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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Brian Kroski Strategic Advisor American Media Inc

Empowering Customers and Employees Through Digital Transformation

The session will discuss how companies like Comcast can drive meaningful change for customers and employees by developing and delivering simple and consistent self-service experiences across channels.  We will review some of the key components of successful Digital Transformation, such as: how to be thoughtful in determining measure of success, the importance of being thorough in leveraging the right data and customer feedback to identify top opportunities, and why we must be relentlessly committed to collaboration and managing change throughout the organization.

Dave Hodgman Director, Digital Strategy & Transformation Comcast Corporation

The Evolution of Content Marketing at Morgan Stanley

Learn how Morgan Stanley aligned its organization to execute a content marketing vision that fits today’s experience-focused landscape. Alison will talk about her experience creating and implementing a content marketing practice at Morgan Stanley and what it took to get buy in for the approach from senior stakeholders across the enterprise. She’ll go into how Morgan Stanley thinks about distributing content and how they employ channels to reach audiences.

Alison Popp Executive Director, Digital Strategy Morgan Stanley

How Millennial Choices, Preferences and Behaviors Drive Innovation and Digital Transformation

In the world of transformation and digitization exploding across Corporate America, the ability to identify the underlying customer behavioral shifts is crucial to understanding how best to integrate new technology and innovation in your business. Millennials represent one-third of the US population today and will reach peak economic, cultural, social and political influence over the next decade and are driving the disruptive innovation across every industry.

Jeremy Balkin Head of Innovation, Retail Banking HSBC

How Does your Firm Manage Customer Engagement?

Companies face new challenges in today’s consumer experience economy. Traditional buying patterns are passé. Buyers focus is themselves. Choice is overwhelming. Product and other customer experience is transparent. Browse to buy ratios are untenable. Net -> Customer experience is paramount. Enterprises can only win with the right technology. Couchbase focuses on its customers’ customer enabling business to get to market faster, reduce costs and scale like never before to solve problems no one has had before.Learn more about Couchbase’s Engagement Data Platform from Mitch Krieger.

Mitchell Krieger Innovation Leader, Managing Director Couchbase

Networking Coffee Break

Evolving Role of Data in Financial Services and the Need for a Robust Data & Analytics Strategy

Data is becoming more and more important in a digital world. It is the nervous system of a digital enterprise. However, the amount, type, pace and cost of data is changing rapidly and the nature of analytics is evolving quickly. Customers across all industries are expecting and demanding more, while companies that are leveraging data well are outperforming peers. Financial services is no exception. Citi believes excelling at data & analytics is a core capability required by the bank of the future and is investing heavily to transform its data & analytics capabilities.

Raymond Nazloomian SVP, Global Digital Strategy Citi

Fireside Chat: Storytelling Inside of a Storm

Interviewed by: Marco Greenberg, President, Thunder11Ripple
effects are created when organizations experiment with innovation and go
through digital transformation. While the decisions and actions associated with
these types of programs are apparent and clear to senior management and those
involved in the decision-making, other employees may feel confused or shocked.
Companies who excel in providing a narrative as the change happens, will reap
benefits.  Strategists and transformation
officers can motivate teams and provide smoother transitions when they tell the
story of the “why” and the “how.” Frequent communication, open forums and
Q&A sessions can help employees to align themselves and define their roles
in the midst of change. This fireside chat will walk through the critical
elements and value of strategic storytelling and also provide ideas for how
companies can deliver difficult messages to their employees. 

Falguni Desai Global Head of Strategy, Equities Credit Suisse
Marco Greenberg President Thunder11

User Generated Content and Storytelling as an Effective Revenue Driver

For 42 years, Ghurka has been making revered leather travel luggage and accessories. In this session, we will discuss how we leveraged the power of customer stories to improve both the on-site and digital marketing experiences. We will also look at how to benchmark the financial success of a content initiative.

Justin Sellman Vice President, E-Commerce and Digital Strategy Ghurka

Experimentation in a Data-Driven World

Learn more about the role experimentation plays in creating a culture of innovation.

