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Day 1

Registration - Light Breakfast

Chairperson Introduction - M.J. Walker

Chairperson Introduction

M.J. Walker Board of Advisors TheSocialArchitects

From Omni-Channel to Omni-Present: How Wells Fargo Delivers a Customer-Led Digital Strategy Transformation

To manage their fragmented financial lives, customers expect a seamless, personalized digital experience whether they’re managing their finances on their bank’s website, on a PFM platform like Mint, or within a social media channel like Facebook Messenger. Hear from Wells Fargo on how banks are rethinking the customer experience, partnering with startups and other financial services providers, to give customers ubiquitous financial freedom – all with simple, safe and convenient digital tools. 

Heather McGlinn Hansma Head of Strategy Wells Fargo Virtual Channels

Beyond Reach: How A Top Business School Is Rethinking Its Digital Engagement Strategy

From 2012-2016, at Stanford Graduate School of Business, we focused on building brand visibility for our thought leadership, through owned channel management. We saw an opportunity to build a following for management insights based on faculty research and alumni expertise. Through a focused dissemination strategy and constant innovation, we increased our social following 200-fold in 5 years and established our social and email channels as resources for those seeking business and management information. 

When knowledge dissemination was the only goal, reach was our priority. Our social following was consistently growing and web site traffic increased accordingly. More recently, as we have begun telling other stories about the school in order to engage more directly with alumni and prospects, we have been reevaluating our approach. This has required reassessing our specific channel strategies and tactics.

In this talk, I will provide insight into how we used social channels and email to build visibility for our thought leadership content and how we are evolving to include visibility for stories about the school, targeted at other audiences. I will also share how we are evaluating engagement, and how we now prioritize reach vs. engagement.

Sorel Husbands Denholtz Director, Audience Development Stanford Graduate School of Business

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Designing the Unknown – Observation, Innovation and Super-Synthesis

The unimagined is not unimaginable, but without the right connections, it might as well be. Until a coalescing vision synthesizes it into a viable form, Innovation is just an elusive potential in a sea of uncertainty. How do we increase our chances of creating viable forms? How do we create a repeatable process for innovation? This conversation is aimed at understanding the critical conditions and phenomena necessary to achieve game-changing results. We will identify the tropes, failure points and success schema of innovation models, and explore the importance of failure and uncertainty management in achieving successful outcomes.

Charles Reeves VP. Global User Experience Design Aviva

Get Social Going

Get Social Going

Donnetta Campbell Founder, Principal, and Lead Architect TheSocialArchitects

Heroes Aren't Born, They're Built. Do you Have a Workplace for Heroes?

The world around is changing. The world is getting more connected. The business is becoming more digital. The definition of work is changing and the new generation entering the workforce is unlike any other. The expectations and the "needs" of this workforce are different. Do you have a workplace which invites and invests in these workers? Come and find out essential elements, strategies and approaches for making a Workplace of Future which will make your people into heroes.

Atul Totre Director, Digital Transformation Group Microsoft

Lunch - Exhibition Area

Why We Test: Informed Design at CBS Interactive

Jeremy Toeman is the VP Products at CBS Interactive. In his presentation, Mr. Toeman is discussing an overview of CBS Interactive, the Testing and Website Design, as well as a Testing Platform. Additionally, Mr. Toeman is discussing the guidelines, the challenges, and the benefits that emerged through these processes.

Jeremy Toeman VP, Products CBS Interactive

How to Make Mobile Work for You & Your Business

Almost 60% of Google searches now come from mobile devices, yet many brands still say mobile doesn’t work for them.  This session will focus on how you can make mobile work by building frictionless experiences that delight their customers and grow their business.

Emily Ferdinandi Head of Mobile Performance, Finance Google

Making A Mobile Impact

Nick Marino will be speaking about how mobile can make an impact. 

Nick Marino Director, Social Change TangoTab

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Why Healthcare Has Resisted Innovation (and Why We Keep Trying)

Healthcare constitutes one-sixth of the U.S. economy and its growth has consistently outpaced inflation growing between 6% and 12% annually over the last decade. During this run-up in costs it has remained remarkably resistant to innovation.  Best practices face a slow adoption curve as organizational bandwidth is stretched to cover regulatory, quality, infrastructural, and financial priorities leaving little room for a sophisticated digital marketing approach.  There remains significant opportunity for digital technologies to break into healthcare when they combine a developed industry understanding with innovative solutions that integrate into the existing workflow.  Healthcare industry veteran Austin Purkeypile discusses why some approaches work and others are destined for failure. 

