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Day 1

Registration & breakfast

Opening remarks

Your chair, Cindy Lee, warmly welcomes herself and introduces the day ahead.

Cindy Lee Senior Digital Transformation Consultant DXC Technology

Menti session: Why are you here?

An interactive start to the day to get connected with what you're here to learn, what your priorities are and what you'd like to discuss with industry peers during the day.

Cindy Lee Senior Digital Transformation Consultant DXC Technology

Be more startup: What selling lettuce taught me about transforming at speed

Digital transformation is, and has been, a key investment focus for many of Australia’s businesses in recent years. But merely investing in digital transformation does not guarantee success, innovative strategies are needed to ensure that the benefits are realised.

Having spent the past 8 months on sabbatical at one of Australia’s most innovative startups; Sprout Stack, James shares his insights on how behaving like a startup can accelerate the returns of your digital transformation investments.

James Legge Former Head of Marketing & Business Development Sprout Stack

Leading UX & UI

With a diverse career in media and digital, Linda has a wealth of experience in leading digital. In her most recent role as Head of Audience Strategy and Digital and Service Design at ABC, Linda led the UX and UI across a range of ABC products including iView, ABC News, triple j and ABC Listen, In this session, she will be sharing her frank, first-hand accounts on the challenges faced and lessons learnt from designing a seamless user experience on a wide range of digital platforms.

Linda Bracken Formerly Head of Audience Strategy & Digital Design ABC

Networking coffee break

Your transformation toolkit unpacked

Digital Transformation occupies the minds of senior executives everywhere; but ask them what it is and you rarely get the same answer twice. With such widespread misalignment, planning, strategizing and decision-making becomes a function of desperation, rather than insight. In this session we break down the forces of disruption and map out the implications for execution. Built from years of research and experience, this series of simple, but powerful tools, will give you the insight to navigate the current complexities with practical frameworks and models.

Scott Ward Founder & CEO Digital Infusions

Embracing cultural diversity

The importance of creative an inclusive workforce, reflecting our communities and customer base, supporting and providing guidance, understanding and responding to the needs of communities and also empowering employees across organisations to be confident to create change to foster social cohesion. Join Commonwealth Bank's Head of Strategy as she talks through the behind-the-scenes initiatives such as; intern programmes, graduate programmes and sourcing STEM talent overseas, all of which levels the playing field and fosters the right talent.

Malini Raj Head of Strategy (Multicultural Community Banking) Commonwealth Bank

Audience first: A four-part approach to strategising like a digital subscription business

As the news industry begins to rely on reader revenue in lieu of falling advertising dollars, more publications are restructuring around subscriptions. At Crikey, we’ve run as a subscription business since our inception. Learn about the four-part approach we use to succeed in the digital subscription economy and how it can be applied to any digital strategy.

Jane Mahoney Associate Publisher Private Media


Machine learning bootcamp

Canva is one of the most popular and easy to use graphic-design tool websites. Founded in 2012, Canva uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts and is used by non-designers as well as professionals. Join Paul Tune, a machine learning engineer from Canva, for an insightful session on how machine learning operates from the inside out and how it can work for you.

Paul Tune Machine Learning Engineer Canva

The safe space for collaboration and high achievement

Despite progress in our agile processes at work, the people piece remains the pacesetter of change. How do we help people move flexibly through complexity? Particularly in a world as fast moving as the digital world? How do we work with our colleagues and tap into our collective intelligence? What control over the pace of change can you personally have by learning more about yourself? Dr Amy Silver shares her expertise in creating the psychological safety, trust and effective communication necessary for us to achieve elevated outcomes, despite the discomfort of our VUCA workplaces (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).

Dr Amy Silver Author & Mentor Dr Amy Silver

Digital engagement in the retention era

Online businesses are entering a new era of retail where customer retention will be the main indicator for revenue growth. Delivering a seamless online customer experience is a powerful differentiator, and although leaps and bounds have been made with payment technologies and the accessibility of products, the shipping experience has seen little progress. With 90% of people acknowledging they track the status of their online purchases at least 2.4 times during the delivery process, shipping is an area businesses won’t want to neglect if they’re looking to grow. Having spent the last 3 years improving shipping for Australia’s biggest retailers, Rob shares why the digital delivery experience is a secret weapon for the new retention era.

