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Day 1


Host Opening Remarks

Hira Saeed Women's Economic Empowerment Fellow / Tech Journalist Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Female Voices and Values in Today's Media Landscape

Jessica Tarlov Head of Research Bustle

Back to the Future: Digital Looks More Like TV

30 years ago, cable networks built amazing content and a foundation of programming we all grew up with. Now, a new set of pipes have emerged and an opportunity to create amazing content built for those new pipes. We’re living in a world where millennial audiences are watching about 40% less TV and spending over 2 hours a day on social.

Group Nine and its four brands (Seeker, NowThis, Thrillist & The Dodo) has pioneered the distributed media revolution and found incredible success programming for the new pipes (Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.). To be relevant today, you need to reach audiences on the platforms and in the formats they want. That means creating engaging, high quality IP optimized for social, OTT, Amazon Prime and beyond. Hear from Seeker's Chief Content Officer on how to succeed in today’s distributed era by creating hit audience & insights-driven programming for today's social and digital pipes.

Caroline Smith Chief Content Officer Seeker

Networking Break

TREND BRIEFING: The Fold is No More.

Jim Rowan Chairman and President Liqwid

The Washington Post & Google on Telling Better Stories Across the Open Web

Content consumption on mobile is changing, with engaging, fullscreen storytelling formats becoming increasingly popular. While the web has the capabilities to support the creation of this type of content, the technical investment can be challenging. The AMP Project recognized this need and worked with publishers like the Washington Post to build the AMP stories format, a rich set of web components for storytelling on mobile. And while AMP stories are designed for mobile, they also work great on desktop too. Join Google and the Washington Post to learn how to utilize the format to create visually engaging stories, with the enormous reach of the web.

Jon Newmuis AMP Stories Tech Lead Google
Matthew Callahan Design Editor The Washington Post


Content Creation and Distribution Strategies in 2019 and Beyond

As the digital landscape grows increasingly crowded and social platforms shift, we shine the spotlight on how forward-thinking publishers are evolving their approach.

Deepna Devkar VP, Head of Data Science Dotdash

Navigating the World of Influencers: Why Do They Matter for Publishers and Brands Today

Publishers today are always looking for creative ways to engage their audience in the evolving digital landscape. Consumers are increasingly interested in human connection and authenticity over entities, so publishers must utilize influential people to engage

Flora Tsapovsky Fashion and Food Writer, Editor, Content Manager San Francisco Chronicle & SF Gate

Networking Break

Emmy Award Winning Sportscaster on the Intersection of Sports and Media Industry

Dan Devone Former Sports Anchor/Host NBC Sports

Learning from Gen Z: Shifting Video Production Strategies in 2018

Publishers must produce exciting video content for an ever-growing number of platforms at scale in order to entice their audience, stay relevant and seize monetization opportunities. The best place to take cues for producing video in this type of evolving environment is from the digital-first generation - Gen Z. In this keynote, McCann will discuss three Gen Z-inspired techniques for scaling video production: 1) Use of a real-life setting -- mess and all 2) Incorporation of homegrown talent and 3) Giving younger staff a real voice and room to play and direct content.

Maia McCann Editor-in-Chief & VP of Content RockYou Media

Networking Reception

Day 2


Host Opening Remarks

Hira Saeed Women's Economic Empowerment Fellow / Tech Journalist Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Defining Growth

Karklins discusses Observer Media's next phase of growth, as they further the brand to an even broader national audience, introduce additional markets and customer segments, and expand upon digital solutions and advanced targeting capabilities.

James Karklins President Observer

How to Build Out Your Email Newsletter Program -- And Why It Matters

With digital users spreading further out across third-party platforms, prone to factors beyond our control, we’re losing ownership of our own audience. But email newsletters and mobile app push notifications allow you to engage directly with your most engaged users. Your newsletter and app audiences are far more valuable than the average unique visitor. Take full advantage of driving engagement through these powerful tools over which you have complete control.

Michael Liss Senior Director, Digital New York Post

Networking Break

Using Data to Drive Strategy and Performance

Mike Filliben SVP, Audience Development and Analytics Ranker

Data Hacks for Improving Performance Marketing

Making more money doesn’t have to involve more work. In this session Jon Brodsky, Country Manager of, will discuss how to make decisions about which data points to ignore as you scale your business (and your data), and how you course correct when you realize you've been looking at the wrong data.

Jon Brodsky Country Manager