Josh Cohen Business Development Apptimize


Diving into B2C: 5 Areas to Consider when Going "Direct-to-Consumer"

Every organization has different reasons for entering the digital landscape and diving into B2C. The number of manufacturers going direct to consumer is growing. In this presentation, John will focus on the top 5 questions you need to answer before moving direct to consumer. From organizational success to growth, he will illustrate how Melissa & Doug positions their site as a hub for their brand on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. With a mission to “Take Back Childhood,” Melissa & Doug has created a content rich branded experience for shoppers, driving brand affinity and revenue.

John C. Freyer Director, Digital Strategy Melissa & Doug

Networking Coffee Break

After Digital: AI & The New Shopping Experience

The fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally change every aspect of our lives - from the way we eat, sleep, and learn to the way we shop. Prepare yourself for a future where the Internet of Things and the shopping experience merge, filled with artificial intelligence, chatbots, augmented reality, and voice assistants.

Leyda Hernández Chief Executive Officer C'est du Luxe

Digital Strategy Inner Circle

What’s keeping you up at
The Digital Strategy
Innovation Summit is more than just a conference. We want to give smart ideas
and connections to help you. We’re opening up the floor and want to hear from
you. It’s a time to share ideas, debate, network, and gain insights into
tackling the challenges and maximizing the opportunities in 2018 and beyond. 

Audience Members & Speakers Open Floor Innovation Q&A

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Brian Kroski Strategic Advisor American Media Inc

Controlling Your Brand on Amazon While Driving Profits

What are you doing to ensure that your brand is properly
represented on Amazon? Do you have control of branding, distribution or
pricing? Former Amazon executive James Thomson will discuss key strategic
choices a leadership team must make to ensure its brand gets proper
representation on Amazon.

James Thomson Author The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma

Fireside Chat: Driving Cultural Change at Aetna

Interviewed by: Elyse Southwell VP, Global Digital Revenue Strategy & Operations
at Nasdaq
and Host of Nasdaq DisruptorsAn
accomplished business leader and strategic marketer who combines left brain
creativity with strong right brain analytical discipline, Daryl drives cultural
change in organizations by engaging and influencing diverse stakeholders with
innovative ideas and analytical tools. Daryl is skilled at building and leading
multi-disciplinary teams and partnering with P&L leaders to deliver results
that impact the bottom line.

Daryl Drabinsky Director of Digital Innovation & Strategy Aetna

Networking Coffee Break

The Digital Economy – the Rise and Fall of Money, Influence and Culture

The “Digital Economy” has become one of the most talked-about phenomenon of our lifetimes. But 20 years since the launch of Google, 14 since Facebook and 13 since YouTube, let’s take stock of what has really changed – and what hasn’t?

Economically, six companies now control 95% of the “Digital Economy’s” Revenues and Profits. FAANG stocks together generate profits equivalent to the entire market cap of Disney. We spend more hours online than we have with any other media in the history of the world. 2016 saw the year when Digital advertising surpassed that of TV. Culturally, the “Digital Economy” has reset the rules of everything from how we form our opinions to how celebrities monetize their fame.

So what does all of this mean to you? Is your digital strategy positioned for growth? Are you placing the right bets while ignoring the noise? Drawing on her experiences as an advisor to executive leadership at some of the world’s premier media and digital companies, Kosha breaks it all down.

Kosha Gada Corporate Executive Director, Strategy Comcast NBCUniversal

Millennials ​in the Digital Sphere -​ Know this Audience Today and You'll Own Tomorrow

Millennials have taken the world by storm by driving today's and tomorrow's culture with their ever changing interests and ability to keep up with technology trends. They can make a story, campaign or product a monster hit or a megabomb — with a click or a swipe. Understanding the fundamentals behind their minds and connection to digital trends is the first step in creating a successful connection with Millennials. This session will teach you how to utilize digital media and tools in order to reach this audience in the Digital Age.

