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数英DIGITALING是一个汇聚能量和发散能量的互动媒体平台。自2007年初创至今,我们已为无数的个人和企业提供资讯和专业服务。这里集结了来自营销、新媒体、电商、互联网及无线互联网等数字领域人才的智慧结晶。我们的使命是整合数字业界信息,受益于访问者。 is the leading interactive media platform that delivers full energy and engagement of communication in an innovative way. Since launched in 2007, we have relentlessly delivered industry insights and quality services to industry professionals and businesses.Collaborating with passionate and brilliant talents while discovering trends and collecting wisdom in Marketing, New Media, Electronic Commerce, Internet and Wireless Internet, etc., are important motivators in what we do.The mission of is to integrate the vibrant industry insights in order to delight our audience, drive engagement, and inspire innovation.