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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Julian Mitchell Contributor Forbes

What is the Constant? What is the Variable? Creativity at the Intersection of Humans and Data

Data is everywhere. It oozes out of every corner of our work, flowing from screens onto papers that make their way into briefcases and across kitchen counters. But creative humans and data aren’t always good bedfellows. Creative humans have instincts and emotions, pride and love; data sits there, smokes a cigarette and says, “Hey, it’s not personal, it’s just business.” But this intersection - where humans and data meet - is full of opportunity. Join President of BuzzFeed Entertainment Group Ze Frank for a conversation about the pitfalls and the sometimes bizarre magic of using data to inform creative decision making.

Ze Frank President of BuzzFeed Entertainment Group BuzzFeed

Introducing "Fold-less" Advertising – The Fold is No More – How Publishers can Materially Benefit from Viewability

It is well established that the evolution of Viewability has primarily benefited advertisers and tech players.  Jim, Rowan, president of LIQWID, will give a brief dive into the evolution of the viewable impression metric and how it is evolving into Fold-less Advertising, opening a new era in which publishers can finally materially benefit from the necessity of Viewability and significantly boost their revenue.

Jim Rowan Chairman and President Liqwid

Networking Coffee Break

Finding Authenticity at the Intersection of Content and Commerce

While “branded content” is widely adopted by advertisers as the one-way ticket to a young person’s heart today, the majority of the output falls flat, or worse, has an adverse effect. Today’s young people have a sixth sense that pinpoints when they’re being marketed to, and the expectation for brands to contribute to the cultures that matter to them in exchange for their attention is at an all time high. Lars Bengston, Publisher of, discusses the art of listening to your audience, balancing the tightrope between editorial authenticity and commercial opportunity, and how VICE Media helps its brand partners find the additive and authentic role they can play in youth culture.

Lars Bengston Publisher, VICE Media

How to Adopt and Monetize Voice AI

With the rise of voice assistant like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, what do these platforms mean for publishers and their audiences?

Kourtney Bitterly Commercial Lead The New York Times

Using Data Science to Build the Right Products for your Audience

Jon Roberts discusses how to use data science to build proprietary tools and best practices in transforming a media publisher in to a subscription business.

Jon Roberts Chief Innovation Officer Dotdash

Building The Modern Global Ecosystem

The global media landscape has evolved and shifted, providing unique cross-continent opportunities for creators and distributors to leverage.

In this session, Tastemade will explore strategies for engaging audiences globally, with local authenticity, through the unique integration of data-driven entertainment, in-real-life experiences and social commerce as one.

Andrew Saunders Head of Global Brand Strategy Tastemade


Charting a Path to Growth – Innovation in Monetization

With Facebook turning off the traffic tap, and with as much of 50% of digital advertising subject to Ad Fraud, how will publishers chart a path to growth? Hear from a panel of leading minds as they discuss best practices and lessons learned in experimenting with various forms of direct advertising, ad-blocking strategies, events, subscriptions, memberships, and adapting to the new voice ecosystem controlled by Amazon and Google.

Lars Bengston Publisher, VICE Media
Kourtney Bitterly Commercial Lead The New York Times
Camilla Cho General Manager of eCommerce New York Magazine
Brian Kroski Strategic Advisor American Media Inc
Brandon Berger Former Chief Business Officer theSkimm

News IQ: Data, Content and the Power of Connection

The digital era has ushered in a new era of audience targeting capability, but true connection with an audience can still be elusive.

Jesse Angelo CEO & Publisher New York Post

Creating Content for Millennials

Bustle's Managing Editor Amanda Chan will talk about how vital it is to have a crystal-clear understanding of who your reader is — recognizing both commonalities, as well as the inherent diversity in experiences and backgrounds. At Bustle, a good understanding of our reader informs not only the topics we cover, but also how we cover them, as well as how we determine the best platforms on which to deliver our content. 

Amanda Chan Managing Editor Bustle

Digital Retox

John Raih Managing Director Jerry Media, by f*ckjerry

Networking Coffee Break

Building A Media Venture Beyond Instagram

Aleen Kuperman, Samantha Fishbein, Jordana Abraham Co-Founders Betches

How One Longtime Magazine Editor Launched a Digital Destination For Millennial Women

Bonnie Fuller's presentation will share the story of how she envisioned the concept when the media landscape was beginning to change just before the Great Recession, and followed her instinct to launch a digital destination for millennial women, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.

