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Day 1


Host Opening Remarks

The Dark Side of Agile

Depending on company size / stage - and definition of product, marketing, or strategic development - "Agile", (especially in Tech) is attractive. In fact, I'm a fan. But when applied during rapid growth / expansion, or in lieu of specific direction, agile practices can lead to chaos. Here are some warning signs and implications.

Jon Wegman Chief Of Staff Twitter

Find the Right Message

Eric Rasmussen VP, Consumer Insights Groupon

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Rule Makers, Rule Takers, and Rule Breakers

Disruptive innovation often is at odds with existing internal and external rules and industry practices. Strategies for aligning market opportunity with your firm’s internal and external risk profile.

Dave Rochlin Lecturer and Executive Director of Innovation UC Berkeley

7 Rules of Thumb for Delivering the Promise of Disruptive Strategy

The session will include lessons from a veteran of disruptive strategy, from how Walmart found hyper growth in mobile sales to the renaissance of customer focused banks through opportunities with crypto-currencies. No stranger to the danger of hard fast rules, hear how Raj thinks these easy to remember rules should and should not be applied and leave ready to get your hands dirty with the execution of your world changing ideas.
As blockchain and artificial intelligence converge, firms rushing into these new technologies are making critical strategic errors--they are building their platforms for THEIR uses, not for consumers. This topic will cover consumer trends and product strategies for ensuring that your product has mass-market potential in the future of the "new internet".

Raj Bhandari Fmr. Director of Innovation - Corporate Venture Capital and Partnerships Anheuser-Busch

Scaling Culture

Gerald Brady Managing Director Silicon Valley Bank


Strategic Engagement: Advancing Innovation that Benefits Members and Meets Core Business Needs

Kaiser Permanente’s venture capital fund invests in and advances innovation that is strategically meaningful for the KP ecosystem. In fulfilling KP’s mission to provide our members with the best care possible, we seek to partner with innovative companies who help to make this possible. While executing and scaling those partnerships have quickly become a core competency, it can be a challenging landscape. We’ve observed themes from our KP Ventures vantage point working between KP and “start-ups” – The goal is to help advance KP’s efforts as it relates to successfully accessing innovation. Shruti Kothari, Kaiser Permanente Ventures’ Director of Strategic Engagement, will discuss an overview of the work KP Ventures is doing around strategic engagement – specifically, the strategic initiatives KP Ventures is engaging in to advance innovation that can benefit members and operations, solving challenges and meeting core business needs.

Shruti Kothari Director, Strategic Engagement Kaiser Permanente Ventures

Disruption through Adaptation: How to Make Existing Technology Work for your Business

Hosted by John Passerini, global vice president of interactive marketing at Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC, this session will explore how to create disruption by adapting existing technology and utilizing it in an effective and innovative manner in your industry. Learn best practices on how to identify which tech may be worth pursuing and explore case studies on how to leverage these technological developments to work best for your business.

John Passerini Global VP Interactive Marketing Sotheby's International Realty

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How Disruptive Business Innovation Inspires Digital Savvy Fans

"Iconic guitar manufacturer Fender has been striking a chord with consumers for 70+ years and is known as an innovator and disruptor in the musical instruments space; however, integrating new digital services into an established brand brings fresh opportunities and challenges, especially with 90% of new players quitting guitar within a year.

This session will cover the impact of adopting new technologies for new and established companies in order to turn new tech savvy users into returning, loyal consumers. Join Ethan Kaplan as he discusses what Fender’s vital move into the digital space means for the music industry/the future of guitar, and how companies can apply these concepts to grow their own music businesses and optimize user experience."

Ethan Kaplan GM, Digital Fender

WORKSHOP: Playing with Disruption

Learn how the top strategic minds hone the capabilities, resources and talent to successfully disrupt their markets in this interactive workshop format.

Top Strategic Minds Expert Markets

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Day 2


Host Opening Remarks

Beauty Category Creation through Branding & Differentiation

In this session, Elizabeth will talk about how Paris Presents Incorporated and it’s leading beauty accessories brands brought first to market, trend-forward branding and innovation to establish and grow a vibrant global category. Using Fashion as a model and a driving influence, the EcoTools and Real Techniques brands tapped into emerging macrotrends and changing consumer behaviors at inception. Since their creation, they have sustained growth that outpaces the industry with differentiated product design and technology that addresses unmet consumer needs.

Elizabeth Cohen Director of Innovation Discovery & Global Beauty Insights Paris Presents

Navigating the Innovation Ecosystem: A Playbook on Kick-Starting Marketplace Disruption

Sean Coyer, Leader of Digital Health Innovation and Ventures for the Gore Innovation Center will offer a captivating discussion on kick-starting industry disruption, forging a path to business creation and the importance of collaboration. Recognizing that a one size fits all approach to innovation isn’t the most effective, this discussion offers an inside look at the important characteristics of producing meaningful and fruitful innovation programs/projects across industries. Using case study examples of digital health partnerships with startups Kenzen and Bonbouton, Sean will address the challenges and outcomes of his latest projects and provide insights on the role of material science in marketplace disruption. Moreover, the discussion will offer a play-by-play look into how Gore is deploying innovative thinking through their innovation center, micro-equity program, external partnerships, and open lines of customer communication.

Sean Coyer Leader Digital Health Innovation and Ventures Gore Innovation Center

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Driving Agile Transformation

For leaders to succeed in today’s culture of disruption, they have to close the gap between business and information. They have to unite people, information and applications and ultimately create a digital workplace and a digital business.

Bala Balasubramaniam Technology Leader, HR Systems & Innovation LinkedIn

Unlocking Innovation of Internal Resources at your Company

Dive in with our ‘Disruption Labs' designed to arm you with the tools, techniques and case
studies you need to build a business case for change.

Trevor Brosnan Chief Technology Officer Plastiq

‘Disruptive Innovation’

Narasimha Behara Director, Planning & Procurement Earthbound Farm, Danone

Of Machines and Humans: AI and Cognitive Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are currently reshaping many domains, especially when natural pattern recognition is key. In the financial world, where game theory and decision making under uncertainty are keys, it has been known for a long time that humans consistently violate basic principles of rational choices. Could and should AI and ML understand, learn, and even take advantage of human cognitive weaknesses? We investigate two case studies related to over-confidence and loss aversion.

Yves Chauvin Director, Investment Data Platform AXA


Disrupting Large Organizations: Strategic Innovation in Bureaucracies

Bureaucracies are usually not known for their ability to embrace innovation and disruption. In this session, we will discuss how creating safe spaces and risk tolerant zones leads to organizational transformation and culture change.

Clark Kelso Federal Receiver California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Thinking Different… Thinking Disruptive… because… Shift Happens!

Roger Clague Vice Chancellor of Technology. Yosemite College