Rob Hango-Zada Co-founder & joint CEO Shippit

Networking coffee break

Creating authentic content and results-driven digital engagement

Join our all female panel of leaders in the digital content space, as they share their first hand insights into the power of social media platforms, the age of influencers, diversity in content, monetising digital content and collaborating on digital content with brand partners. This discussion will provide industry perspectives from exciting and successful startups such as 'Babe', 'Made Comfy' & 'Frankie Swimwear', to charity content strategist 'heart for causes' and the established lingerie brand, 'Elle Macpherson Body'.

Nina Jung Chief Marketing Officer Made Comfy
Dominique Antarakis Head of Content heart for causes
Rebecca Klodinsky Founder & Director Frankie Swimwear
Ali Adey Head of Digital Elle Macpherson Body
Kim Peirce Founder & Director Babe Australia

Networking drinks reception

Day 2

Registration & breakfast

Future design of business

Technology is enabling new ways of working, altering roles in organisations, lifting customer expectations and bringing forward entirely new business models. However, the ability to really utilise these opportunities in most organisation is constrained, mainly by current skills and mindsets.
Drawing on the experience of Qantas Engineering, this presentation will provide a way to understand both the possibility and constraints facing your business.

Kieran Duck Manager, Strategy Qantas

Be heard in this noisy digital world

In this practical and detailed presentation you will learn how to discover what content your customers desire and what content helps your customers to buy.
You will learn how to create a content framework and strategy that is authentic and relevant for your customers, achievable in terms of output and delivers successful, measurable results that are appropriate for your business.

Miranda Bond Founder & CEO M Digital

Not clear on why your cross-functional teams aren't functional? Have a hackathon

One of the greatest tools within Agile delivery is the retrospective. The downside of most retrospectives are that they focus on eliminating or repairing specific negative elements of team interactions. The positives are brought to the surface during the retrospective, however are often generic or tokenistic and therefore difficult to reinforce.

Hackathons are a powerful tool that allow you to quickly see specific positive team behaviors. The team then has the opportunity to reinforce the positive experiences back within your agile cross-functional project teams.

Mark Jones Head of Digital Delivery & Technology Strategy Choice

Networking coffee break

Channeling digital tech for social and environmental good

Digital technology is an incredible tool in the fight for sustainability and social good. Discover how WWF and Schneider Electric are implementing environmental initiatives in their digital strategy, the ways in which self-funded app Connections Australia are empowering immigrants in Australia to settle in and become a part of the community, to how tech startup Sempo is enabling NGOs to rapidly and efficiently deliver aid to people affected by disasters.

Reece Proudfoot Innovation Strategist World Wildlife Fund
Rinku Razdan CEO & Founder Connections Australia
Nick Williams Co-Founder Sempo
Tam Nguyen EO Research St Vincent's Hospital
Juliette Murphy Co-Founder & CEO FloodMapp

2030: Peer into the future & get ready

The world is speeding up. Being ready for the new & leading the charge is an important new skill in the digital age. Jennifer will show how trends work – from early signs to fully blown disruptive companies & industries. From spotting trends to reacting, you will be able to see the pathway for success in your own organisation.

Jennifer Scott GM, Digital Transformation ANZ Banking Group


Staying ahead of innovation whilst staying financially viable

VirtualRoom offers a truly experiential and mind-blowing adventure with for friends, families and colleagues as teams can communicate and work together in a totally realistic virtual world. Join the founder, Rebecca Assice, as she divulges the vital ingredients to adopt innovation, how she developed her business with new tech, the challenges of VR and the steps to creating a seamless consumer experience.

Rebecca Assice Founder & Director VirtualRoom

Case study: Making innovation real

A real-world case study of a business that leveraged IOT and is fast becoming a disruptive force in the smart building services industry. Hear them talk about their journey of innovation from a building services companies leveraging technology to a technology company in the field of buildings services, the strategies they developed to commercialize their digital offerings, establish metrics for success and ultimately achieve their IOT vision through the launch of Building Clarity, a Smart Buildings Analytics Platform in collaboration with SAS Institute.

Harmandeep Singh former VP of Strategy and Innovation Brady

How to practically apply and practice systems thinking to tackle complex problems

In this session, Kim Verbrugghe, Head of Strategy at Orchard, will discuss the next wave of thinking and collaboration when it comes to solving complex problems. She'll talk through some of the exercises and collaboration techniques that allow cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively.

Kim Verbrugghe Head of Strategy Orchard

Afternoon coffee

End of summit