Bonnie will share how it’s been a continuing learning process since launched 8.5 years ago, as the media and social media landscape continues to evolve, creating new hurdles and opportunities.

Bonnie Fuller President and Editor-in-Chief

Navigating the World of Influencers: Why Do They Matter for Publishers and Brands Today?

Publishers today are always looking for creative ways to engage their audience in the evolving digital landscape. Consumers are increasingly interested in human connection and authenticity over entities, so publishers must utilize influential people to engage.Women’s media and commerce company Brit + Co has mastered this: The face of the company is CEO + Founder, Brit Morin, and it utilizes its “Co” or community, to connect with its audience - via celebrity influencers, the teachers of their online classes, and their superfans. Brit + Co's diverse group of experts allows them to connect with a large audience all while staying true to its mission of inspiring and enabling women to live their best lives through creativity.As leader of the brand partnerships team, Brit + Co’s SVP of Sales, Anita Maiella, is responsible for leveraging influencers of all types to produce results for Brit + Co partners. She will discuss how to navigate the changing digital landscape by explaining the importance of human connection in media and commerce, how to strategically utilize influencers when creating content, and how publishers can maintain authenticity while working with a range of personal brands.

Anita Maiella VP, Brand Partnerships Brit + Co

Networking Cocktail Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Julian Mitchell Contributor Forbes

Bringing Science to the Art of Storytelling

How the Wall Street Journal is applying media science methods to empower ambitious journalism. 

Francesco Marconi R&D Chief and Head of the Editorial Lab The Wall Street Journal

Ubiquity is Part of Our Strategy

Ashley Codianni Global Head of Social and Emerging Media CNN

Reimagining Storytelling As a Customer-Focused Experience

From augmented reality to machine-generated text, The Washington Post newsroom is rapidly challenging the way its journalists think about telling stories and constantly testing out new methods for improving readers’ news experiences. Learn how The Post’s newsroom has transformed itself to focus on our audience’s needs and to fulfill them with newest technologies.

Jeremy Gilbert Director of Strategic Initiatives The Washington Post

The Reinvention Imperative: Modernizing Established Brands for the Digital Age

Utilizing the case study of Travel + Leisure—47 years old this year, and the only remaining monthly consumer travel magazine in the United States—we’ll explore the genuine opportunities “legacy” media brands have in today’s world of ubiquitous and commoditized content, and the pitfalls they must avoid if they hope to remain relevant and thrive. 

Nathan Lump Editor-in-Chief Travel + Leisure

Networking Coffee Break

How Intent Impacts Storytelling

The audience has ideas about your content before they even arrive, influenced by brand and platform. How do you use those ideas to shape stories? You factor intent into each piece of content you create, from concept to packaging. Putting the reader first now means thinking about their state of mind when, where, and how you reach them.

Brooke Siegel Vice President, Content Hearst Digital Media

Best Practices for Branded Content

Creating engaging, educational and entertaining content that drives business goalsWe see fatigue on the part of brands who once invested big in creating their own content shops or in contracting with content agencies. Here’s why: too many branded content programs aren’t developed with hyper-targeted business goals that specify, before a word is written, the specific KPIs the content is driving to. Instead, we get content for content’s sake—to fill a web site or an enewsletter. In this session, we’ll outline the 10 best practices for content that not only entertains and educates, but also delivers results, whether those desired results is awareness and consideration, conversion and purchase, or retaining existing customers. 

Diane di Costanzo VP/Editorial Director The Foundry


Innovation in Digital Narratives and Disruption

From AI, VR, Voice, to Chatbots editorial departments everywhere have entered new terrain into media technology that will threaten publishers yet also keep them alive.Hear from a panel of leading minds as they discuss best practices and lessons learned in experimenting with various forms of digital narratives and print innovations. 

Francesco Marconi R&D Chief and Head of the Editorial Lab The Wall Street Journal
Jeremy Gilbert Director of Strategic Initiatives The Washington Post
Sam Tercek Design Lead, Story Experiences Hearst Newspapers
Jacqueline Loch VP & Group Publisher St Joseph Media

Why Email Newsletters and Mobile Push Notifications Really, Really Matter Right Now

digital users spreading further out across third-party platforms, prone to factors beyond our control, we’re losing ownership of our own audience. But email newsletters and mobile app push notifications allow you to engage directly with your most engaged users.
Your newsletter and app audiences are far more valuable than the average unique visitor. Take full advantage of driving engagement through these powerful tools over which you have complete control.

