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Day 1

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Creating High Impact Ad Experiences

Conde Nast's legacy of understanding their audiences over 100 years of publishing enables them to create high impact ad experiences.  Dolly will share insight into their editorial strategy, which stems across social, digital, video and magazine,and connects consumers to their passions. 

Dolly Jones Digital Content & Strategy Director Condé Nast

‘Context is King’: Creating Content Experiences Within Financial Services

Robyn Eastlake Head of Content Aviva

Raising Eyebrows and Subscriptions at The Economist

The Economist had a big business problem, which it solved with a marketing strategy it calls "brand-response". 

Listen to Tom McCave explain how The Economist has used smart data, compelling content and programmatic media, to win lots of awards (and solve the big business problem at the same time!)

Tom McCave Director of Audience Development The Economist

Morning Coffee Break

Curiosity-Driven Content

What content is most engaging? Why? What can we learn from it? Surrounded by curiosity-driven research at CERN, Kate will show how the same curiosity has helped develop editorial content. See how findings from a scientific study into how people reacted to CERN social media has helped to shape and adapt CERN content. Useful tips for digital practitioners on crafting content and improving engagement. 

Kate Kahle Head of Editorial Content Development CERN

PANEL : How To Recognise “Good Data”

To thrive in an all-digital future, publishers need to become more agile and experimental. Equally, they need a more open, agile, and transparent data approach; one that enables them to pursue a more diverse mix of business and revenue models, all at the pace their business environment continues to evolve.

Data ’freshness’, 1:1 user profile management (no taxonomies), immediate new segment reach forecasting, frictionless peer-to-peer data exchanges, real-time personalization, and segmentation AI are all transforming how publishers leverage data and DMPs, creating a new paradigm for what constitutes good data and good data activation.

Sponsor Panel Panelists Cxense

Church and State: Blending Commerciality and Editorial Integrity in the Digital World

Joanna Carrigan Head of Branded Content News UK


PANEL: What Is The Driving Force Behind Online Media : Content Monetization or Audience Engagement

Alex White, Priya Kumar, Linus Birtles and Fiona Dent debate the driving force behind online media.

Digital Publishing Panelists Industry Leading Experts Digital Publishing Panelists

Finding the Balance in Local Publishing

Finding the lessons and parallels from the video gaming industry and how these can be applied to the local publishing to meet the needs of its readers. 

Andy Fletcher Product Development Director Johnston Press

Introducing Product Teams at the Natural History Museum, London

Piers will share his experiences of building a first-class digital function and customer facing digital content is at the forefront of this process. He will speak further about how content has become a number one priority for the Natural History Museum.

Piers Jones Chief Digital & Product Officer Natural History Museum

Afternoon Break

Fireside Chat: Atlantic Books

The Editorial Director is tasked with building a quality commercial fiction list, she willl share how this has grown hugely in terms of turnover and profit.

Sara O'Keeffe Editorial Director Atlantic Books

Fireside Chat : Sports Publishing

A sports publishing expert discusses the challenges of choosing the correct publishing strategy in the evolving world of sports 

Gary Parkinson Global Digital Editor FourFourTwo

Networking Drinks

Day 2

Registration & Light Breakfast

Chairperson Overview

Bloomsbury - Expanding Subscription Revenue in the New Era of Digital

In this presentation, Jonathan will expand on how Bloomsbury’s Academic & Professional division is expanding its digital subscription revenue with specific insight into product development.

Jonathan Glasspool Managing Director, Academic & Professional Bloomsbury

Re-imagining Content Creation to Support a Multi-channel Travel Media Brand

Lonely Planet has been one of the world's leading sources of travel content for over 40 years. James will share how the company has transformed its content strategy to feed a multi-platform product ecosystem and help travellers explore every day.

James Smart Destination Editor Lonely Planet

Strategies For Growing Your Publishing Business in a Multi-Touchpoint World

Fiona will share insights and a Time Inc case study on innovating for growth beyond heritage publishing businesses. She will outline successful ways to adopt new business models in a highly complex, ever-changing, multi-touchpoint world.

Fiona Dent Group Managing Director Time Inc.

Morning Coffee Break

Creating Effective Digital Videos

Focusing on real videos that have performed well online for national older people’s charity, Age UK, Richard examines what good content innovation looks like and what principles should inform effective video design.

Richard Brooks Senior Content Producer Age UK

Fireside Chat with BT

Editor-in-Chief of BT discusses why BT is investing in digital content, and how they are measuring editorial content against business metrics. He will share strategies for how to drive subscription and explore the technical innovation within BT Sport digital.

Harry Foges Editor in Chief BT

Distributed Creativity

Alec discusses his strategy for distributing successful creative content across social media. 

Alec McCrindle Creative Director, RYOT Oath


Even in a World of Data Targeting, Context Counts

Shortlist Media set itself apart as the media platform for the metropolitan audience, combining targeted reach with fantastic environments for advertisers to talk to consumers. It’s tremendous success as a content-creation company has led Shortlist Media to the position of coveted partner for brands across the fashion, beauty, technology and entertainment industries. Even the most proven creators of content are not immune to audience fragmentation and stunted growth. At a time when marketers and their media agencies are challenging the transparency, efficiency and quality of digital environments Shortlist Media have built a digital offering that is true to their mission of creating content the Met Set are proud to consume and enjoy.  Shortlist Media’s mission is to continue to grow their targeted digital audiences building upon existing positions of strength in London and major UK cities without resorting to content that strays from their brand values of empowerment, ambition, feminism and liberalism

Owen Wyatt Managing Director Shortlist Media

PANEL: Digital Content: Creation and Testing across Diverse Mediums

Jonathan Black,
John Crawley, Alec McCrindle and Marc Hammoud discuss creation and testing across diverse mediums.

Digital Publishing Panelists Industry Leading Experts Digital Publishing Panelists

Jack Wills - Peer-to-Peer Influencing

The Founder & CEO of Jack Wills will discuss his insights on peer-to-peer influencing, presentation details coming soon...

Peter Williams Founder & CEO Jack Wills

End of Summit