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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Introduction

Chairperson Introduction

Peter Strohkorb CEO Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

Networking discussion - what topics are you here to discuss?

Opportunity to connect with your peers and discuss what topics are you here to talk about.

Peter Strohkorb CEO Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

Connecting with Millennial Audiences

Elaine is going to be joining us from PayPal to discuss how marketers today can connect with their millennial audiences.

Elaine Herlihy Director, Marketing PayPal

A CMO’s Roadmap to Delivering Customer Experience for the Future

In 10 years websites will no longer exist – at least not in the traditional sense. Over the last few years customer expectations have changed the way we interact in the digital world. Being online no longer means being in front of the computer screen.

A shift is happening in the world of marketing where we will no longer be focused on driving people to our websites. Prospects and customers alike will instead demand that we provide them with the information they need to help them move along their processes or digital journey as smoothly as possible. We now need to provide the customer the information they require at the time they need it for the platform/location they are on.

How do you position yourself to deliver an exceptional customer experience in a time of rapid digital transformation?

Roger Lee Solutions Marketing Director OpenText

Coffee Break

Stump the Strategist

Stump the Strategist is an event where the audience try to stump our strategist with their chewiest marketing and business strategy challenge, and they answer them live against the clock.

And the best bit…at the end, you get to vote if they passed or were stumped.

For those who want to:

Grow their business and win on marketing
Have their problems solved quickly
Find their differentiators
Learn what works for the big brands and the fast start-ups

The interactive session for:

CEOs, MDs and Business Leaders
CSOs, Head of Strategy, Strategy Directors
Marketers and Marketing Managers

Ashton Bishop CEO Step Change
Glenn Bartlett Head of Strategy Step Change
Kathy Rhodes Director, Strategy Step Change

How email marketing can help grow your business

Email Marketing may be perceived as an "old school" marketing platform yet it has proven time after time that it is here to stay. Here's how you can ensure you get the fundamentals in order before it's too late and invest in this space to get instant growth in results through personalisation and automation. 

Vanessa Collars Digital Marketing Manager Havaianas


Creativity champions content

The Cronulla Sharks share with us how they embrace content marketing to engage their fans.

From z-gen to baby boomers the Sharks present the opportunity for their club and partners to connect with a diverse, but deeply engaged audience.

Pioneering the NRL with livestream social video and user generated content, they work with major brands such as Woolworths and CrownBet to create relevant and creative bespoke content – audience attention and changing behaviour being their biggest challenge!

Scott Maxworthy Head of Digital Media Cronulla Sharks RLFC

Workshop: Getting Ready for the Future - a practical introduction to the Customer Experience Maturity Model and developing a roadmap for the future

The digital marketing and customer experience landscape is changing, and we all need to change with it. But where do we start? To help you in this journey, in this workshop OpenText will be highlighting their Customer Experience Maturity Model, what it looks like, and guide you through the self-assessment process and how that can help you develop a roadmap on how to position yourself to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Roger Lee Solutions Marketing Director OpenText

Coffee Break

Panel: How can you Implement a Successful Data and Analytics-Driven Marketing Strategy?

What tools and practices have you adopted, what change in skill set does this require and how do you adopt a test and learn mentality into your marketing teams?Panelists:- Head of Marketing & PR at YaHoo7- Director of Marketing, Growth & Performance at Bupa- MD & CMO, Australia at HelloFresh- Founder & CEO at SportsGeek

David Hirsch Director, Marketing, Growth & Performance ANZ Bupa
Kate McBean Head of Marketing & PR, Aus & NZ Yahoo7
Amy Smith MD & CMO, Australia HelloFresh
Sean Callanan Founder SportsGeek

Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Chairperson Introduction

Chairperson Introduction

Sarah Kammigan General Manager Think Big Online Marketing

Panel: Content Marketing - if ‘every company is a media company’ how can you stand out from the crowd?

Discussing; content marketing creation, visual mediums, content marketing distribution, brand loyalty, audience growth and engagement and emotion-driven story-telling.Panelists:- Head of Marketing at WooliesX- Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer at Invictus Games Sydney 2018- Executive Director, Content Marketing at News Corp

Nicole McInnes Head of Marketing, WooliesX Woolworths
Tim Hodgson Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer Invictus Games - Sydney 2018
Simon Smith Executive Director, Content Marketing News Corporation

The Year of Digital Exhaustion

2017 has been a tough and exhausting year for all of us working in digital media. It's the year we were labelled “too complicated”, “too dangerous”, “too cluttered”, “too confusing”. It felt like we spent most of this year clawing our way back into standing position only to be knocked down again. A few ruthless cowboys and a couple of bad stories led to many clients questioning our ability and impact. Some even gave up on us. But with over 20 million Australian’s online each month, brands cannot and should not walk away. Now is the time to SIMPLIFY, clear the air, take a deep breath and rediscover the incredible marketing power of online that seems to have been lost. This session will talk through the strengths, opportunities and value of digital media that may have been forgotten or drowned out.

Alice Almeida Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation News Corporation

Coffee Break

Start me up: building a start-up within the world’s biggest music company

Less than 6 months ago, Stephen Hunt started as Managing Director of Emerging Technology and Media at Universal Music Group.  The role centred around the 3 disciplines of media, content and technology which have been fused together into an exciting new business unit for the music company.  In this keynote, Stephen will take us on the journey so far highlighting some innovative ways to leverage content creation as part of the marketing mix. 

Stephen Hunt MD of Emerging Technology & Media Universal Music Australia

Networking discussion - what have you learned?

Opportunity to discuss what have you learned over the course of the event and reflect on the insights delivered.

Sarah Kammigan General Manager Think Big Online Marketing

Panel: Digital Brand Strategy - social presence, awareness & engagement

This panel session will be discussing how to establish a winning digital brand strategy including social presence, awareness & engagement.


Head of Digital Marketing, Omnichannel, HP

Head of Digital Strategy, News Corp

Marketing Director, Moustache Republic

Paromita Mitra Head of Digital Marketing, Omnichannel HP
Alice Almeida Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation News Corporation
Christo Swanepeol Marketing Director Moustache Republic