Austin Purkeypile Vice President, Strategy & Business Development Dignity Health

Panel: How Brands can use Social Media to Engage Consumers, Improve Customer Service and Build Loyalty

A social presence is essential, however, to be successful brands need to monitor this extremely carefully. This session will discuss how to make social work for you and what the future holds for these high-engagement platforms.


Director, Digital Strategy & Development, The Sacramento Bee
Product Director, Partnerships, Digital Strategy & Initiatives, Conde Nast

VP, Americas, Thomson Reuters

SVP, Busines Development & Brand Strategy, AEG Sports

Adam Rugel Product Director, Partnerships, Digital Strategy & Initiatives Condé Nast
Jennifer Williams Director, Digital Strategy & Development The Sacramento Bee
John Toth VP, Americas Reuters
Johnathan Lowe SVP, Business Development & Brand Strategy LA Kings | AEG Sports

Networking Drinks - Exhibition Area

Day 2

Registration - Light Breakfast

Chairperson Introduction

Chairperson Introduction

Jessica Mendoza Senior Marketing Manager The Associated Press

Panel: Making Sense of the Data; Measuring and Mining and Adjusting your Digital Strategy

What should you measure, how should you analyse the results and how best can you adjust your digital strategy for an improved eCommerce and data-driven strategy

Panelists: Director, Digital Strategy, Country Music Association
VP, Digital Platform Strategy, Wells Fargo
Sr. Marketing Manager, Associated Press
VP, Director of Digital Strategy, Pearson Education

Richa Awasthi VP, Digital Platform Strategy Wells Fargo
Stacy Treco VP, Director, Digital Strategy Pearson Education
Jessica Mendoza Senior Marketing Manager The Associated Press
Meryl Johnson Director, Digital Strategy Country Music Association

A Customer Experience Strategy for Transformation

With start-ups setting new standards for products, services and experiences, large corporations are being forced to focus on transforming their customer experiences. Senior executives at legacy companies have had to make it their top priority to achieve the transformation required to compete and thrive. But it’s no longer enough for a CX team to simply own the theory of better customer experience - NPS, measurement, voice-of-customer reports, etc. - and try to communicate that to separate teams that actually make those experiences. The new model requires the CX team to speak the language of multiple disciplines and strengthen the overall customer experience by driving immediate and effective change through brand design, global UX strategies, tone of voice, and digital marketing programs. In this session, hear Howard Pyle, MetLife’s SVP, Customer Experience & Design, discuss the benefits of combining theory and practice in a hybrid role and how his team is collaborating to pioneer a more nimble CX practice within a storied insurance and financial services institution.

Howard Pyle SVP, Customer Experience & Design MetLife

Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Marketing The LA Kings - An Evolution Towards Content-Centric and Fan-Driven Strategies

Marketing The LA Kings - An Evolution Towards Content-Centric and Fan-Driven Strategies

Johnathan Lowe SVP, Business Development & Brand Strategy LA Kings | AEG Sports

Digital Diplomacy: Innovative Storytelling and Digital Content for Governments

Governments are not immune to the new dynamics of the digital age, especially when it comes to branding, storytelling, and engagement. While slowly, world leaders, politicians, and diplomats have embraced social media and digital platform; and some are louder than others. Trends are quite clear and the focus is not only on creating the most engaging narrative, but also in experimenting with live videos and sexy, authentic content that is meaningful and draws on the public’s desire for a more personal conversation with our leaders. This session will highlight some best practices and how governments are setting the stage for a new way of connecting to audiences and engaging with them.

Andreas Sandre Press & Public Affairs Officer Embassy of Italy

The Future of Premium Content in the Age of Fragmentation

The premium content industry has changed more in the past five years than it had in the past fifty. As audiences shift their viewing habits and media companies are challenging the norm in order to generate revenue, hear from NBCUniversal’s Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy and Partnerships on what the company is seeing in viewing behavior, what the future holds for premium content publishers on linear and digital. From cross-platform advertising to new ad formats, innovation in the age of fragmentation is paramount.

Jenny Burke SVP, Advertising Sales Strategy & Partnerships NBC Universal

Trusting the Future

People have evolved to trust their basic instincts for growth and survival--including the need to collaborate and build relationships. But today, innovations in technology are challenging our basic ideas about trust. Whether it's trusting a huge company with private information or being able to trust your team to tackle new challenges, we still need to trust each other, especially in the ever-changing landscape we all live and work in. But how do we design a product or experience to build trust with its users? And, how should UX teams evolve to tackle these new challenges?

Scott Noblit Director, Interaction Design Gap Inc.

Lunch - Exhibition Area