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Day 1

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Z the future

-Gen Z’s habits, motivations and expectations from today’s brands
-Marketing strategies that have resonated with Gen Z
-Digital destinations Gen Z looks for and engages with

Genz #DigiStratNY Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break

Strategy challenge workshop: How to design a digital strategy for 2019

-Analyze and re-imagine culture beyond being a seller or service provider
-Evaluating employee work habits, patterns of collaboration and workflow
-Acknowledging the gaps in YOUR skill set and try to fill them

Digital Strat Workshop #DigiStratNY Innovation Enterprise


PANEL: Women leaders in the #MeToo era

-Women leaders at the forefront of being more open about their challenges, and therefore more inspiring
-Gender equality campaigns to increase the effectiveness of brand
-The use of social media to broadcast women’s voices and the voices of marginalized groups

Women leaders of #DigiStratNY #DigiStratNY Innovation Enterprise

Consumers wanting brands to have beliefs

-Brands expressing themselves through purpose, activism, political, and cultural issues
-The risks and potential payoffs
-Brands overtly challenging its traditional narrative

Marketing with Meaning #DigiStratNY Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break

Deep dives by industry

Insights from their side:

Deep Dives #DigiStratNY Innovation Enterprise

PANEL: Influencers’ value with business performance

-Measuring influencers' value to consumers
-Unlocking influencers’ full potential to marketers
-Quantifying influencer marketing business performance

Networking Reception

Day 2

Registration & Breakfast

Host Opening Remarks

Building trust with buyers

-Brand credibility in the "fake news" era
-Consumers connecting with brands from real-life stories from people like themselves
-Keeping the focus that great content is to elicit an emotional response

Networking Break

Futurists forecast

Hear the trends set to disrupt within next 3 years.

Futurist forecasters Innovation Enterprise


PANEL: Reach

-Building fan communities to engage beyond the content in the emergence of OTT
-Why audiences embrace certain video platforms and creative formats
-Best practices for targeting and messaging streaming audiences

Break through the noise and inspire organic innovation

-Examples of a brand-led innovation process
-Understanding that disruption does not mean innovation
-Organizations coming together to share unique perspectives and ideas

Break Through #DigiStratNY Innovation Enterprise

Networking Break