Michael Liss Senior Director, Digital New York Post

The Flexible Story Engine

The industry focus has typically been on the concrete deployment of singular destinations for audiences. However, amidst a climate of rapidly changing reader habits and decaying print sales, we must think more flexibly. This is imperative as we look to migrate a portfolio of 34 regional papers into the digital age.

Newsroom workflows and alternative revenue streams are high priority, but so is the effort on premium storytelling devices and discovery. This talk will cover the first year of that transition and the culture required in order to take on the feat.

Michael Villaseñor Head of UX, Product and Marketing Design Hearst Newspapers

Trend Briefing: Future of Media

IN Ventures' has launched a news media platform “” with digital advertising as a main source of revenue model. Total Capitalism will provide people with the right news, information, and knowledge required to make smart investment decisions. Total Capitalism will have full time reporters covering business, technology, politics, economy, and lifestyle news / events. We also plan on having industry and thought leaders contribute articles to Total Capitalism on a monthly basis. Nin Desai believes its the Future of Media. Total Capitalism is a model for how technology is bringing ad based revenue model back / profitable for the media industry from both video / banner ads perspective. Total Capitalism's key strength are: fair news, one stop news platform, free content (no subscription required); and its use of technology to elimate the middle man to generate a profitable ad based revenue model. In an era where most news media platforms are struggling to stay afloat - it is what the industry needs.

Menaka Gopinath President, Ipsos Social Media Exchange Trend Briefing

Engaging Audiences with New Technology

Penguin Random House seeks to drive purchasing behavior with virtual reality, video, and interactive content that drive discoverability in new directions and extend the digital story of bestselling books.

Kristin Fassler Vice President, Director of Integrated Marketing Simon and Schuster

The Branding Masterclass, Uncensored

Remember the last time you had a toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm?The best brands in the world can give their customers that same kind of feeling. Strong brands help their customers solve problems, present a positive image to the world, feel empowered, feel accomplished, and feel like the hero in their own personal stories. In this engaging and action-packed keynote, Deb Gabor works with digital publishing professionals to help them understand who their "customers" are, and how to make them the heroes of their own stories. While many branding speakers drone on about abstract principles, Deb speaks in practical terms that lead audience members to walk out of the room and call their colleagues to implement her ideas.

Deb Gabor Author Branding is Sex: Get Your Customer Laid

On the Intersection of Global and Local: How to Use the Internet to Turn a Global Effort into Local Action

Anna Ben Yehuda National Digital Content Editor Time Out

Storytellers: Using Creativity to Solve Problems

This conversation highlights how creative entrepreneurs are using their platform to advance culture. We’ll dive deeper into how each of these dynamic storytellers have leveraged their creativity to skip corporate America and pave a path of independence to shape the world on their own terms.

Ian Davis Creative Problem Solver. Founder + Principle Age of The Creative
Sophia Li Journalist + Director. Founder Li Dynasty Media
Joshua Kissi Creative Entreprenuer. Co-Founder TONL
Julian Mitchell Contributor Forbes

How Vertical Media Became Luxury’s Cultural Capital

Leyda Hernández Chief Executive Officer C'est du Luxe

Taking Content to the Learner – Inside Dummies’ Transformation Journey

Dummies is an iconic publishing brand with over 7000 active titles on various topics in our daily lives. While the book business is thriving, the average age for a dummie is 46 year. 50% of our audience is over 55, which needs to be changed in order to secure its future. As part of the Digital transformation, Subrataplans to launch a series of dummies learning products aiming to follow the customer in each of the screen the customer interacts with, such as desktop, mobile, chatbots, social, wearables, ioT appliances, inflight entertainment, home automation, elevator and Smart TVs with a set of lean forward and lean back products. This presentation takes you behind the scenes of this bold transformation initiative and show how new customer journeys will evolve for the dummies 2020 initiative.

Subrata Mukherjee VP, Product Management For Dummies

Winning with Social Ads, The Secret Sauce to Making them Profitable

Samantha Lloyd Digital Marketing Manager Penn Foster

Networking Cocktail Reception