most, and leveraging customer data to change the conversation and effect user sentiment toward the brand.

Travis Montaque Founder and CEO Emogi

How to Shake Up the Industry with Disruptive Marketing?

What does Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, X-Men, Alzheimer’s Disease, Obesity and Sumo Wrestling have in common? These are tools used to disrupt a noisy and highly competitive industry. When Marketing and Science meet the result is a powerful and compelling message that will reach your audience in the most memorable way possible. Come find out how Francisco Trigueiros took a struggling business to market leadership in the most extraordinary way.

Francisco Trigueiros Global Director of Marketing Siemens Healthineers


Achieving Meaningful Engagement (That Matters to Your Business) in an Overcrowded Digital Space

In a time where every brand is a publisher, what does meaningful engagement mean in 2018? How is it achieved and importantly, how is it measured? Is it enough to simply aim for “attention” or do brands need to dig a little deeper to connect with their audiences? In this session, Kristy will explore how tapping into your audiences fears, aspirations, and passions can drive loyalty, how brands being vulnerable can transform how you do business, and the “new rules” of content and digital marketing for 2019 and beyond.

Kristy Ellington Global Head of Content & Creative FANDOM

Engaging Content that Drive Conversions

Natasha Adams CMO Kodakit

Placemaking: Why Big Brands Should Focus on Emerging Cities

After years of activating with clients at music festivals in saturated cities like LA and NYC, The Participation Agency recognized an opportunity to further amplify marketing budgets. The PA launched “For Those Who Tour” in June 2018 as an owned asset that brings brands, culture and musicians to emerging cities, creates more meaningful engagement between brands and consumers both in real life and on social media, and provides a much higher marketing ROI. Ruthie and Jess will discuss how brands can amplify digital storytelling through experiential and why they should consider moving away from short-term pop-ups.

Ruthie Schulder Chief Executive Officer The Participation Agency
Jessica Resler Chief Creative Officer The Participation Agency

Networking Coffee Break

Influencer Marketing: How to Grow Your Brand with Influencers

Claudia Sandino Senior Social Media Marketing Strategist Trend Briefing

Normalizing Paid Media Metrics for your Marketing Reporting

UC Davis’ marketing team has confirmed what’s widely known—that advertising and sponsored content providers and agencies can report metrics wildly differently. This presentation gives an overview of the issues and strategies for normalizing your own metrics for maximum consistency reporting out to your organization, optimizing spends, and comparing channel effectiveness.

Tom Hinds & Nikki Fox - University of California, Davis