Bonnie Fuller President and Editor-in-Chief

Leveraging Digital to Deliver the Patient Experience We All Deserve

Liz leads the Health Systems product team at Zocdoc. The team leverages digital experience optimization to facilitate patient-friendly access to hospitals. As private practices consolidate, connecting patients with the right care providers has become increasingly complex. Zocdoc learns and optimizes its consumer web properties from the millions of patients using the site each month. Our product, design, and engineering teams then apply these learnings to the enterprise use case, delivering a delightful digital experience to an overlooked technology sector (hospital IT). Liz will share learnings to showcase how a better digital experience can make meaningful strides in an area of fundamental importance - human health.

Elizabeth Burstein Director of Product Management Zocdoc


The End of Local Media or a New Beginning?

The past year has been a hard one for local media: DNA Info, Gothamist, Brooklyner and The Village Voice, are all gone or in trouble…  But against this backdrop, non-profit journalism and community media is experiencing a golden age – with record-breaking metrics and passionate, dedicated audiences. BRIC TV is a community media network based in Brooklyn, NY, that’s part of this renaissance – winning numerous journalism awards and premiering content at some of the country’s top festivals, including Sundance and Tribeca Film. In this talk, we’ll see how the shift is occurring and how to build partnerships with their evangelizing audiences.

Aziz Isham Chief Executive BRIC

Customer Experience Strategies For Sustaining, Expanding and Improving Your Market Share

Customers today have higher expectations of your brand than ever before.  They expect seamless, unified and efficient experiences when they interact with you and with a plethora of channels now available to them in the Digital Age, are you doing all you can to keep them and sustain the digital wave?
This presentation will cover innovative strategies and methodologies for measuring, optimizing and understanding your customers experience with your brand. We will discuss key concepts such as managing your customers as your most important asset, understanding their journey and struggles, how to deliver unified experiences, and key performance indicators to foster continued improvement and growth.

Jeff Carpenter Head of Digital Products Travelers

Fostering a Culture of Experimentation

For 55 years, AccuWeather has brought innovation to weather forecasting. Now, they’re applying that same culture of experimentation to their digital strategy, discovering new products and techniques to engage their audiences. Navigating the successes and failures of each new idea can be tricky, and requires innovations even within the experimentation process itself. Samantha will dive into the decisions behind the experiments, the data used to evaluate the success of each initiative, as well as the challenges involved with encouraging a “startup” mentality within a well-established company.

Samantha Minish Director of Digital Content Products and Strategy AccuWeather

Networking Coffee Break

Branding Masterclass, Uncensored

Think about what happens when you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world and everything is working out the way you hoped it would. Strong brands help create that feeling in their customers by helping them solve problems, present a positive image to the world, feel empowered, feel accomplished, and feel like the hero in their own personal stories.
Sol Marketing CEO Deb Gabor will teach you to create a powerful brand that creates irrational loyalty in your most important customers – the ones most highly predictive of your success — by understanding their needs and connecting with them deeply.
You'll walk out of the session with a clear understanding of how to figure out your real customer avatar, where you fall on the brand values pyramid, and how to apply the foundations of brand strategy in your business.

Deb Gabor Author Branding is Sex: Get Your Customer Laid

Why you Need a Robust Data Strategy in the Digital Age

As one of the world’s fastest growing media companies, Bauer Xcel Media puts data at the core of our business. In this presentation, we will share how we build audience data and insights into our day-to-day editorial and commerce operations. We will review some of the most important data points that can help us understand and monitor competitive landscapes and our audience needs. More importantly, we will share how Bauer Xcel maintains a company culture that fosters collaboration and speed learning across the organization by implementing open and transparent feedback loops across our business.

Cathy Ma Direction of User Acquisition Thomas

Integrating Data & Analytics Across Acquired Companies at Speed & Scale

How to
create a truly real-time supply chain across a fragmented organization built
through mergers & acquisitions. 
Including how to engineer and integrate the various data systems in fast
& seamless ways, and how to create an analytics and data strategy that
enables faster data collection, cleansing and analysis delighting internal key
clients and delivering marketplace differentiation.

Benjamin Lavoie Global Director of Technology Anheuser-Busch InBev

End of Summit